Eury RoboVac L35 Hybrid+

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Eury RoboVac L35 Hybrid+ Robot Vacuum and Mop, Self-Emptying, 60 Day Capacity, iPath Laser Navigation, 3,200Pa Ultra Strong Suction, Controllable Water Tank, Multi Floor Mapping, Advanced App Control





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About this item

  • Up to 60 Days* of Hands-Free Cleaning: The auto-empty station uses 25,000 Pa of suction to remove dust from RoboVac easily. It is collected in an anti-bacterial and deodorizing dust bag** which stops dust and bad smells from escaping and prevents the growth of bacteria. It can be used for up to 60 days* before needing to be replaced. (Includes 1 spare dust bag.)
  • iPath Laser Navigation: Using advanced LiDAR technology to scan your home, RoboVac can build a real-time map to navigate its way through your space precisely. It also uses a Z-shaped path for a more efficient clean.
  • Ultra-Strong 3,200 Pa Suction: 4 levels of suction with up to 3,200 Pa of power ensure that dirt, crumbs, pet hair, and more are efficiently removed from hard floors and carpets for a superior clean.
  • Controllable Water Tank: RoboVac’s 200 ml electronic water tank can be conveniently controlled via the app to allow you to switch between 3 water flow levels when cleaning different floor types.
  • Multi-Floor Mapping: RoboVac can create maps for up to 3 levels in your home. It will also automatically recognize the floor it’s on once you set it down. The saved map includes both room layouts and custom preferences such as No-Go Zones.
  • Voice Control: RoboVac supports Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant so you can control RoboVac with your voice while you enjoy your free time.
  • *According to eufy laboratory data. Duration will vary depending on your home environment and number of pets. **According to the SGS report, it can prevent the growth of up to 99% of Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Klebsiella Pneumoniae Bacteria in a 24-hour period. Report number: ASH21-015411-01. The deodorizing rate reached 96.2% in a 24-hour period. Report number: 2125335164501TX. Results may vary.
  • **According to the SGS report, it can prevent the growth of up to 99% of Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Klebsiella Pneumoniae Bacteria in a 24-hour period. Report number: ASH21-015411-01. The deodorizing rate reached 96.2% in a 24-hour period. Report number: 2125335164501TX. Results may vary.

eufy robot vacuum cleaner


  1. eufy robot vacuum cleaner
  2. Controllable Water Tank


  1. Convenient App Control
  2. Multi-Floor Mapping
  3. No-Go Zones
  4. Large-Capacity Dust BagChild Safety LockClimb Higher*


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Product dimensions

35L x 35W x 10H centimeters


3 Liters

Compatible Models

‎Amazon Echo, Google Home

Special features

LiDAR Navigation, Self Emptying

Item weight

8.6 Pounds



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3.5 out of 5 stars

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#4,856 in Home (See Top 100 in Home) #16 in Robotic Vacuums

Date First Available

5 January 2023

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App Control

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Battery cell composition

Lithium Ion

60 reviews for Eury RoboVac L35 Hybrid+

  1. Sean F

    Fancy robot that doesn’t understand gravity

    EDIT: Support reached out and has helped me resolve my major issues below. The solution for the stairs is not great; an invisible wall. However, support couldn’t do much without logging turned on. Now that it’s on, I have to wait for it to fall down the stairs again and hopefully figure out why. If you’re buying this and have stairs, save yourself the headache: open the app, go to settings for your robot (if you have more than one), and turn on “Activity Log Upload”. This experience was with Android, so it may be different elsewhere.The auto-empty fix was simpler; I did not install the filter *inside* the cannister, under the vacuum bag as I thought it was a spare. Apparently without this installed, it can’t get enough suction to actually empty the robot. The base was incredibly loud every time it tried to empty; this was why.Support offered to replace all parts if we could determine something was defective. They were also quick to respond and sent me free replacement brushes for the trouble. In my opinion, they’ve made the difference here.So far, I’ve had no further trouble, but if I do, I know support will make it right.Original, angry review******I got this for myself for Christmas and it seems to have some serious issues. The worst one is that it loves to fall down the stairs, see pictures. The first time I assumed it got stuck on a dog toy that blocked the fall sensors, the second time I was home. I had to manually add a no go zone so it just wouldn’t get near them. I don’t believe this is intended given how expensive this thing was. Sensors can’t be that bad since it’s only been running for a week or so.My second huge issue is the auto empty doesn’t seem to work either. It makes a lot of noise but the inside bag only has a little dust in it. Meanwhile the box on the robot is always packed full. What’s the point of the base if it’s just loud and I still have to empty the robot every day.These are huge flaws that I never had with my old roborock. I think I will probably return this and just keep my old bot.

  2. James Hammond

    Error 1: Front Bumper Stuck

    Edit: contacted eufy through their website. They had me work through a checklist to try to get the vacuum working. When that failed I got hooked up with a service representative over email and they had me take a video of the issue. Then they sent me a brand new replacement. Working perfectly without a single error!Original review: Great, when it works. Bumper is constantly “getting stuck” despite no such thing being true. Needs constant baby sitting to be able to complete cleaning of even a single room. First failed Eufy product I’ve ever had.

  3. Christopher Haines

    SO far so good.

    We’ve had this robo mop/vac for about a month. We have it set to run everyday (we have 2 kids and a cat). It was a little confusing at first to figure out exactly how the mop attachment worked–I ended up watching a youtube video to get it right.Overall, it works and we’re happy with it. We purchased it when it was on sale before Christmas. I do like the floorplan mapping feature and the automatic dust emptying. It tends to get “trapped” every few days when furniture is moved as any robo vac does, but I get an alert on my phone from the app so I know to look for it when I get home. I only gave it 4 stars because it was a little confusing to set up and understand the mop system.

  4. Keith

    nice robo vac…. but doesn’t work as well as it should.

    This is my 2nd eufy RoboVac – also have one at work that replaced an iRobot vac that was always getting stuck.Loved the mapping feature and the ability to block off a few areas that were troublesome for our past Robo Vac. But it’s remapped a few times, and each time that requires setting these “fences” up again.Has a lot more suction power than my past Robo Vac.BUT – we chose this one for it’s large canaster and ability to empty it’s self. Mopping was an extra feature that we weren’t looking for, and sadly the mopping option limits the size of the dust bin. Wouldn’t really be an issue expect the unit isn’t able to do the auto empty function very reliably. It’s always backing in and trying to connect to the base… but it fails to do it over and over. Then it gives up and pulls into charge which it has no problem doing.So instead of spending less time emptying it… end up doing it more often, because the bin is too small and the auto empty is too unreliable.

  5. xBryMilx

    Not worth the effort

    This Eufy robot vacuum had a lot of potential. It vacuumed the floors well and was very quiet. Where it fell short was in several areas.First and foremost is the App. Using the app to edit and set up mapping was a major pain. It is not intuitive at all and adding and splitting rooms was cumbersome. And once I got a map created and added No-Go zones, the vacuum still went where it was not supposed to go. At one point after I got everything mapped, I sent the vac out to clean a particular room which it did just fine. It then returned to base and I later commanded it out to another room. But this time it traveled about 3 feet from the base in the wrong direction, stopped, and then started going in circles, clearly confused. It was humorous but aggravating. It had lost its base and verbally stated an error code.So, I decided to re-map again thinking I should start fresh. Well, if you need to recreate a map, it takes a long time as the vacuum actually cleans while mapping. While trying to work the cumbersome app and other reasons, I had to re-map my floorplan several times thus requiring me to invest a great deal of time just to get this Eufy set up. I will note, that Eufy’s customer service was good and they answered the phone pretty quickly.But what eventually led me to return the vacuum was after all the time I invested in the setup process, which still was not to my liking but minimally acceptable, the mop feature did not work. Arrrgh! I spent more time reviewing Eufy’s website, watching videos and in the end, nothing worked. The ports on the mop where water comes out were bone-dry. I was going to call Customer Service again but it was a Friday night and they were closed until Monday. I fiddled around with it some more on Saturday and then it hit me as to how much time I had already spent trying to get this vacuum to do what it claims to do. And, it should not be this difficult!! So, I boxed it up and began the return process.I ended up with an iRobot and its app is far, far superior to Eufy’s. Set up was a much easier experience and worth the extra money I had to pay for the Roomba vs. the Eufy.

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  6. Mike S.

    Not for PET owners

     I bought this vacuum because I wanted one with a self emptying feature. It mapped the room well and the no go lines work good too.I had the same problem that others had with the app and connected the vacuum. But it eventually just worked. I think the vacuum just needed to charge for a bit.PET OWNERS: I dont have any rugs so I thought that this wouldn’t be an issue but it leaves clumps of hair around the house (pics are from 3 separate cleanings). I think this is due to it’s tiny dust bin. So I altered the cleaning to do only a couple rooms at a time in case it was filling up quick with hair. It would self empty and go back out. But still pet hair with the vacuum on TURBO mode.I think this vacuum is good for people without rugs and no pets due to the limited size dust bin.

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  7. bmoore8888

    Simply unusable!

    Always wanted to try out a possible solution to the tedious chore of vacuuming.When I saw a significant discount on a fairly highly rated robo-vac during a Prime sale I thought I’d finally give it a try!Well I live in a fairly small cabin w/o extensive areas of open floor space, but I hoped that at least for the annoying dust and crumbs it might still be an effective stop-gap solution between vacuuming?Unfortunately, no- not even a little bit!After dutifully setting up the app and reading the directions and charging the unit, I gave it a go and then another go and then another, well u get the point!I had perhaps nievely hoped that even without sophisticated mapping, that it it simply changed direction when encountering an obstacle it could still do a good job of automated light vacuuming in a given room?Um, no- not even a little!It simply gets hung up on just about any and all obstacles and hinderences that it invariably discovers!After repositioning it multiple times, I just let it sit for months waiting to develop the enthusiasm to try it once again for its final shake-down test.I was coming up on the maximum time permitted to return the unit and I didn’t want to be stuck w/ a $500.00 garage sale item!Anyway, I gave it one more shot and this time the app also couldn’t seem to find the WiFi signal either, but in any case the unit promptly found a wall and couldn’t or wouldn’t rotate away from it again?In the original carton it came in and back it goes!I just think this is also the universe’s way of telling me to get off my arse and just vacuum the !@#&#$ house my own self !Tx,

  8. Alexis

    A must for pet-friendly homes!

    We have 2 cats and were so frustrated with having to pick up fur and litter every day. It was causing tension in the house due to the sheer amount of time spent having to clean daily. We would work long days and have to come home to clean up clumps of cat fur all around the house and stray litter strewn past the litter boxes. We would clean daily and deep clean on the weekends, and it was absolutely insane. I spent a lot of time researching and finally bit the bullet on the latest eufy model- I was definitely a bit worried about the price, but once it came in I didn’t regret the price tag for even a second. This robovac is truly incredible. In one month the L35+ has absolutely won us over, and I can’t believe I went so long without a robovac. We call him Mr.Butler and set him to autoclean while we’re away. It cannot be understated how nice it is to be able to come home and not have to clean every single day. We still do a deep cleaning one weekend day, but have Mr. Butler tut around all 7 days. The app is an absolute game-changer and the auto-dust collector? I can never go back. I can’t sing high enough praise about this model.This is my first eufy product (though I love and use Anker products!) and I am converted for sure. I don’t know if everyone needs a super expensive model, and maybe a less expensive model would be good for pet-free or child-free homes. But this one checked every one of our boxes and we’re INCREDIBLY happy with it. All my friends want one now, and I love having Mr. Butler give them a little tour! (Also, the cats love it!)

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  9. Johney George

    Extreme Maintenance

    Definitely don’t get if you have pets. The hair just gets caught in the rolling brush and then you have to clean it out every day nearly or else it doesn’t run.

  10. Phönix

    It’s good but has a few issues.

    How much I like this robot depends what it costs. On sale for $400 it is a good choice. It’s not a good choice at $550 because you can get a Z10 Pro for that.The app has bugs for making and swapping maps. It has a tiny 200cc dust bin with no sensor to know when it needs to be emptied. The app has no way to make it empty more than once per run. The result is until it catches up on a new area, it drives around with a full bin that it sometimes can’t empty on its own.It’s brush tends to clog on carpet and hair. It struggles on deep carpet more than my other robots.All that being said, it is possibly the best robot if you have a $400 budget. I really mean that. It’s a good choice if you can’t spend over $400.

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  11. kellirw08


    I previously had two Eufy robovacs that did not self empty. I found myself not using it as much as I should because of that. The self emptying feature is great!

  12. Michael Stevens

    Easy to use

    The programming and setup was very simple. The app is easy to use and it functions perfectly

  13. G1

    Keeps stalling

    Vacuum keeps stalling in places need resume manually, only emptying the bag working fine

  14. sara

    Horrible main brush design get stuck almost every use

    The mail roller brush design is garbage and on one side, hair get stuck and wrapped around the axle or whatever it’s called and then the vacuum gets stuck and won’t move. It’s super difficult to clean out even with metal picks and razor blades and even after cleaning as much out, next run or two, vacuum is getting stuck and never completing the jobs. I’ve had 3 other robot vacuums and none were this hard to clean the hair around the axel and definitely didn’t just get stuck every use after getting halfway through the house and hair wrapping around it. Very upset because I really liked the mop and vacuum feature.

  15. amma botomo

    Es más una aspiradora

    No quita las manchas y se descarga en una pasada

  16. Andrew

    Works great/fun to use!

    This thing is super neat! Set up is very simple and is also very easy to use. Running the first time will generate a map of the house where it will set up cleaning zones. You can also track where it is in the house via the app. As for the cleaning it does a wonderful job. As always, watch out for cords and other things that may get stuck in/on the vacuum.

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  17. Jay A

    Not a good robot vacuum

    Edit: I have reduced this to one star. It is a horrible vacuum that can’t find the its way home even when I set it directly in front of the base! Firmware updates have just made this thing even worse. I am about to dump it in the trash where it belongs. Companies that put things like this on the market should go out of business.It’s just ok at cleaning and navigating. Gets stuck and skips entire rooms. Is very slow to respond to things like pausing and sometimes just ignores commands from the app. I have Eufy x8, and that has been amazing. But the L35+ just doesn’t meet the same standard. The L35+ is terrible with navigation. It skips my kitchen every run, even after remapping several times. It climbs over furniture legs and gets stuck constantly, rocking back and forth scratch the legs. It also will not save the “do not disturb” settings in the app. Side brushes keep falling off constantly, causing me to go hunting for them as it usually happens under furniture. This vacuum needs some love from Eufy and a good firmware update!

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  18. Sue Hidvegi

    Great Product!

    This arrived two days after I had my carpets shampooed. I vacuumed the morning that it arrived and mopped the hard flooring, then ran it as soon as it was charged, basically to get my house mapped. I was amazed at how much dust and hair it picked up! It was easy to program too. This is going to make my life so much easier!

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  19. cyberlance

    Disappointed in performance

    I had high hopes for this vacuum after reading all the great reviews. I had issues from the start. The app would connect to my WiFi but would not connect to the robot. We ran it manually for a few days and it did not clean well. the brushes became clogged with pet hair (one of the reasons we chose the model) and we had to frequently clean by hand. This was very difficult because the rollers cannot be easily removed. I ended up returning the item (which was easy) and purchasing the iRobot 9 which has been awesome.

  20. Ricardo C.


    I use it in a floor that it’s basically all carpet and it keeps it very well cleaned. I don’t have dogs or anything that would let it really dirty but I love this product and how fast it can clean 1000 sqft in 90 min with max suction power.

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  21. 4chavanni🐎pe

    Great all in one product

    Self emptying and mop functionalities are just icing on this already versatile product. The best feature has by far been the app with an interactive map. The robot first maps your house and let’s you label different rooms. You can then start interacting with the map to clean a specific room/area/spot with multiple suction and water modes. So far I have seen pleasing results.

  22. T. Tillotson

    Ok vacuum robot, but gets stuck often and Needs more suction power. App is really good.

    Had it a couple days. Does an okay job, but often gets stuck. Scheduled cleaning works well until it gets stuck, usually on an obstacle the kids left out like a tshirt or iPhone charging cable. Would also benefit from mop recharge and cleaning station. Overall, a decent mid range vacuum bot. Would not buy for mopping. Would I buy again? Probably not, would prefer a more powerful carpet vacuum and better obstacle avoidance algorithm.

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  23. Ron


    L35-Hybrid+ is a great product. High-quality and pretty durable. I like the App, zone cleaning features. And in general this robot is intelligent enough for this work. The mop and dust collector are great features on this model and like them a lot, makes life easier.Also this company has a great customer service. For me the water dispenser on the water tank stopped working after two months and they sent me a new water tank quickly and the issue is resolved. Very happy with this purchase!

  24. kathryn

    Eufy L35+ hybrid

    I bought the Eufy L35+ Hybrid because of the app control and self emptying. Both have been great so far and I have no issues. Setup was difficult and it kept saying there was an error. I finally fixed that and have had no issues since. The mopping feature isn’t great but I’ve only used it once.

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  25. Sly7906

    Pretty basic nothing special

    I like how I can setup a schedule for it and that it empties itself.

  26. sina

    Trouble with creating the matp

    I tried over 10 times to get the robot to create the map of my house but every time it ran into some issue. One thing I notice that if you have any closets with mirrors, it would have a really hard time mapping that room, and all of my bedroom have mirror door closets.The app is horrible as well. Why can’t I create a new map without deleting my current one??? also there should be a mode where the robot just maps the room using its laser. The problem is when you wants to create a new map, it starts to vacuum as well, and many times, the robot battery would runout before it finished the whole house!!!!

  27. Sheri booth

    It will go down stairs!

    I watched it 4 times so fine around the stairs.. 5th time she fell. Amazon sent a replacement and she also fell off 1 step vs 6 1st time. We use barriers while cleaning do keep her safe. She does a GREAT job cleaning

  28. PL

    Smart and Cleans Good

    The Eufy RoboVac navigates great and vacuums and mops well.RoboVac navigates smartly around and under obstacles like the dining room chairs, rocking chair and bar stools. Does the perimeter of the room the goes in rows to complete one room and moves onto the next.Great App:The app shows real-time location as well as the path the Eufy has taken. Created a good map on the first run, showing sqft and runtime. Once it creates the floorplan map you can easily edit it into rooms and setup no mop zones and virtual barriers. Once you have the rooms et up you can set an order to vacuum them or just mop one room if you want.Good mopping and vacuuming features: The self empty feature works well. The mopping feature sprays water out and the mop passes over it to clean. No dirty water tank. I wiped the floor with a wet white towel after mopping and it was clean. It won’t clean tough spots as it passes by too quick but you can set it to spot clean.

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  29. James M. Jenkins

    Exceptionally good robot vacuum

    We were very pleasantly surprised with this vacuum, having previously returned one from another manufacturer which did not meet our expectations. The L35 Hybrid + meets expectations in every respect. Recommended, provided you can live with the cons/limitations outlined below.Pros:- Very good suction- App is relatively easy to use- After its initial mapping, it has reliably done its jobCons:- It is rather thick. It will go under our higher sitting furniture and beds, but If you need one to go under furniture, you might be better served trying to find either a thin LIDAR model or a gyroscopic robot vacuum that is thinner- Currently challenging to get bags.. The company web site shows sold out, and Amazon isn’t projecting their availability until December-January.

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  30. DSK

    Love it!

    We have mostly ceramic tile flooring with wood in all bedrooms and this vac does a great job keeping the floors clean.It took 3 tries in the beginning to get our 3200 Sq ft house mapped, but now that it is done the vac is such a fantastic help. I use it daily in the kitchen and every other day in our great room. The rest of the house gets a once a week going over.This is my first robot vac so I have nothing to complain it to, but it sure saves me a ton of time cleaning.Eufy customer service has been super helpful. I am very happy with this purchase.

  31. JSP

    Definitely worth it!

    I have never left a review on anything but really feel this is worth doing!I started with the Shark VacMop combo and went through three robots (all free through warranty as they were deemed defective by Shark) before I finally gave up hope and decided I would just use it for the vaccuum feature. After some time, I decided I wanted to have a robot that was capable of doing both, as intended from the start. Through research, I decided to spend a little more and give eufy a try. Best move ever!I have the L35+ hybrid which amazingly vaccuums and mops my home on one charge. I do recommend ensuring the mop pad is damp as the results are far better (and it’s recommended) than starting with a dry mop pad. I do use the eufy cleaning solution and water whenever I mop.During the clean, I noticed it would get stuck near a wood rack and a section under my bed. While cleaning, I was able to pause it, create a no go zone and resume cleaning. It hasn’t caused an issue since. I like being able to do that during the clean so you know exactly where to create the zone or virtual boundary.The self-empty feature is amazing and quite loud. It took a couple of times for my dogs to get used to it but now they hear the warning and know what’s coming. Seriously, be prepared, it is very loud!I highly recommend this robot and have already convinced one family member that they need to purchase it. You should do the same!

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  32. chewbacca

    I am very happy with this little vacuum robot

    I owned several early Roomba’s. They were never able to keep up with the German Shepherd hair in my house. I stopped using them because it was easier to vacuum than to clean the things out. So I was skeptical when I purchased this little gem. It has done a really good job of keeping my 1900 square foot home clear of dog hair. I do occasionally have to clear a clog, but it really isn’t terribly difficult or time consuming. The app allows you to set “do not go” areas. For example, my little robot always gets hung up on the breakfast bar stools. So, I just blocked it from that area. The scheduler is wonderful and it heads out every day at 11am to vacuum. It goes back to charge when the battery is low, and resumes where it left off when charged. It isn’t perfect. Making sure it is charging on the charger is hit or miss. I can’t always tell. It will sometimes fail to return to the charger and then we have the — “is it charging?” issue. It will also occasionally run into some sort of error and stop working under the bed and I need to fish it out. Perhaps an upgrade to programming would be a “return to base ” option when an error occurs. Still, it is a great product. I recommend it.

  33. Bret

    Cleans decent, but has tons of bugs.

    I really, really wanted to like this vacuum. It does clean better than my shark and the mop is a nice add on, but pretty much everything else makes me want to give up robotic vacuums and do it myself.It pretty much never makes it back to the base during it’s cleaning so I am having to find it every day to put it back. It has already ripped off two brushes on it.On top of that it will go under the dining room table only to get stuck and say that it’s “trapped”, even though it’s obviously got under there in the first place and isn’t.The app itself is ok, but cumbersome. It took me a while to figure out, and often “remaps” when I inevitably have to pick it up from wherever it’s become stuck this time.I sure wish I could get my money back and try something else as this vacuum is more trouble than it’s worth.

  34. Katrina

    Very disappointed

    I bought this a few weeks before getting a dog, my house was already cleaned with an upright vacuum regularly, so for the first two weeks it seemed to do what it says it does.When the dog arrived from the get go, it literally just pushed his hair around, leaving piles of dog hair all over the house. We started trying to make it run on the main common areas only such as kitchen, entryway, hall and living room, always skipping the bedrooms and bathrooms (because god forbid we wanted a bathroom cleaned without having to take the mat/rugs out first, all the dog hair would stay stuck around the mats). Then we started keeping it at these areas only and tried running it twice a day to make sure shit was getting done, to no avail. The vacuum battery doesn’t even last an entire cleaning in just those limited areas (my whole house is 1,700 sq ft, it’s not that big). I’ve never even gotten to use the mop feature because the areas are always so full of hair that it’s not even worth putting a wet useless machine running around ‘pretending’ it’s doing something. For almost $600 this is very disappointing. Unfortunately, I forgot to return this item prior to the 30 days return policy and am stuck with an expensive, useless device that was supposed to give us peace of mind and relief but instead causes more work. Here I am now browsing parts for my old Dyson DC24 to be able to maintain my house clean and recent. The pictures attached were take right after it had ran twice in one day. Do yourself a favor and go with Roomba, I’m a former proud Roomba owner that had 3 dogs at the time and never had these issues, even on carpet.

  35. Chris Betts

    Wish I would have researched first.

    It’s thicker than the usually Eufy Robovacs, even before the LIDAR sensor comes into play, so it won’t go under my couches.Second, the annoying thing and why I am returning it. We buy Robovacs and such for automation, and semi “set and forget”If you want to use the mop function AND the base for this. There is work to do everytime. You have to remove the mop base to let it suction, and while it’s simple. I don’t want to have to mess with the robovac every time it goes to doc to be able to get it to self clean. Poor design imo. So. In returning it

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  36. Alejandra T.

    Not intuitive to use while user manual and app are alsp not very friendly

    The one thing it does well is clean. Its suction is good, it really leaves the floor clean. The main problem is that it’s not easy to use and when you look for support in the user’s manual it says “consult the app” while rhe app veey ahort in detailed explanations. Mine never collected the dust by itself after cleaning (meaning auto-cleaning never worked). I sent a couple of mails to ask for support and called and never get support back. Very bad post-sell service

  37. linuxtrader

    Clever features, but not ready for residential use.

    Latest firmware yet still so many software bugs + a few mistakes in the manual + small battery + mistake on the dock design = truly frustrating experience.1. Full battery cannot complete initial scan of 1700sq ft, so it must return to base and the unit is not sure if the scan is completed or not.2. During every house scan, the unit won’t draw the scan in several rooms, but draws a perfect map of those rooms… at some other location instead.3. When the last partial scan is complete, the unit heads back to the dock with a full battery, yet stops three feet from the dock and says “Error 108, please place unit on dock.” Instead of placing it on the dock, I pressed the “Return to dock” button on the unit, and it correctly proceeds to back into the dock to auto-empty the bin and then move off the dock, turn around, and back into the dock and begins charging itself. Cool, but why did I need to push the button when the unit was already “Returning to dock” according to the app, had traveled from the other side of the house, and then stopped 3 feet short? Other silliness, but I’ve spent too much time already.

  38. Roberto Lopez

    Great robot vacuum. But the self empty station died after a couple of weeks

    The robot works great, the battery y suction power is good. Overall good value for what you pay for. However, after two weeks, the self empty station stoped worked just after a few cleaning sessions. I’m trying to get support now to see if I can fix the station.[update] the client support team helped me with the issue and now everything is working great.

  39. Roshan Rosareo-fernando

    Happy customer

    I have hardwood floor and carpet at my home. The hardwood floor gets smaller dust particles over a week. The robo does it’s job in collecting all those particles. It does a decent job of mopping, which I run it weekly once. I am happy it is able to navigate to most corners. The technology is also applaudable that it first creates a boundary and then operates with in the boundary efficiently. The sensor could do much better, since rarely it hits some objects (but doesnt really hit hard). The map shows a good track of the progress in the floor. I could understand some frustration from other few customers, but in reality it does a lot of actions and am happy about it. I don’t need do to spend time cleaning anymore.Cons- i wish the suction power could be more, if operating on a carpet. It doesn’t flush the carpet as much as a regular vacuum cleaner. But if you run it every week in carpet, there wouldn’t be a need to collect much dirt/dust to collect in reality.There are few things to improve, but certainly for this price, the technology to navigate, vacuum, mop and empty dust, it is a really commendable product. The navigation alone is something to laud when it goes to corner spaces, it finds its route back.

    3 people found this helpful

  40. Keith Cunningham

    Like letting a rookie barber cut your hair with dull scissors. Avoid at all cost if you have pets

    To be fair, this is the first robot vacuum I have ever owned. I have another expensive upright that cleans the house extremely well, it just takes about an hour a few times a week to do this. Why not take advantage of living in 2022 and having the modern convenience of a robot clean the house?I will be upfront and say that we have 2 cats that have medium length hair. I read all the reviews “I have 2 cats and 2 dogs and threw away my Dyson…”. I was expecting a lot from a $500+ robot and even if it fell short of my expectations, I’d still be satisfied if it did a half way decent job while I was at work. I was very sorely disappointed though shortly after setting this thing up. First you run an Auto cycle and the thing goes zooming around your house to map things out. The vacuum said a few things and then got to work. It kicked around a lot of dirt on the hardwood floor and then got stuck on our heavy area rugs that are very securely taped to the floor. Then it proceeded to ride up on both of the speaker stands before being very confused by a lamp. Ok I thought, once it actually starts the cleaning cycle, it will get the job done. It was very quiet so I didn’t realize it was trying to clean the whole time.I could turn a blind eye to all of this though if it cleaned up the cat hair. I will be the first to admit that our cats shed and our upright does a very good job of cleaning this up. The L35+ Hybrid though got so tangled in the mess that it started making a disconcerting sound. I turned it over to see that the rollers were completely clogged that they were barely spinning.This was my first experience trying out the convenience of a robot vac and I would give it a F+ grade. It was really cool to watch it map out the rooms and when it was on the bare rug or bar floor, it went along without much noise. But once it was tasked with actually cleaning, it did so dreadfully.

  41. nick

    Returned it because it stuck even on flat surfaces

    It stuck every minute , was confused all the time, mapping was horrible. Basically cleaning was not the first priority for this one.

  42. CW

    Lacking in so many ways.

    This thing repeatedly got lost. In the app, it would change the location of the home base and we would have to reset the thin and let it re map. Such a pain. We tried to contact customer service about it, and all we got was “we will pass it On to our team.” Every time we tried to use the spot clean function, it would glitch and start speaking mandarin. We ended up returning it and getting the Roborock which we absolutely LOVE.

  43. Carlos

    Impressive suction power, mapping and app.

    Upgraded my old Euphy I25 to the L35 with self empty after trying and returning another brand. This is great, mapped my house accordingly and allows me to choose from a number of different scheduled applications. I.e. zones, rooms or the whole house.

    One person found this helpful

  44. bevo


    This is the smartest robot I have had. I loved the no go zones and virtual boundary features, and I wouldn’t have bought one without those features.

  45. Chad Dearth

    This unit is has been nothing but problems.

    After purchasing a smaller Eufy Robo vac earlier in the year, I upgraded to this model, I love the other one, but wanted the self cleaning feature and mopping feature. This unit has been terrible. I have had to move the base several times so the unit could find home after trying to clean, and for some reason this model will not work with stairs. It not only falls down the stairs every time you turn it on, but now that’s the first place that it goes. It literally be lines for the stairs and tumble down, causing spots that need repaired in my walls now. The only reason we have tried it more than once is following the directions of cleaning the cliffs and sores and leaving lights on to make sure it’s not too dark again our previous UV model, which was much smaller and less expensive never once had a problem with the same stairs or finally gets home base.

    One person found this helpful

  46. Yasmin Torres

    Excellent product

    Excellent to maintain the floor clean. Also Eufy has excellent client service. Very kind and responsive. Genae was very diligent and helped me with what I needed.

  47. Cliente de Amazon

    Great as support

    Great to vacuum and mop as a sidekick, to keep the house clean but won’t do deep cleaning, it does keep the cats hair in check and that is why I can highly recommend.

  48. WajeehAS

    Easy setup and multi options based on need

    Setup was after the access to local network and it worked fine. Have to try without mop

  49. Amazon Customer

    Just bad, Real bad

    So i bought this because there was a really good deal on black Friday, Should have known better. This thing was a nightmare from the get go.1. It never ever returned to home to empty its canister. I had to manually remove the container myself every time.2. This thing would get itself hung up all the time. For something that boast Lidar tech. This thing found itself hung up all the time. Than once it does it just sits there until the battery runs out.3. Would constantly drop its WiFi.4. Lack of ability to send it home to empty its container.My advise, Don’t buy crap. Spend the money and get the good stuff. Eufy You’ll got some serious work to get this thing up to standard. You can tell by your dropping star ratings over the past couple months.

  50. Scott Hendel

    Great when it works

    We got this to replace a robot vac that was damaged, this thing works amazing when it works you just never know when it will work right. So after a few months I am stuck with a machine that is awful, this is also my 2nd unit, first was returned for the same thing however my 2nd didnt have the return window beyond the original 30 days of purchase. So you have 30 days to buy it, try it, return it, get your new one, and see any defects all within that original 30 days.

  51. Brad D.

    Great Helper

    I got this for my wife for Christmas, and I can’t stop playing with it. We have 2 young kids, a dog, and a cat. The RoboVac is life changing. While you won’t get the type of deep clean like a full upright Dyson, this thing keeps the sanity in our house by picking up the crumbs and tumbleweeds that seem to constantly appear all over the place.

  52. Austin


    I was weary on purchasing a smart vacuum & im sooo glad I went with eufy! Pay nice or pay twice with these bots, 10/10. Having 3 cats & a double coated dog in a house with no carpet the hair tumble-weeds were INSANE!! This little dude cuts my weekly chores nearly in half now! Dust has gone down tremendously too which I honestly didn’t expect. Get it! Worth the money.The app is user friendly, but it does take a tisy bit of brain power to navigate it in the beginning. If I can do it though you can too!

  53. Kat

    Great upgrade

    I’ve purchased several iterations of Rudy’s robot vacuums. I love this last one. The self cleaning function is a great bonus. Several members of my family have long hair and it is easily cleaned up. It switches from regular to extra suction when encountering more dirt than usual which is very helpful that I don’t have to run it on highest power for its entire circuit. Ive used the mopping function and it’s great for light touch ups. Overall I would recommend. I love that my floors will be clean when I get home and it’s one less daily chore for us to do.

  54. Jennifer

    It’s fine.

    It’s fine. I’ll keep it. But the little side brushes fall off easily and the standard suction mode is not great. The “mop” is just water. I feel like it’s not worth the price.

  55. Nikhila Lakku

    Very happy with the purchase

    We wanted a good robot vaccum which is reliable, and sturdy. We are so glad that we took the plunge and bought the Eufy L35+ hybrid. It has all the qualities we were looking for in a vaccum. Good suction power, long standing battery, does the job well & great value for money.

  56. Ella Nolan Wallace

    It doesn’t stay charged

    Not happy with this product. It looses half of what it picks up on its way back to charging base. Most of the time it doesn’t have enough charge to even finish the main floor (living room entry kitchen/dining room) not worth the money.

  57. GH

    Not worth the money!

    We bought this to help take ome less thing off my plate. But weve been having nothing but issues since we bought it. It wasnt returning to its home base. I contacted eufy CS and they sent me a replacement only to open the box and it was dirty and used.Really disappointed in this product and the way things are being handled.Also, the mopping feature is only water. You cant use any products. So its just wetting the floor.I wouldn’t recommend for the price.

  58. jstaine84

    This things is a joke

    I’ve owned the robot vacuum since November 16th. It has yet to map the first floor of my house successfully. It has returned to its base two times to recharge; it gets lost or stuck underneath a table or chair every other time. On the rare occasions where it has returned to its base for charging, it does not correctly seat itself for charging and thus is not charged for subsequent cleanings. Then there is the so-called “mop” which is nothing more than a small tank for water and a microfiber pad that drags around on the floor. How anyone has reviewed this thing above one star is beyond my comprehension. By contrast, I have another robot vacuums without “lasers,” “mops,” or self-emptying (it has successfully done this) that is more reliable and only costs a small fraction of what I paid for this thing. Complete disappointment! The company paid for the favorable reviews of this product because this thing is absolute trash. I did contact Eufy last month regarding my dissatisfaction with this vacuum, and they did offer to send me a return label and refund. I will be taking them up on this offer.

  59. DeeDee

    Not worth the money

    Suction is terrible, doesn’t empty, won’t keep track, misses climps of dust and hair. I use it weekly snd my regular vacuum is always better. Its terrible on even thin carpeting. Its eye is terrible and falls off steps. Don’t buy this product.

  60. #runningisfun

    Defective Upon Arrival – I hope Eufy can see this review – Update

    Update: 9/23/2022 – Customer service helped via email and fixed the issue. Changing from 1 to 5 but I have yet to fully use it.I was so excited about this product after many weeks of research and it finally delivered today. Unboxed, downloaded Eufy Home, Step one Turn On machine, yup it blinked one time and it starts saying Error 12 Right Wall Sensor Needs Cleaning. Cleaned and cleaned and cleaned – it keeps saying Error 12 … blah blah blah. Machine won’t even turn on. This is probably my worst purchased experience yet on Amazon. I’m returning the thing tomorrow.

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