SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch

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SONOFF NSPanel WiFi Smart Scene Switch EU/US All-in-One Control Touch Screen Works with Ewelink Voice Control Alexa Google Home



SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch



For HomeKit requires HOOBS Box.



Do you need one device to centrally control multiple electrical appliances in your home, from lights, heaters, coolers, curtains, doors, and windows? Inconceivable!! NSPanel can handle all of these devices, offering an integrated HMI panel for home automation that is super convenient; all you need to do is — one tap.

NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch has a powerful thermostat and environmental sensors. You can set different indoor temperatures for additional periods. NSPanel will automatically trigger the heating or cooling equipment according to your setting conditions to keep the room comfortable. Moreover, NSPanel has a Scenario-based control function; you can set different modes for wake-up, work, entertainment, and sleep and switch modes anytime.

Such a robust panel; how to control it? There are three ways you can control SONOFF NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch: use the dual-channel switches or touchscreen at a close distance, use the APP to control when you are at a long distance, and use voice control to make your hand accessible.


One Tap to Smart Home

NSPanel centrally integrates HMI control, intelligent temperature control, and a smart wall switch, turning your home into a convenient and thoughtful place.

SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch

All-in-One Control Center on HMI Panel

What if you could have a simple way to centrally control multiple appliances at your home and the surrounding temperature and activate preset scenes based on selected preferences, all just through a simple tap?
This is precisely what NSPanel works for you: from lights and more flexible heaters to electric windows and curtains, the new world of home automation will improve your bright home life!

SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch
SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Multiple Interactive Ways of Control

–Close Distance: A convenient combination of HMI intelligent touch panel and dual-channel wall switch. Suitable for close-distance control over brightness, room temperature, and more.
–Middle Distance: Super intelligent and sensitive voice control for home automation via Alexa, Google Assistant, or Alice.
–Long Distance: Smart control your home via eWeLink App with its multinational features even outdoors.

SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Smart Lighting with Ease

NSPanel employs an HMI panel design that centrally operates various home appliances, allowing you to control them ultra-conveniently! With NSPanel, your lighting preferences are all at your will on this HMI panel, be it brightness, dimmer, RGB, or color temperature.

SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Instant Access to Scene-customization

Want a specific setting to maintain the temperature and brightness of the room when you are working, sleeping, or just watching a movie?
NSPanel allows you to preset specific conditions for different selected scenes to trigger them at any time. This means you can switch from the movie-watching mode to the leaving mode with just one tap to instantly activate all your preferences for the scene.

SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Intelligent Group-Managed Control

When you come home, imagine that you may want to turn on one of the lights and enjoy your time quietly, but sometimes you may also want to turn on all the lights to welcome family or friends.
NSPanel allows you to control the same type of smart home devices individually or in groups according to your preferences. You can easily change these settings at will, giving you complete freedom to enjoy a smart home in your way.

SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Smart Temperature Control

Equipped with a powerful built-in thermostat, and environmental sensors, the NSPanel picks up the surrounding temperature and lets you trigger your heating or cooling appliances to automatically keep the room temperature stable and adjust to the preferred temperature.
In other words, you can say goodbye to your location’s hot or cold temperature peaks!

SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Customize and Preset the Temperature You Prefer

The manual thermostat mode allows you to adjust the temperature anytime that suits you and keeps it uniform and stable, while its automatic thermostat mode provides other options. You can set different indoor temperatures at different times of the day, and NSPanel triggers the heating or cooling appliances automatically to keep your home’s indoor temperature at a certain point according to your schedule and settings.

SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Dual-Channel Switch for Better Appliances Control

Although you can control multiple devices on NSPanel, the device is also equipped with two independent physical buttons, allowing you to control two devices you use most often independently, as you did previously!

SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Remote APP Control, No Time and Space Limitations

With NSPanel working perfectly with eWeLink App, your brilliant home experience will significantly maximize! Control over your home appliances is no longer limited to time and space. Besides the direct rule on the panel, you can remotely monitor and control all aspects of your smart home via the app.

SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Time Your Automation Preferences

SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Keep Your Appliances Standby: Responsive Voice Control

SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch
SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch

27 reviews for SONOFF NS-Panel Wi-Fi Smart Switch

  1. Y***t

    Really super product and fast shipping

  2. C***o

    Product according to announcement. I recommend it.

  3. L***o

    The object itself is beautiful, it works well, but I was disappointed by the quality (resolution) of the screen, leaves much to be desired, when you see the reviews looks top, but it is not, it seems that you are looking at a screen of the first cell phones with LCD screen.

  4. Customer

    Excellent material

  5. A***r

    The store is fast in service and responds to the conversation I received within a week only and at an excellent price and honesty beautiful keys

  6. C***M

    I cancelled this order. But store ignored my request till delivery and refuged to arrange oricess for return prepaid by seller. Actually, it will be too much charged if I pay for return in Korea. That is the reason why I did not agree to pay for return.

  7. U***y

    Nice product as described

  8. Y***v

    Very good product, The sociable store answered all the questions, the goods were delayed a little but it is not his fault, most likely our mail works this way.

  9. T***n

    As said quite successfully and the original product packaging is good

  10. M***s

    High quality product, I recommend a lot, for those who want to leave their home elegant and technological.

  11. I***n

    Not the first display, everything is as usual excellent.

  12. D***t

    Fast delivey, good product

  13. A***c

    The thing is interesting, but it’s not a smart house control panel. For example, it does not support ZigBee sensors and there is no possibility of tracking them. Instead of a double switch to connect, you also need to hold a neutral wire (zero). I ‘d call it just a toy. And should cost this toy three times cheaper minimum

  14. Customer

    Product arrived fast, good quality! But thought it was more customizable.

  15. Customer

    Fast shipping. Everything ok.

  16. B***r

    Excellent Product

  17. M***o

    Very fast delivery I still have not tested more seems set a good product recommend

  18. M***y

    worst store ever in AliExpress. Completely unethical management! I ordered the product and it got delayed. I didn’t receive it so I requested a refund which the store rejected even though that the shipment is on its on way back to them. I didn’t receive the refund till today!!

  19. A***r

    Arrived on time

  20. T***z

    It works great with esphome.

  21. Customer

    works great

  22. S***d

    Working for installation and learn more

  23. A***r

    Very good panel. Installation is extremely simple. All the children from easily via the app in the panel embed and use (lighting, heating, cooling and other miscellaneous equipment. The display is good reading and also good to use.

  24. R***d

    The Panel is not compatible with Tuya or SmartLife App. It works only with Sonoff App and devices. So, you cannot mix… unfortunately. Maybe in the future, but for now on its a lost cause. The panel is ok, good product. If you have other Sonoff devices, you can install widgets.

  25. J***h

    Works perfectly and super extra fast shipping

  26. C***r

    Easy to install and use. It would only be better if screen did not have these edges, but I liked it.

  27. A***o

    As description. Packing by improving. Without bluetooth version. Contacts Big +

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