SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF

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RF BridgeR2
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SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF Wi-Fi Wireless Gateway Smart Scene Home Security Support DW2-RF PIR3-RF Sensor via eWeLink Alexa



SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF



For HomeKit requires HOOBS Box



This RF BridgeR2 433 can convert most of the 433.92MHz RF Remotes into Wi-Fi wireless. By adding the RF wireless Bridge to iOS/Android App eWeLink Wi-Fi wirelessly, you can add up to 16 RM433 RF or alarms, also add them together (max. 16 items). One 4 button remote controller can learn 4 devices, which means 64 devices supporting 433 MHz frequency can be added on the app through WiFi/2/3/4G network.

It can be used for most of the 433.92MHz RF Remote controlled products, like RF controlled switch, RF controlled socket, RF controlled bulb, RF controlled door opener, etc. You can set totally 8 schedule/countdown/loop timers to turn on/off the RF controlled products.

Even more exciting is that it will work with the 433.92MHz door magnetic sensor, 433.92MHz human body IR sensor, and more other 433.92MHz sensors to realize security alarm, and allowing you to DIY smart scenes. Note that the alarm push only comes in the owner’s account, those users being shared can’t view the alarm push.

The RF BridgeR2 can work with SONOFF DW2-RF wireless door/window sensor that allows users to set the smart scene for the sensor and the device to be controlled, then when you open/close the door, the device will be triggered on or off.


The receiving supports fixed code 433.92 frequency, like PT2260, PT2262, PT2264, EV1527, etc.
The product doesn’t support to learn rolling code and dynamic code
You can’t see device status changes in the App.


What’s new on Android & iOS 2.5.0 and higher versions?

Scheduled/countdown timers are supported.
iOS App supports to add this product.
433MHz RF curtain switch and RF alarm are supported.

SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF
SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF

As A “Bridge” to Other Protocol Devices

SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF

Traditional 433MHz Remote Control Devices, Instantly Become Smart

NOTE: The receiving supports fixed codes 433 frequency, like EV1527, PT2260, PT2264, etc. Not support to learn rolling codes.

SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF

A Button for A Scenario

Create a scene you like. Simply press the remote control button to triiger WiFi or ZigBee devices in eWeLink to enter a scene.

SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF

Control All Devices Simultaneously

Once the RF BridgeR2 has successfully learned common remotes, you can use the remotes to control lots of devices in a time.

SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF

Create Smart Scenes with 433MHz Sensors

Using motion sensor PIR3-RF, opening floor-to-ceiling windows automatically when sensor detects motion;

Using door/window sensor DW2-RF, when the window is opened, the fan is automatically turned off.

SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF
SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF
SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF
SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF
SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF
SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF



SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF
SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF
SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF
SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF
SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF
SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF

29 reviews for SONOFF RF Bridge R2 433MHz RF

  1. N***v

    Good working connected

  2. A***v

    Delivered very quickly to KZ, did not try to customize yet

  3. J***z


  4. Customer

    Quickly delivered, device working

  5. S***r

    This is the new R2 V2.2 board, it works well with ESPHome and Home Assistant after making some small hardware modifications.

  6. V***a


  7. E***o

    Todo ok +++++

  8. A***e


  9. A***o

    There are no complaints about the product, but I did not see the remotes from the Chinese chandeliers, because They ended up at a frequency of 315 MHz. Be more careful when ordering. The product is in good packaging, the delivery is nimble.

  10. M***m

    Perfect operation

  11. S***o

    All right.

  12. A***s

    Works good

  13. M***a

    Not working for a generic 433mhz garage door opener.

  14. V***v

    The product is good. Delivery with problem. Thanks to the store-helped to find.

  15. I***n

    The bridge works. it is easy to match with RF devices and EWELINK. only the delivery is long.

  16. J***r

    Great, fast delivery and as expected

  17. J***n

    All perfect

  18. E***o

    Fast and quality delivery. The device works, the buttons are connected.

  19. T***t

    Instead of 15 days it took a month to arrive. The shipment was fast until reaching Spain. The delivery company ecoscooperative is a disaster. 12 days from when the package arrived in Spain until it was delivered at home (in the mailbox). The package came open, cracked and glued with packing tape. Luckily the Bridge was finely whole and working properly. I have been able to link an alarm controls and use it to make scenes with the rest of the Ewelink devices. In Alexa nothing appears. Now I can open the front door with a remote.

  20. S***v

    Came quickly, works perfectly.

  21. L***o

    very small, but poverfull

  22. S***t

    Parfait !!

  23. E***a

    Works but almost all Sonoff items I bought are too bad to be found and added in your ewelink app. Tuya compatible items are much better and quickly added when turned on.

  24. M***r

    Unfortunately I ordered the door switches instead of the gateway – my fault – but trying to register the door switches in older RF-Bridge (first version I think) does not work – almost all other PIR-Sensors I have are working with this gateway and the RF-Link Gateway – both are integrated in my home automation based on Node Red I’m not sure if I can return the DW2 (shipping cost might be more than the value

  25. N***v

    Gateway serviceable delivered quickly

  26. J***z

    He sent right.

  27. P***a

    Very fast shipping. Product as described.

  28. Customer

    Received quit fast. Did not test yet

  29. S***v

    Bridge size with matchboxes. Very convenient for hidden installation

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