AX1800 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System

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X20 AX1800 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System, Up to 4000 Sq ft Coverage, 1 GHz Quad-Core CPU, Compatible with Amazon Alexa, HomeCare™ Antivirus and Parental Controls, Pack of 2



  • Faster Connections: Wi-Fi 6 speeds up to 1,800 Mbps—1,201 Mbps on 5 GHz and 574 Mbps on 2.4 GHz; Total Security: WPA3 encryption and TP-Link HomeCare
  • Connect More Devices: OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology quadruple capacity to enable simultaneous transmission to more devices. System requirements: Android 4.4 or later and iOS 9.0 or later
  • Boosted Seamless Coverage: Achieve seamless whole-home coverage with a more precise and stronger whole-home Wi-Fi signal generated by Wi-Fi 6.
  • Ultra-Low Latency: Greater reduction in latency enables more responsive gaming and video chatting.
  • One Unified Network: Multiple units form a whole-home network that auto-selects the best connection as you move around your home.













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11 x 11 x 11.4 cm; 1.76 Kilograms



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Deco X20(2-Pack)

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#81 in Modems

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182 ratings

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14 November 2021

Wireless communication standard

5 GHz Radio Frequency, 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency

Special features

Access Point Mode


5 GHz

Included components

Deco X20(2-Pack)

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Operating system


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42 reviews for AX1800 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System

  1. Tilly

    Great product

    Easy to set up, this solved my WiFi issues with the Virgin Media router.

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  2. nicholas charles jones

    Brilliant I can now work anywhere in the house now

    My wife installed it , it’s that easy and really does work

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  3. Winston

    TP-Link Deco X20 AX1800

    TP-Link Deco X20 AX1800 is quite good

  4. nels68

    OAP’S delight

    Bought this X20 AX1800 2 PACK to hopefully solve multiple “dropout’s” on my iPad Pro. Router upstairs, ipad downstairs.Range extenders had not solved the problem.BUT THIS KIT IS PERFECT – no degrading of bandwidth at all.Mightily impressed.

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  5. Rich

    Great Upgrade from Nest WiFi

    I’ve had the Google Nest WiFi for the last few years and had kept having issues with it and needed to keep restarting them even after a factory reset.Not had any issues with these so far, they seem a good upgrade on the Nest with better signal, faster speeds and a much better app.

  6. Andy Broadbent

    Great mesh network

    These mesh with my existing Deco products to cover the whole house in really strong Wi-Fi. I even added one to my Garden office some 30 meters away from the house and whilst there is a slight drop off in speeds it’s still 40mbs which is fine given my broadband and the rest of the house is only 60mbs. Occasionally they need a reboot but then so do most Wi-Fi devices.

  7. Ehud

    The parents control feature is not freez u have to pay for it on a monthly base

    Good signal on both floors at my home. Parents control cost money….

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  8. Andrea Hauser

    Leider amerikanischer Netzstecker

    Schnelle Lieferung,ein bißchen schade, dass ich zwei Reisestecker zusätzlich kaufen musste, da die repeater mit einem amerikanischen Netzstecker geliefert wurden und ich nirgends zur Artikelbeschreibung einen Hinweis dazu gefunden habe, sonst hätte ich dieses Produkt gar nicht erst gekauft. Befürchte nun durch die Verlängerung mit diesen Stecker kein so gutes Ergebnis zu bekommen. Schade

  9. Jase

    Limited and limiting..

    On paper and first impressions this was looking great. Setup nice and easy using ethernet backhaul. Decided to poke around a little deeper post setup to find a couple of absolute deal breakers. The most important thing people should be aware of if the lack of ability for choosing WiFi channels yourself, and or a useless optimisation process burned into the app. There’s an option within the app to scan the wireless spectrum and select the best channel for both 2.4 and 5ghz. In the optimisation attempt, which was considered ‘perfect’ by the way, it chose channel 2 at 40mhz wide on 2.4ghz and the same channel as a neighbouring device on 5ghz. The issue with 2.4ghz is adjacent channel interference as only channels 1,6 and 11 are non overlapping – but this is made even worse by being made 40mhz wide which bonds two channel widths together. If I leave this plugged in I’m taking over over 2/3 of the available channels?! On 5ghz it wasn’t quite so bad as the neighbouring network on the same channel wasn’t a particularly strong signal strength – yet there are many more completely free channels it could have chosen.Having searched around for options to change the channels manually I’ve found TPLink support very lacking and in many cases they claim to know what’s best for your wireless network. These have been unplugged and will be returned tomorrow at the very latest.

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  10. Ian B

    plug and play with caveats

    Works fine replacing a Talk Talk router – literally plug and play.Caveats:1) You cannot define wifi channels. At all. The router chooses automatically, even if the chosen channel has congestion.2) Works well in router mode, but in AP mode behind an existing router, the Deco devices kept enabling DHCP management which caused absolute havoc.3) Cannot force devices to use 2.4G/5G. Auto-negotiated by the routers.4) Signal power is actually lower than it was with the TT router.5) The webapp/andoird app is very barebones with essentially no advanced configuration.6) It initially put devices onto different subnetsIf you want a mesh you can plug and play as a replacement for an existing router, this is a decent affordable solution, but if you want to add this as an AP mesh behind an existing router, or you want to change any “advanced” settings such as wifi channel, look elsewhere.

  11. Manuel Iglesias

    Easy to install and reliable.

    Installed in a few minutes, coverage is good, speed is great, I can achieve the full speed of my router like if I am directly connected to it.

  12. barak gonen

    Easy to install

    Has also port for wire, so it helps connect also desktop that not near the modem

  13. Carlos Baptista

    It works well

    Its up to expectation. Sometimes there is small gaps in the stream but probably related to provider.

  14. Susan Lee Milbourne

    This product does not Australian Power Point Plugs

    This product does not Australian Power Point Plugs

  15. Fruttaz Devis


    Nella confezione solo presa inglese!

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  16. Peter

    Failed immediately.

    I have an existing Deco network and it’s fine. Wanted to add more coverage and speed, so bought these. The first one didn’t last 5 minutes before resetting itself, over-and over again. Waste of time. Tp Link need to concentrate on quality control.

  17. Mizaan

    Great product

    Easy to setup, however a little harder if you want to add in a switch.

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  18. Gerard

    It just works

    Just works, solved my problems

  19. Suntzu

    Better signal using ISP router

    Used these for a day and the coverage claimed on the description was far from what I experienced, after poor signal around the house I tested the speeds compared to using my standard router wifi, I stayed in the same room and ran multiple speed tests connected to the main node and then my router, speeds were 10 – 15% less using this system.I’ve used another cheaper mesh system before which gave reduced speeds but that at least gave better coverage, this reduced both.

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  20. BirdBrain007

    Privacy invading!

    Beware – this takes your web history and shares it. Just not clear, and possibly illegal.

  21. Carina Kiraly

    Passt nicht für österreich

    Passt nicht für österreich

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  22. AR

    These work really well

    Great wifi signal and speed throughout

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  23. Aaron

    Mesh WiFi made me realise I’ve been torturing myself with a terrible setup until now

    Until now I’ve been using those old WiFi repeaters that hardly work and provide a completely different SSID meaning I’d have to constantly change my wifi settings when my devices decided on a whim to change to a less than ideal ID. The Access Point setting on these routers is so seamless you forget you have more than one router in the house, my devices now all have full speed wifi wherever I am due to them being linked up via ethernet to my main router. The app is also great for controlling who can access your mesh network too.Highly recommend at this price, it’s a must have for any home because a single router won’t cover most homes alone.

  24. Chris Burgess

    Exactly what I wanted – Except it was delivered to Australia with a UK plug

    I’ve been using TP-Link products for years and they are great products. Easy to use and have pretty good support. Until I ordered this and found that I should have read the reviews about it coming with a UK power plug.It would be a good idea to ship goods to Australia with either the correct power plug or provide the appropriate adapter in the box

  25. Amazon Customer

    Simply works

    Excellent bit of kit, works superbly and extends signal to garage 15m from the house.

  26. Amazon Customer

    Honestly couldn’t believe it

    So easy to set up through the app.. My house now has full coverage even at the very bottom of my garden.. Speed test went from 60mb on my virgin router to 350mb.. Finally getting what I pay for.. Could not recommend enough

  27. Mazen Altaie

    Easy to install

    Very easy to install and performs great

  28. coopers

    Average Joe

    These have average coverage. They’re quite easy to set up and have some nice features for shutting down the kids Wi-Fi when they’re pushing their luck, oh the modern day version of a spank. But they are limited, if like me you enjoy hard lining your most used devices to the hub you’ll find there aren’t many ports to plug into just 1 which is not great.They look nice on the counter top which is a plus but nothing special these days.Average coverage, average looks, average complexity in set up and not enough Lan ports to plug into if needed.

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  29. Philip

    This item comes with UK power supplies !!

    The product works extremely well in my large house, but I was most annoyed that it came with UK power supplies, requiring me to purchase adaptors for use in Australia. No mention of this in the Amazon advert.

  30. Laura

    Best budget wifi6 mesh perhaps

    One upstairs and one downstairs. Seemed to link just fine and run in extender mode. I did notice something annoying though which is you would expect given it’s designed to be seamless connectivity between you would get the maximum speed right next to each node. What happens is you get 1.2gbps next to the closest node you initially connected to then the speed drops as low as 500mbps when you go next to the other node. But if I simply turn off my device wifi and reconnect then the speed jumps up to 1.2gbps and gets poorer as I go towards the other node. This is not how I expected mesh to work. I expected 1.2gbps at each node seamlessly.Other than that the latency is good and fast and all my signal blackspots are gone.My internet is only 70mbps so anything over 140mbps is fine for surfing but if you have regular bulk transfers in mind then be prepared to reconnect to bump the speed up.

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  31. D Bucknall

    Easy to install and works

    Great product. Easy to set up and install and instantly gave good wifi coverage to the whole house which previously was very patchy. I like the convenience and utility of being able to monitor the whole thing from my phone.I waited some weeks before submitting this review to be able to assess stability and speed, both of which have been consistent with specifications and fine for streaming video, internet tv, gaming etc.Definitely recommended if you want a basic, easy fix for patchy wifi for a relatively affordable price.

  32. Edward

    Perfect Mesh wifi product

    Got these and an additional single unit to improve wifi signal through a new house that had several dead spots.These plugged in and the App made it super simple to install and setup and within 15minutes i had super fast wifi through the whole house, no dead spots and the wifi was faster.All in all a great product and highly recommend.

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  33. SoulKilla


    Am on Virgin Media 350mbps and signal isnt good around home. Tried many types of these and these are by far the best. Seconds to set up and never missed a beat. Use with Hub3 and left it in router mode. Not modem mode. And have a 24port netgear POE switch attached with around 15 connected. All worked no issue. And got around 35 items on wifi. Not 1 issue as yet

  34. CCHC

    TP Link deco has been faultless so far.

    I’ve got my Virgin Superhub in modem only mode, leaving the Deco system to handle all of our home network.These were replacing some older Deco M4 units which only had 100 megabit ethernet ports so the gigabit throughput from the main Deco is nice given we have the 350 megabit package.The best thing is, our old Deco M4 units are still compatible with the newer units and are acting as remote units, extending our network even further.My phone even benefits from the full 350 megabit bandwidth over WiFi now which is great.My final take is:Easy to set up. ✔️Easy to add to an already established Deco network. ✔️No e-waste of old products as they remain compatible. ✔️An excellent product. 👍

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  35. Marky G

    Ok but had issues

    I thought the system was good, speeds ok for download, but upload seemed slower than my Orbi. My internet provider is Plusnet and it all set up no issues. The issue i had was my Hikvision Cameras and NAS would not connect – apparently i needed to set up port forwarding which is beyond my capability so called TP Link and they could not help on chat so i requested a call back and no call back came. I tried talking to HikVision and they pointed me to TP Link – 6 hours later and I have given up. I had a few drop outs as well which were unexpected.Thank goodness for Amazon’s easy returns i had 4 units in total (2 packs).

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  36. Tommy Quitt

    Easy to install and setup

    Easy to install and setup

  37. fergoose

    Very good

    Gives great wifi coverage throughout the house

  38. Robert McGrath

    Just works

    Helped me get wifi signal in my attic. Job done.

  39. Carla Fairley

    Easy setup

    Easy to setup and it does increase your net speed also has inbuilt anti virus for protection

  40. Keith S

    Deco X20. Does what it says about n the can. Very pleased by

    I was always getting very low wifi strength in my lounge tried all sorts. Power line adapter.2nd router but still low signal. The Deco X20 has fully resolved my problem. Would deffo recommend.

  41. Aidan Donaldson

    Decent kit

    Not convinced the WiFi signal is that much better than the original virgin router, but it did help extend the signal into a troublesome signal area via a cabled connection to a second deco x20. I’m sure I could’ve achieved the same with a cheaper alternative but didn’t have the time/heart to research further. Decent kit; installation was relatively easy; and the App is quite good.

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  42. Mr. Samuel P. Breeden

    Fab! Just what I needed

    Already had 3 of the M5 units and moved house.Bought these to supplement the network and they have improved the stability of the network as well as allowed further devices onto it.

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