Ultra-Slim True Wi-Fi 6 AX1800 Wireless | Mesh.

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Ultra-Slim w/DC Power | Omada True Wi-Fi 6 AX1800 Wireless Gigabit Business Access Point | Mesh, Seamless Roaming, MU-MIMO | Multi Control Options | Remote & App Control | PoE+ Powered



  • 【Ultra-Fast True WiFi 6 Speeds】Designed with the latest wireless WiFi 6 technology featuring 1024-QAM and Long OFDM Symbol, the EAP610 boosts dual-band WiFi speeds up to 1800 Mbps. With 4 Spatial streams, multi-user throughput is incredibly increased to drive more applications.
  • 【Ultra-Slim Design】Compact design ensures simple installation while saving space. The elegant appearance makes EAP610 V2 a perfect blend into any modern office, hotel, classroom, or café.
  • 【Integrated into Omada SDN】Omada Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform integrates network devices, including access points, switches & gateways, with multiple control options offered – Omada Hardware controller, Software Controller, or Cloud-based controller*(Contact TP-Link for Cloud-Based Controller Details). The standalone mode also applies.
  • 【Cloud Access & Omada Compatibility】Remote Cloud access and the Omada app bring centralized cloud management of the whole network from different sites—all controlled from a single interface anywhere, anytime. For devices compatible with SDN firmware, please visit the the ‘From the manufacturer – Q&A’ section or the TP-Link website.
  • 【Advanced Wireless Tech】Supports Mesh WiFi, Seamless Roaming*(Omada Mesh & Seamless Roaming require Omada SDN controllers), Band Steering, Load Balancing, Airtime Fairness, and Beamforming technologies.
  • 【Multiple Powering Options for Easy Installation】EAP610 V2 supports 802.3at PoE+, 48V/0.5A Passive PoE, and 12V/1.5A DC power supply, can be either powered by a TP-Link PoE+ switch, a Passive PoE adapter (Suggested TP-Link Model: TL-PoE4824G) or the provided 12V/1.5A DC adapter, making deployment effortless and flexible.
  • 【Limited Lifetime Protection】Backed by our industry-leading limited lifetime protection and free 24/7 technical support, you can confidently work.













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Wireless Type





EAP610 V2

Item model number

‎EAP610 V2

Item Weight

0.39 Kilograms

Product Dimensions

‎6.3 x 6.3 x 1.32 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎6.3 x 6.3 x 1.32 inches


‎48 Volts, 12 Volts





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Date First Available

‎April 13, 2022

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4.6 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#10 in Computer Networking Wireless Access Points

Special Feature

Access Point Mode, WPS

Frequency Band Class



5 GHz

Included Components

Installation Guide, EAP610 V2, Ceiling/Wall Mounting Kits, 12V / 1.5A DC Power Adapter

Connectivity Technology


60 reviews for Ultra-Slim True Wi-Fi 6 AX1800 Wireless | Mesh.

  1. Amazon Customer

    Excellent Replacement for Ruckus R320

    My new home came with a Ruckus system which included a Ruckus Switch and 2 Ruckus R320 access points. They worked good but it was not very user friendly and it also didn’t support WiFi 6 standards. After doing some research I discovered TP Link Omada line of products. The user intefrace is amazing and setup is a snap. It’s so much easier to administer and review stats than the Ruckus. The WiFi signal on the TP Link is just as good or better than the Ruckus. I’m very happy with this purchase.

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  2. S

    The new smaller housing looks great

    The new smaller AP form factor that TP-Link has released looks so much better than their previous larger EAP6xx models. The EAP620v2 also has a metal backplate that is not slotted compared to the plastic slotted design. I’m not sure if this helps with heat dissipation or not. Performance is pretty good but not nearly as good as my EAP670. It may have been worth it to pay ~$20 more for the EAP650 to improve performance but at my current usage levels this AP offers more than enough performance.

  3. DudeJust

    Too costly but what i wanted.

    I have any acre property 400× feet linear needed access point to reach end of property for wifi cameras and it does. I am glad it came with water proof kit ane mou ting hardware as well. The only bad thing is usong the water proof kit Does not work for certain rj45 connecters that have extra housing on them like ruber pieces. Had to cut it off to fit through hole.

    3 people found this helpful

  4. wdb

    A great new alternative

    When I wanted to consolidate the 3 different WiFi systems on my rambling homestead, I looked at off-the-shelf systems such as Orbi. They didn’t offer all of the options that TP-Link does, such as outdoor APs. The ability to control things centrally AND locally was a big selling point too. The signal strength is more than sufficient, setup is straightforward, and I don’t even have to think about firmware upgrades because the system takes care of them for me! I can wander around on any floor in the house, out in the yard, or in the garage, and never have to futz with WiFi settings. I’m a happy camper.

    One person found this helpful

  5. dimaxp

    Inexpensive but range is limited

    I bought two EAP610 V2 AP. Was going to replace a single ASUS RT-AX88U with two of these units to improve signal consistency across my home. On the same channel and same 80Mhz width as the ASUS I was getting nearly a forth of the speed at the same distance. I got the same speed only when I was in the same room as the EAP610.I ended up buying the EAP670 which is much better.

  6. Andrew

    Amazing Access point (when in stock for ~$128)

    I’ve installed many of the 24v EAP225-Outdoor (the lesser outdoor model by tp link), and they’re OK, but very weak signal. I’ve been testing these for 4 days and I’m a bit blown away.The signal from 200ft away is over double (with non-clear LOS though a few branches). I tested a rough 15-20Mbps down with the EAP225-Outdoor and a solid 50-60Mbps down with this 48v EAP610-Outdoor. Amazing results, in my opinion. Not to mention, this is wifi 6.I love the Omada line of products, they’re definitely better than Ubiquiti! I’ve already purchased 8 of these for a project, which previously would’ve taken at least 12 of the EAP225-Outdoors (and these will provide more stable speeds because it’s wifi6).

    7 people found this helpful

  7. Yo

    Had Ubiquiti AC Pros and needed 2 of them NOT ANYMORE 1 single EAP610 did the job perfectly

    After doing months of research, speaking with a business rep with TP-Link I made the switched from Ubiquiti which was due to the never ending price hikes, The lack of inventory and very poor Ubiquiti support. This Omada platform is a game changer and like all software it will continue to grow to meet the demands of consumers and business. Tom and Mary has been the greatest with speedy assistance and response. TP-Link has some new hardware coming as well that will easily meet the needs of my larger customers so I am trying to contain my excitement but its not working very well as i keep checking the site Thank you TP-Link for making great products and excellent support team. You have a customer for life!

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  8. Felipe BayFelipe Bay

    Great performance and with no visible wires/power bricks

    I bough them to install on an apartment where I didn’t want wires for the power brick or Ethernet showing on some of the rooms (for those I used the EAP615 in wall, replacing the Ethernet outlet fixture) and I installed an EAP610 on the ceiling of a closet near the rest of the network equipment and the PoE switch. Excellent WiFi speeds and coverage all around. I’m using a Time Capsule as router (with WiFi off), solid network until now.

  9. Tim M.

    Blazing wifi 6 speeds, 200 Mbit

    I have a 300Mbit broadband service and the broadband router was able to deliver wifi speeds up to 60Mbps.I had an old router connected to a gigabit LAN cable for the other side of the house and it was delivering similar speeds. With a POE injector to the LAN cable and the AX1800 replacing the old router, i can now get 200Mb wifi throughout the house, with such a good signal that i have turned off the wifi on the broadband router so that nearby devices will go for the AX1800 signal instead.I didn’t use any of the omada stuff, just plug it in, follow the steps and set your SSID and password to match your other router and you will have seamless coverage.have tried TP-Links powerline before and found this technology quite prone to dropouts.Super impressed with this little pocket rocket.

  10. Josh FolcikJosh Folcik

    Low profile but powerful

    I had a blank wall plate here already with not outlet or wiring so it went in perfectly and I routed the one wire it needs to the basement poe switch. Fills wifi to a full 2 story house, this is on the first floor. I also have their outdoor version outside also poe under a roof overhang. Best wifi in the neighborhood to match my gig fiber internet.

    3 people found this helpful

  11. BrentW

    Super clean look – love the omada system

    Super clean look in my home office. Runs off POE from central switch. Part of the omada system which is awesome prosumer home offering with the oc200 brain. I get slightly faster speeds from their ceiling WAPs but those are bigger and have 3 antennae – at the end of the day it’s fast enough. Ethernet pass through /switch also very useful. Great product I recommend omada to anyone who will listen

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  12. Ivan Infante

    It won’t disappoint.

    I’ve upgraded my entire home network with TP-Link since I’ve never had any issues with their hardware. When we had our home built, I asked the homebuilder to install their home network package but they used hardware that is now antique. It worked for a few years with the technology that existed at the time (2015) but now that I have Fiber… it was time to move on.My hardware now consists of;1. TP-Link Omada Hardware Controller2. TP-Link ER605 – Router3. TP-Link TL-SG2210MP – POE Switch4. TP-Link EAP660 HD – AP5. TP-Link EAP615-Wall x 2 – AP’sThe first thing I did was install the controller and then I just adopted the rest of the hardware. It made it very simple and easy to setup the rest of the items. Honestly, I spent quite a bit but couldn’t be any happier with speeds and reliability. My wife and I work from home so having our network running consistently is a must. We haven’t had any issues and we’re now up and running for 2 month.

    7 people found this helpful

  13. Chris

    Great features for price, great performance

    So far these are working out great. I replaced a couple OpenMesh A-series APs in my house with these, with an Omada software controller running in a VM on my NAS. Setup was super easy, and the performance has been great (noticeably better than the OpenMesh APs). I now have good coverage in parts of my house where I had almost none before, despite the APs being in the same place. There’s also an outdoor version, which is handy. Form factor is nice, also… these are pretty small for a business-oriented AP, about 6″ diameter and maybe 1.5″ thick.Pros:- Free cloud connection if using a local software controller (either TP-Link’s standalone appliance, which is about $100 I think, or their free controller software running on a VM, PC, etc.)- Inexpensive for feature set and performance- Outdoor version availableCons:- Unlike some business-oriented APs, there’s no DPI, so I’m not getting as much client monitoring as I had hoped (I get some of that from my router though, so it’s less of an issue).- Omada is really designed to monitor a full end-to-end TP-Link solution, so there are a lot of extra features in the UI that don’t do anything when only using it for APs.- Supply chains (but that’s affecting everything right now) can make it difficult to find these in stock.- Two built-in accounts (root and guest) in the firmware image which appear to be enabled, but TP-Link doesn’t document them or provide the passwords.

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  14. Amazon Customer

    I love you TP-Link… But please consider this…

    I bought into the Omada ecosystem of products because of these outdoor EAPs…My use case:I wanted to share some of my internet bandwidth with my elderly neighbor who couldn’t justify the cost of setting up their own service. I discovered the Omada line of products and their outdoor-rated EAPs, and decided to overhaul my home network using the Omada controller/router/POE switch/outdoor-EAP combo.I went with the EAP610, and fixed it to the outside of my house where I already had CAT5e available for future surveilance cameras. I set this up in early December 2022, where I made sure the EAP was covered under the eaves and out of the elements.It worked well for about a month, then it stopped transmitting/receiving WIFI entirely.. yet it still maintained a successful connection to my POE switch. I removed it from my outside wall, hard-reset it, and tried to re-adopt it as an isolated wifi device, and my OC200 would never find it.. Even though I had a fully functional EAP225-Outdoor device hardwired to my network, waiting to discover it. (all firmware up-to-date)It seems that the radio circuitry failed in less than a month, even though it’s rated for temperatures much lower than what we get in southern Idaho.Maybe my unit was defective, or maybe there’s some engineering flaws.. I don’t know.. One thing’s for sure though, we do get some pretty significant temperate swings out here, so maybe the expanding and contracting of the materials caused it to fail.I love TP-link products, and this is my first failure.. I put an EAP225-Outdoor outside in its place.. hopefully that doesn’t suffer the same failure down the road.

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  15. John P.

    Easy to use and worth he money

    Very easy to use. When it arrived I connected this to a wireless router using cat6 cable and placed it on my roof to enable wifi to my second house across the street. It works great without even initiating the Omada software. I have since bought a controller and switch to make the connection easily manageable from my laptop. This is more analogous to business grade wifi for a consumer grade price. Easily configurable out of the box, and is just as easy using the Omada software for a true software-defined network (SDN). I did not give a ranking for customer support due to the fact I did not require any assistance.

    2 people found this helpful

  16. Tech Services Company

    Surprising Quality

    Note that I just installed this … so, I can’t speak to reliability as yet. However, this thing is super easy to setup as a stand alone AP. Instructions are clear. And the surprise … I wouldn’t have expected a WiFi Access Point to make such a notable difference in my internet speed. Once installed, this AP delivered youtube videos noticeably faster (seems like at least 15 to 20% faster start times). As for reliability … stay tuned. Initial reaction is very positive. Enjoy.

    One person found this helpful

  17. James Dunmore

    The antenna stopped working

    The Antenna stopped working after weeks of operation, this is the second antenna that’s died on me after only a few weeks of operation. Update; it was a one star it’s now a five stars, after numerous power outages, plus rain and snow up to my but (ass) the five antennas have worked flawlessly, and I’m anxiously looking forward to Wi-Fi 7 antennas & a gaming router so that I can update my system even more. 😁 too cheap to put a Starlink set up at three homes plus a cabin, so i connected one star link system to a TP-Link network controller their Poe switch plus 5 EAP610’s outdoor antennas plus a AX11000 gaming router and now my whole property is covered and my family is very happy with their Internet coverage. 🙂 now I’m waiting for Wi-Fi 7 so that I can tear it down and do it all over again.

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  18. Shnigs Cass


    Had to set one up in the back part of the house since the WiFi signal from the router wouldn’t make it!Got a POE SWITCH (power over Ethernet)This way I wouldn’t need an ax adaptor to power it on and it’s been a game changer! The wife and I spend more time in the back room! Very easy to use! Had it for over two months now and it working great! Would recommend if you’re looking for something dependable and not break the bank!If you want to use this you will need to run a cat5/6 cable from your modem/router to the new lol station! That’s the hard part after that smooth sailing kids!

    2 people found this helpful

  19. snakedawg

    Great coverage and speed

    Bought these to upgrade our home network. Was tired of spotty coverage, bad luck with repeaters and hated having to manually switch networks with other APs -roaming was never very effective. So the idea of fast roaming was really appealing. I didn’t need a mesh system bc we have a lot of ethernet ports throughout the house so the 615 wall APs seemed like a good idea. I’m really pleased. I use 2 of them on the main floor (3 floor house), one on each end. The coverage is great for our house (~3500 sq ft). Sitting in the same room as the AP, I’m ~450+ Mbps (500/500 up/down for our ISP). Great coverage for the floor above and floor below the APs. Worse coverage in the house, I’m still pulling 250 Mbps. I use these with the SG-2008P switch and the omada controller software, which does a good job with fast roaming. The APs are easy to mount to replace an existing ethernet wall plate, just note they are POE. Not much bigger than the wall plate and no antennas sticking out. Much less intrusive than a typical AP with antennas hanging out on a table to shelf. Has 3 ethernet ports on the bottom for direct hard wire connections, which is really convenient. Easy enough to configure the network with the omada software, although I wouldn’t recommend their router (tried it and returned it). Overall, very pleased, and would highly recommend.

    2 people found this helpful

  20. Justin T.

    Small package, easy to get started, tons of speed, awesome power user options.

    TLDR: really really good wifi 6 performance, clean minimal appearance and super simple to get configured.I don’t know what the upper limit of wifi 6 is, but I’m not complaining at all about 400mbps just five minutes after opening the box. I put a few of these around my house and the mesh-handoff is absolutely seamless. I also like that these also act like a switch, so I was able to plug my desktop into one of them for full gigabit speed hardwired while it also covered that corner of the house in super fast wifi.Setup was super easy – Find the IP address of the new AP, set a new admin password, set the wifi SSID and password and you’re done. There are a ton of power user features available for those who want to tweak and optimize further, but I’m more than happy with the out of box config which is a rare thing. Omada and SDN have made TP-link my go-to brand for home networking gear.


    works flawlessly

    great range, have had 0 problems in the 6 months since i purchased it

  22. owenkevin

    It is as good as Unifi AP

    I have purchased Unifi AP + USG at my office, and started like the idea of software controlled AP. I was initially doubtful about the TPlink signal quality due to the AP is much smaller than the Unifi’s 6 Lite AP, but I was very happy to use this replace two ASUS Mesh router for my two story home.

  23. dipson

    Powerful routers; excellent app

    We use these APs to get full wifi coverage in a 60k warehouse. That’s not easy. We tried different routers and access points. These are the best. We got 12 of these APs and their dedicated Omada hardware controller (OC200) to build a robust enterprise level wifi and wired network.

  24. Belinda

    Doesn’t play well with other Omada devices

    I have 1 EAP610 and 3 EAP615’s and even bought the dedicated controller. Don’t try running the controller off a RPi, just going to give yourself an aneurysm. Might work as a container on docker on a real PC. That being said I’ve had a mixed bag of stellar performance with absolutely abysmal performance and I’ve tweaked settings left and right to figure out what’s going on. My phone basically switches APs intermittently and one AP is relaying data fine, the other one it switches to just stops relaying data. Now jump into the Omada controller and good luck finding a way to diagnose this. At the beginning, yes, Omada controller was helpful because I saw lots of associations errors and low signal levels for a lot of devices and this prompted me to install a 3rd EAP615 which corrected most of them. However, the lack of signal was still persistent with zero diagnostic help. I eventually just disabled the EAP610 completely and lo and behold, network works great.When I have time I will remove the EAP610 and likely resell it at a loss. The upside to all this is my network, all EAP615’s now, is working better than ever.

  25. Ben

    Better wifi 6!!

    Wifi6 is more stable than wifi5 also better reception.

  26. Trung Hoang

    wifi outdoors


  27. OCDan

    EAP610 v2 is great

    Swapped out a eap245 that had subpar speeds with this ap and I am pretty happy with it. POE makes for a nice clean install, the speeds are as expected, and it much smaller that both the eap245 and eap610 original version. If you need an ap for building up an Omada system or mesh network, instead of using a router as an access point this is the way to go. Otherwise grab a cheap wifi6 router like the AX10, put it in access point mode, and you get the same speeds with better range for about half the cost.

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  28. IstvanIstvan

    Great outdoor AP

    Needed an outdoor AP since my EAP HD660HD died. Setup was easy using the same PoE switch as my previous installation. I use an Omada OC200 controller.

  29. T. R.


    I have two of these sleek little access points delivering very good coverage to a two-story house, both downstairs, one in the front and the other in the back. Easy to setup and to use with Omada controller and POE. Blazing fast internet, two SSIDs each.

  30. Stickman

    Not all that good. The cheaper one does just as well.

    This is the 4th TP-Link item I have purchased and they all work well. However, this AP really is not any better than the TP-Link EAP225 which I bought last year. I was really hoping for better range. The TP-Link EAP225 is mounted indoors against an exterior wall while this item is mounted on an antenna outside in the middle of the lot and I can’t see any difference in signal strength between them no matter where I go on the lot. So I say save your money and buy the TP-Link EAP225. It works as well, both are rated for outdoor use and it’s half the price.

  31. Prashant

    (EAP615-Wall) Wifi Signal is Week

    I am reviewing for the wall access point. Wifi signal is subpar. I sometime have trouble getting good signal in next room. I compared it to Orbi mesh router and that router is even further away from this AP, but the Orbi router connects fine (although Orbi does not have Wifi6, but who cares if you don’t even have connection).

    One person found this helpful

  32. justin m.

    Range could be better, but solid performance and reliability

    The range seems to be kinda short, it doesn’t help that I have thick plaster walls, but if set up properly with another access point and roaming, I get solid performance

    One person found this helpful

  33. global pilot

    Huge improvement in mesh speeds

    Got a couple of them and replaced EAP-225 Outdoor access points. The WIFI immediately bumped my real world 80 Mbps to 400 Mbps throughput at about 100 feet of clear air, connecting our shop network to our house. With Omada SDN, configuration was about 1 minute each device. Great system.

    One person found this helpful

  34. Easy E

    Beware not MESH compatible

    we have several of these wall AP’s deployed connected directly to the buildings eth system and they are great. I would give them 4 plus stars. We tried to connect one via Omada MESH and after research found out that this ap is not capable of that?? not clear why tplink would make one of their omada products to not mesh but at the very least it should be a warning in the product description.

    5 people found this helpful

  35. RF IN NY

    Over hyped

    Installed this to have wifi in the garage.It’s 50ft garage and linked to a outside router. Signal at garage is roughly the same or less as the outside router. Don’t see how this can stream wifi for the distances it claims when 50ft clear line of sight barely works

  36. JPoldoian

    Easy to configure

    It delivers all the benefits of WiFi 6 and is compatible with Omada app. Nice packaging but rain tight Ethernet port is much too big. This multi-part plastic housing is much too big and needs re-design.

  37. Jeff

    Love these!

    Love these! I live in a Queen Anne Victorian home built in 1898, the walls are thick lathe and paster and getting a wifi signal through them sucks. Most of my gear is ubiquiti, but there version of these cost almost twice as much. These are stylish and work great. This one little device nearly penetrates my entire house with a signal that’s as strong as my ubiquiti uac-ac-m-pro. I’m very impressed and plan to switch most of my network over TP-Link professional series equipment.

    One person found this helpful

  38. BP

    Not getting the advertised speed

    Purchased TP-Link/Omada setup to get the full experience of my 1gbps Fios internet (was on WiFi5 Velop mesh). The Wall is my fist AP to get started before investing further into the system. Unfortunately, I’m not getting anywhere near the speed stated in the product description.Let’s start with the baseline. I’m constantly getting 900+mbps download and ~700 mbps upload speed when connecting directly to TP-Link switch/router with roughly 30ft of Cat6 cable.With the Wall, that’s connected to the same switch over Cat6, I’m getting no more than 560mbps download and 130mbps upload speed. i measured this speed literally 1ft away from the AP with WiFi 6 devices (iPhone 12 Pro Max/iPad Pro). The speed drops even further as you move away. I was getting roughly 30mbps download speed directly one floor above the AP. I figured my cable was faulty, so I connected the AP to my PC cable that’s double the length from my previous tests. This time, the speed dropped a bit from earlier measurements. This confirmed no issue with the cable.I also varied channel width, channel and Tx power. No luck with getting up/down speed anywhere close to the baseline, although some improvements were seen when compared to the “auto” configuration.

    8 people found this helpful

  39. WB6FYR

    This AP actually works!

    This AP is easy to setup and provides a good signal throughout our 2,000 square foot home.

  40. Vince

    This EAP is very easy to set up.

    The small size of this item made it attractive to me. I used a small, desk top, picture mount to hold the device on my desk. It’s easy to set up, inexpensive and works flawlessly. 5 stars

  41. Philip Greenspun

    Very reliable and fast; outdoor WiFi 6 access point is awesome

    As others have pointed out, the software controller is somewhat complex and clunky. It is more like what a Unix sysadmin would use than what consumers are accustomed to. 99% of the features aren’t necessary for the typical consumer and maybe they should built a simplified alternative for people who just want to set up a network and occasionally verify that everything.I’ve been running three wall points (integrate nicely into the decor) and an outdoor access point for about five months. It’s a 5400-square-foot concrete block house built to survive a hurricane or two. The yard is about 1/6th of an acre and one outdoor access point is more than sufficient.

    One person found this helpful

  42. LudditeProgrammer

    Firmware lagging, best specs-to-price in category, better than EAP-110

    I’ve had this running for a couple months outside, mounted on a tree, in the off-and-on rain. Previously, I had the EAP-110 running for a year.BUILD: Physically, this is 2-3x the size and 5x heavier than the EAP110, which is good. The build quality is better.FEATURES: This is the best price, hardware, and specs for an outdoor-rated access point. But there is still no “Firmware” section on their support page for any of the hardware versions, despite my email to them about this a couple months ago. However, the firmware it came with that I’m still running (1.0.4 Build 20220126) has been pretty stable. I’ve had lots of TP-Link products across a decade: I wish they’d write higher-quality firmware and release more versions (e.g. like Ubiquity or Asus). Also, because this is Omada-based, without an Omado controller, you’ll have to use the web-based admin interface, which is all I use for simplicity and it’s bare-bones compared to admin pages from all other vendors.RECOMMENDATION: Given that there aren’t many outdoor access point options, if you want to spend less than $200, this is probably your best option despite the firmware immaturity. And I’d recommend it over the EAP110 for AC/AX protocols, slightly better range, future-proofing, and build quality.

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  43. Charlie

    Lo valr

    Excelente AP, creo compraré un par mas

  44. Paramus Guy

    No warranty!

    At first, I was very happy with this AP. The range and speed were fantastic. After being installed for around three months, the AP radios stopped working. I could still communicate with the AP through the management controller using the lan port only.I tried to use the warranty website but it kept rejecting the serial number. I then called tech support. After a brief hold (15 min), I was connected with someone that proceeded to waste an hour of my time by having me perform tasks that she read from a script. After rebooting the unit several times, switching the lan switch port it was using, re configuring it and rebooting it again and again, it still didn’t work.I was then told that someone would contact me for the “technical support team” to run more tests. Wasn’t the person that I had just spent an hour with on the “technical support team”?I’ll update this review as I go, but as of now it looks like they just want you to get frustrated and give up.Update: The next day I received a morning email asking what time I’d be available for a call from their tech department. I responded that 1:30 would be fine. 1:30 came and went without a call. Oh well. Then the next day around 2:00 I saw that I had a voicemail. It was a message from someone that I couldn’t understand. The voice-to-text read as gibberish so I just dismissed it. I then received a voicemail saying that I missed the call from tech support and that I should install team viewer to prepare for a remote session.Are you freaking kidding me? This is a $125 item that has already cost me an hour and now they want a teams remote session? I really don’t know what is going on here but it looks at best like a scam.I contacted Amazon and chatted with a incredibly helpful person that arranged for me to return the item without an RMA.I packaged it up and UPS picked it up the next day. Amazon is the best. I purchased a replacement unit and installed it. As soon as the controller adopted it, it started working.I don’t know why a good company with good products would conduct themselves like this. Given the quality of the products, I imagine the service department is just buffoonery rather than an actual scam.

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  45. Pen Name


    This thing works awesome once it’s set up correctly!

  46. outwest

    First one failed. Manufacturer replaced. 2nd one has terrible signal less than 50 ft away

    The product was easy to install. I used the first one for 4 months and it quit sending signal although it still had power. The company replaced it and I installed the new one even closer, less than 50 ft away, and it doesn’t send a strong enough signal for streaming anything. It rarely has full bars. I have to be careful not to park in the middle of the signal transmission too.

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  47. JosephJoseph

    Sends signal across 2,100 sq foot home.

    It also looks really nice on wall. Wifi6 is so fast these days all of our devices are connected to it. I live in a 2,000 sq foot home and have one on each side of house. Coverage is excellent. If your signals are too strong between each access point, you can also play around with the power level of transmitters to lower them. Another great feature is that there is a POE OUT port for phones, etc on the bottom as well as two more additional LAN ports in case you have something nearby that must have cable like a gaming PC or console that you play competitively on. I would buy again but I don’t think I’ll ever need more than two.

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  48. Jerry

    Love TP-Link products

    I have been using TP-Link products for many years as a commercial telecommunications contractor. Now retired I am using there products for my home network. Unfortunately for the first time ever I had an issue with a EAP610-Outdoor unit. It worked for two days then stopped transmitting. Calling TP-Link tech support I was connected with Marie Corazon Tupaz. Marie was very thorough with efforts to correct the issue. I agree with Marie that technical issues with their products is rare having years of experience with there products. I am returning it for an exact replacement. The rest of my network works very fast and clean. Thank you Marie for all your help!

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  49. NPike

    Good for probably a single room of coverage

    Works OK paired with 2 other 650, and software controller running in a VM. Omada simple stack seems to work pretty well for our 1900sq 2 story house with roughly 60 devices.The APs inside don’t really like to extend outside of the house though.

  50. realgeek

    Very good bang for the buck, sensitive to obstructions

    To give you an idea, in AC mode:Next to client (these are real megabytes (1024*1024), bits are 1000*1000):65.0 MiBs (545 Mbs) – EAP660 HD60.0 MiBs (503 Mbs) – EAP610 V2.251.6 MiBs (433 Mbs) – UAP-AC-PRO-USNear client, but impaired placement, facing up (simulates upstairs client):50.2 MiBs (421 Mbs) – EAP660 HD33.4 MiBs (280 Mbs) – UAP-AC-PRO-US30.2 MiBs (253 Mbs) – EAP610 V2.2As you can see, the EAP 660 HD beats them both. The EAP 610 is faster than the UAP-AC-PRO-US next to the client and when placed in ideal locations, but slower with obstructions.

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  51. Simpsonite

    Out-Performs The Ubiquiti UAP-IW-HD-US For Much Less

    I don’t have any .ax clients yet and I mounted both the UAP-IW-HD-US and 615 APs on the same wall box with the same network. The TP Link is 50 to 100Mbps faster to my Wifi 5 clients and has better antenna coverage to my far clients in a dense wifi area.I almost bought a second UAP-IW-HD-US until I started reading around and saw the 615 is like half the cost, so I bought two. I wound up installing both 615’s but it’s probably overkill in my case. One 615 was connecting fine to clients that the UAP-IW-HD-US could not. The UAP-IW-HD-US’s antenna coverage doesn’t seem to be very good at the edges. I wonder if the metal trim on the cover has a negative impact. A lot of people like the Ubiquiti console but there isn’t a compact low cost stand alone console like the Omada system offers. I haven’t tried Omada cloud yet, but it looks more straight forward. I don’t need Omada Cloud or controller yet as the standalone mode with the app and logging into the AP’s IP works perfectly for me. I set one to 5G and the other to 2.4G.If I ever need a new wired router I will try the Omada model and the controller unless the cloud is free. Currently, I use an Ubiquiti ER-X 5 port router with the HW routing enabled and it’s a great little router. After that I connect the TP-Link TL-SG2008P for my cat5 outlets and to power the 615’s. I just pulled 390Mbps over the air to my 2015 MacBook Pro.The next .ax version of the Ubiquiti should be faster, but until then there are better options, and even then the price premium for Ubiquiti doesn’t seem worth it unless you need that ecosystem. The 615 is fast and great for a home application like mine – love having no router around the house taking up space.Before this upgrade I had a Nest Wifi and it was fine. The Nest wound up devolving to a state where it would be so slow and it wouldn’t recover without a power cycle or for many hours. I’m pretty amazed how much faster the TP link 615’s are.

  52. ChrisWNYChrisWNY

    TP-Link EAP610-Outdoor WiFi6 AX1800 Review

    This review is for the OUTDOOR model of the EAP610 access point from TP-Link…After running for a day, this outdoor AP is outstanding. Provides excellent range especially for 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz signals. Easily managed through TPL’s Omada Controller, which is what I recommend for managing your TPL devices since it’s cloud-based and has a modern user interface. The AP is IP67 waterproof rated, so it should withstand harsh outdoor environments. The newest firmware for this device is v1.0.6 as of this review – the EAP must be set up to be managed by the Omada Controller (v5.7.4) to get the firmware update. Noticed that other reviewers complained about lack of firmware, they are available (and easier to find and install) from TP-Link’s Omada Cloud UI.I set this device up by driving a 1.5 inch diameter PVC pipe into the ground near the back of my house, for outdoor installation. I ran a Cat6 patch cable directly to the AP from a PoE+ switch located in the basement. The cable was routed through the inside of the PVC pipe, and out through the top. I used the included zip ties to attach the AP to the PVC pipe. I’ve attached a photo to show the device installed onto the PVC pipe. If you have a nearby tree or a wall surface, you can easily mount the AP using the included bracket. The area where the cable attaches is waterproof, covered by a clever cap that screws into the bottom of the AP. Washers and everything you need to mount the AP is included in the box.If you don’t have a PoE+ capable switch, not a big deal…the EAP610 INCLUDES a PoE+ injector which is very nice if you don’t have a PoE+ capable switch already installed. PoE+ injectors generally cost at least $25-$40 depending on which brand you buy. This was a nice bonus even though I don’t remember it being mentioned as included on the product page. The only cable you need to run to the device is a Cat5e/6/7 patch cable, whether you use the included injector or a PoE+ switch.So how’s the range? This is where the EAP610 Outdoor model shines. Easily transmits 2.4Ghz, usable signal, beyond 450 ft. 5Ghz is fairly strong as far out as 100 ft if there are no walls or obstructions between the AP and your wifi client device. I have a few solar-powered cameras in my backyard to monitor a chicken coop and rabbit pen, those cameras get 90% or better 2.4Ghz signal and they’re easily 150 ft away from the EAP610.I’ve bonded smart bulbs, wifi cameras, phones, and streaming devices to the EAP610 and they latched on without issues. After running this device for 24 hours, there have been no drops, no loss of signal. This AP seems quite reliable outdoors. Time will tell as I live in a cold Western NY climate where wind and snow storms are quite common. We shall see how it holds up over time. At the $130 price point, this device is priced better than most of the competitor brands out there. Definitely recommend this EAP610 for oudoor wifi use especially if you live on a large property of over an acre.

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  53. Will B

    Great Coverage. Combines my outdoor and indoor Mesh Network

    Great Mesh PoP. I got three to replace my TP-Link Deco indoor mesh. I have a lake house on about 1 acre. The house has two additional unattached buildings and a boathouse upper and lower deck, and a free-standing patio with a deck firepit. At first, I put TP-Link Deco mesh router and access points in the house to create a mesh in the house. Then I ran cat 7 outdoor cables to each detached building, deck and boathouse. I used the TP-Link EAP 225 indoor and outdoor access points. These are PoE devices and it created a great seamless Mesh network outside. But the mesh, didn’t ‘mesh’ with the indoor mesh. I replaced the indoor mesh with 3 eap610’s combining the indoor and outdoor mesh networks.The best thing about the eap 610s in my opinion is they do not need a PoE enabled wire connection. just a regular ac power outlet. So no holes to drill no cables to run indoors.Simple very easy setup. immediately recognized by the Omada cloud controller. I can monitor, update, and fix the network at the Lakehouse from where ever I am.

  54. Peter Weintraub

    TP-Link EAP610-Outdoor – Works as described

    #1 – I have not yet installed it outside as I only got it yesterday, however, hooking it up to my Omada switch so it can be discovered and managed by my OC200 controller was very simple. as of 3/24/23 there is no firmware link on the support page for this device, however my controller did let me know there was an update available and after talking with online support I was able to get the WAP upgraded to current version of firmware.#2 – I also have a EAP615-wall (and will have 2x EAP650 access points soon), so I hope the mesh system works well as this outdoor AP will be going in the back yard about 40yds from my house to provide better wifi coverage for my security camera in my chicken coop. I do plan to update my review once the AP is installed outside. There is a EAP650-outdoor that is not currently available, but when it does I will be getting one.

  55. Rams01Rams01

    Game changer in long range outdoor connectivity

    Device is PoE so bought some direct burial cat6 shielded cable and ran it alongside my house and into where my 5Gbps fiber cable runs and into an 8 port PoE switch that was easy to setup.Mounted it to a 10ft PVC pipe and stood it up, connected it, and immediately had 2.4 and 5ghz wifi which covered the front 2 acres of my property and was a game changer for my wifi/solar cameras and easily get 200Mbps at the furthest point of my property. The range of the 5ghz signal was shocking honestly and did not expect it to reach almost as far as the 2.4ghz signal. The 2.4ghz signal strength is excellent but the speed drops off drastically but also had a much slower speed to start with. 5ghz was 2-4x faster at the same distance from the AP.Will be buying another one to point at the back half of my property

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  56. AmazonGuru

    Strong signal, Best Outdoor WIFI I’ve Owned

    I really like this outdoor wifi unit EAP610. I used it to replace a Comfast 1200 that it outperformed in every way. I was able to get 400 down on average and 150 up on 5G. It had 100% signal in every direction at 50 feet radius which was plenty for my pool area. I plan to buy an additional one as a back up.

  57. N. Giraudier

    Well made and easy to configure!

    Set up on this product was simple and fast, you can use it as a standalone access point, or incorporate it into a mesh network with other Omada access points when you purchase and Omada controller and can then control it locally or through their Cloud Controller. Remember that this unit was designed as a local access point, and, depending on the size and construction of your home or business, you may need more than one unit. In this case, I installed it in the middle of a small and new (1100 square foot) home, and the WiFi signal remained strong throughout. I like that this EAP is very small and unobtrusive, and is currently future proofed with WiFi 6. Should it need to be replaced with a newer version, replacement can take place in minutes with a few additional minutes for removing and adding the new Omada EAP. I highly recommend this product!

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  58. meine39

    Great coverage and VLAN aware – just what I needed.

    I purchased this access point to replace a hodgepodge of access points in my ~2700 sq ft home. I had two TP-LINK wireless routers configured as access points for all my home network devices, running in 5Ghz mode, and two more wireless routers serving my IoT devices in the 2.4Ghz band. Each wireless router was hardwired to VLAN aware smart switches, using separate VLAN IDs for the IoT and home network devices.While this worked fine for the most part, adding IoT devices became problematic as the two dedicated access points for them didn’t support roaming, and the IoT devices would often grab a signal from the wrong access point if I power cycled either the access points or IoT devices, resulting in poor connection speeds and some crazy “sequencing” on my part of power cycling APs and IoT devices to get the optimal connection speeds.This EAP610 solved all that – I was able to “retire” 4 wireless access points running in AP mode, and consolidate down to this one single device. I installed the EAP610 on the ceiling of the first floor in the center of the house – now all the IoT devices and home network devices use a single AP for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz connections.I chose to use the standard web configuration that is built in to this device, rather than run the Omada SDN Controller software. The standard web configuration is simple and easy to navigate, and offered me all the options I needed. I was able to create a 2.4Ghz SSID for the IoT devices, and a 5Ghz SSID for my trusted home network devices. The interface allows VLAN IDs to be assigned to each SSID. I am planning to create a guest VLAN at some point, but will need to provision that out first on my pFsense router.While the documentation indicates that this device can be installed on a wall or a ceiling, I believe a ceiling (horizontal) mount is preferable for greater coverage. I had tried a TP-LINK EAP245 years ago and returned it, but I had mounted that one on a wall (vertically) and wonder in retrospect if that was the root cause of my coverage issues with it.I’m very pleased with this access point. I have disabled all my old access points, and it was a seamless transition for my family, as I used the same SSID and passkey for the new AP versus the old APs.

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  59. B Bristow

    Best outdoor AP I have used so far…

    Had this running for a few months and it has been the best outdoor AP I have used by far. Way faster speeds and better coverage than my Ubiquity APs. The downside is that the wireless radio stopped working. We had a large storm come through, so I am not sure if that was related, but Support is replacing the unit.

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    Amazing Equipment

    I was blown away by the Coverage and Penetration plus the lack of loss is just Amazing. Most outdoor Antenna’s,even the expensive one have terrible loss,NOT this one. For all my future Customer needs,I will be using this Antenna!

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