Echo Show 15 | Full HD 15.6″

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Echo Show 15 | Full HD 15.6″ bright display with Alexa and Fire TV built-in, remote not included



  • Everything you need at a glance—with a 15.6″ full HD (1080p) bright display and Fire TV, family organization and entertainment will look brilliant.
  • Doubles as a kitchen TV—you can stream hundreds of thousands of films and TV episodes with Fire TV. Watch favorites with Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, NOW, and more subscriptions.
  • Stay on top of your day—use customizable widgets, such as calendars, personal sticky notes, and to-do lists, to keep the family on track. Ask Alexa for daily meal ideas, follow step-by-step recipes hands-free, or add ingredients to your shopping list.
  • Your memories in full screen—with the Photo Frame feature, you can use your Echo Show 15 to display your albums from Amazon Photos.
  • Designed to protect your privacy—built with multiple layers of privacy control. You can electronically disconnect the microphones with a button or slide the built-in cover to close the camera.


Everything you need at a glance—with a 15.6″ full HD (1080p) bright display and Fire TV, family organization and entertainment will look brilliant. Doubles as a kitchen TV—you can stream hundreds of thousands of films and TV episodes with Fire TV. Watch favorites with Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, NOW, and more subscriptions. Stay on top of your day—use customizable widgets, such as calendars, personal sticky notes, and to-do lists, to keep the family on track. Ask Alexa for daily meal ideas, follow step-by-step recipes hands-free, or add ingredients to your shopping list. Your memories in full screen—with the Photo Frame feature, you can use your Echo Show 15 to display your albums from Amazon Photos. Designed to protect your privacy—built with multiple layers of privacy control. You can electronically disconnect the microphones with a button or slide the built-in cover to close the camera.

60 reviews for Echo Show 15 | Full HD 15.6″

  1. Simon

    Beautiful and useful

    I bought this to replace a smaller Echo show device which I have found very useful.The Echo show 15 is much larger but not too large and sits comfortably on a side table adjacent to my sofa. The unit looks beautiful, rather like a photo frame. It is heavy and feels robust and well made.My primary reason for wanting a larger screen is because I use it as a security monitor in conjunction with my Ring doorbell and security cameras. It links to these devices quickly and the images are sharp and clear. Far better than your mobile phone.My photos scroll through on the display and again are crisp and sharp. Such a nice way of viewing your photos – randomly bringing back memories.The device is first and foremost an Echo/Alexa device – not a smart TV! I have used it to watch YouTube which it does well but I have a TV for that!Alexa is responsive and quick. My only slight negative is that the speakers aren’t quite as good as on some of the smaller Echo shows which I also own.The optional stand is well made and although not cheap it is well made and excellent quality.Overall I am very impressed and highly recommend.

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  2. Barry Grayshon

    Totally disappointed with this…but it’s improving…

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     I’ve only had this 3 days, but my excitement turned to disappointment once I had got it set up. For instance, there is no Amazon Photos app available on it, so you can only watch a sideshow via photo frame. You can’t even watch your personal videos unless you upload them to YouTube for example. There are no apps for things you would expect as standard, such as YouTube, instead you have to view them via the Silk browser. Apps are available on previous models such as the Echo Show 5. I have found voice control is a bit hit and miss, and the keyboard keeps freezing for me. Maybe mine is faulty, I don’t know, but I’m seriously considering returning it, as for what it can do, there are previous models that can perform better. I just don’t think it’s worth the price for what is achievable on it. Easier to use my android phone. I bought it for the visual aspect but to be honest my Smart TV works better. Not impressed personally. It’s already crashed on me once and I discovered you could restart using the +volume button in conjunction with the mute button, but I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone as it lost everything and I had to start again from scratch. I feel like Amazon haven’t invested properly in the device and it should have been better. Maybe it will get better with software updates, I don’t know. I’m not sure it’s worth the risk keeping it. And I know, as others have said, you cannot switch it off, but you can use the commands “Goodnight” and “Good Morning” with it. I’m going to try and use it with a smart plug and see how that goes…Just added a video to show how bad the touchscreen keyboard is.Update. They have now added Amazon Photos in widget form which for me makes it better. It will scroll but you can click on the widget and swipe. You can view videos now. Although without sound. It’s an improvement though.I’ve moved it up one star so they are listening to customer feedback. Now, if I have a widget to show what music I am playing that would make it a whole lot better. I play music then go to home and use my photos on the home screen. A music player widget would be a welcome addition.Additional details: all the touch screen facilities have been taken away, which is why I purchased it in the first place. It’s going in the bin and I will never purchase another Amazon product again.Update: ITVX used to work but now it doesn’t. 🙄 Still a complete shambles. It’s just a glorified photo frame for me now.

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  3. Gordon T.

    Echo Show 15 – Is it worth the money???

    Ok so I am invested in Echos. I’ve had them since gen 1 audio only versions. I have multiple Echo Show 5s and 8s and have bought them for all my family. I love them. So I am biased… but I couldn’t bring myself to buy a Show 10 as really it didn’t seem enough over a Show 8.But the 15 seemed like it could be really neat. I have had a few glitches with the interface not being as smooth as I’d like. I haven’t worked out yet if I like it in portrait or landscape mode best.Be aware this thing is BIG. I would recommend you measure where you want to put it first. I wasn’t 100% sure where I wanted it so I got a big piece of wood that I then put the mount on so I can try it out. I just didn’t want to drill kitchen tiles and then change my mind. Also you want to check the height of it to make sure it’s right for all the family.It is really beautiful. I love it. It will improve over time. We use it to drop in on family a lot, have a slideshow running showing pictures from the family vault and to see the calendar.I think the calendar works well with the extra space as you can still have the slideshow and see the calendar (mine is via Google Calendar) too.Regarding mounting as it has a 100mm by 100mm vesa mount there are loads of flexible wall mounts you can buy which will enable it to pull out from a wall and swivel etc as well as being able to push up under kitchen cupboards. I didn’t buy the extra stand for it as that just seemed too expensive compared to other options.So I am glad I bought it. If you have a 5 or an 8 this is a big jump up. Due to our house layout we also use the echos as intercoms between rooms. If I could have one echo 15 or two echo 8s I would go for echo 8s. But if I only had space from one device then the 15 is wonderful. I would definitely buy it again (although I am expecting to see some deals come Amazon Prime Day).What I want to see is a Fridge Door version specially designed to fit easily. I expect to see these integrating into fridges before long. But better would be the fridge coming with a mount built on so you could swap the device at any time.

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  4. MR.C.

    Great product.

    Recommended, however, Amazon please upgrade software to enable turning the PIP/widget on or off.

  5. Andy HelmanAndy Helman

    Needs development

    This has the potential to be an extravagant but useful product but is woefully let down by its lack of actual usability.I like the idea of having a screen to view that displays information I choose and that I can choose which images to display. I like the idea, the practicality is somewhat different though.The background images scroll between what I want to see (a slideshow, even regular weather display, Amazon delivery and calendar notifications, etc) and total spam (to me), like yoga positions, football news and synchronised driving results (F1) (I don’t follow and don’t care to be informed about either but they keep showing (no matter how many times I touch the 3 dots and select that this item is not interesting).I don’t mind occasional recipe ideas but Alexa seems to have fallen victim to the woke vegan trope (how do you ask someone if they’re vegan? You don’t need to, they’ll tell you. Over and over and over again). Alexa has this down to a T with an incessant stream of vegan recipes.Even worse, when Alexa auto mishears my music selection in the car, this display remembers that she almost played 90s pop music once and continually displays this fact, asking if I want to listen again, weeks after the event!I’m quite sure (as others have commented before me) that Amazon will improve many of these issues with software updates and Alexa has improved vastly over her first emergence but a lot of my issues should be available at the outset, not (maybe) further down the development road.It’s a nice display, looking much like a black bordered picture frame with a white inner mount, surrounding a picture. The picture quality is more than adequate. Sound quality is light years ahead of the music systems many of us of an older generation were ever used to in the pre-digital era.Still, this device is going to cost around £270 (unless discounted) because, after you buy the display you’ll instantly realise that the standard cable isn’t long enough for wall mounting or, you’ll opt for the display stand, both of which should be included but are a hidden extra cost.With everything taken into account, you’re likely to feel a lot like an Apple consumer; tied to an ecosystem that kinda works but doesn’t quite. It doesn’t allow you to make it work quite the way you want even though you (but not Amazon) can see how simple it would be to get it just right.

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  6. W. Stallwood

    Great device for the Kitchen, but really wish the sound quality was better.

    We bought this to mount on the wall and replace a paper calendar and a dry wipe notepad. It performs this function well and the only disappointment is there appears to be no way to edit the calendar off the device (for bulk updates like holidays, or reoccurring appointments it’d be great if there was an online calendar) I’d imagine I can fix this with calendar integration from Google etc though, but why I cannot access/view the calendar in the Alexa app is beyond me.I also look forward to Amazon opening up the development of widgets (as with other Alexa skills) as the available selection is very limited, and I think there are a lot of possibilities here if 3rd Party Widgets were permitted.The biggest disappointment though is the sound quality from the speakers. At this price point, Amazon could have done a lot better. The sound quality is about equal to an Echo Dot, bass is absent, and the top end is poor as well, leaving a sound that’s very emphasised in the mid-range and ends up sounding like a cheap portable radio. If you intend to use this as a replacement for a kitchen radio, you may be disappointed.Adding a bluetooth speaker would be an option, but not if, like me, you use your Echo Devices for multi-room playback, as the delay the BT connection adds messes that up.Overall it’s a good device, the screen and general look of the feel of it is very premium. It does what we bought it for very well, but It shouldn’t have been released with such poor sound quality, as that will disappoint many buyers.It’s also slightly overpriced, £179.99 would be a better price for this in my opinion.

  7. Mr F.

    Good Hardware – but Software Features to be very useful are missing

    Bought to replace paper calendars on fridge, but limited features make it limited:-Calendar Widget is a good start – but monthly view does not show which days have events on them to allow a quick idea of which days have events in the current or next months, only the schedule view (which shows all the days – even when most are blank) allows this – but a most are blank not very useful. No way for yearly events, like Birthdays to get the calendar to calculate which anniversary e.g. 21st (like Apple devices with their calendars do).The availability of multiple calendars for different users is a good start – but only seems to switch with the user’s voice, not by visually seeing them, and screen widget does not always update.Although – Alexa allows multiple lists (shopping, holidays, etc) to be generated, only the shopping list can be added as a widget (visible on the screen).Working with our echo devices in the same room is limited (if using the wake word), when doing a Show Calendar/ Front Door Camera – having the ability to automatically move the display activity to the Echo Show 15 would be good.Slide Shows – allows the user to define the album to be shown (good), but when in the Photo’s then all albums in your Amazon Photo’s can be shown (the albums should be configurable – to limit what gets shown).Could be an excellent product – but needs these features (as suggested to them) to meet its full potential.

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  8. Alison

    Every kitchen should have one

    Echo Show 15 is my photo calendar, recipe book, timer and kitchen disco all in one.

  9. Mr R.

    Works very well

    Easy to install does all that I require

  10. Gordonalex

    Best Yet.

    The addition of the Amazon Fire stick is a game changer.

  11. Miss S. Lothian

    Echo 15

    I bought this as an upgrade forMy kitchen from the echo 8. Although I knew what size I was buying it still surprised me how big it actually is. If bought the wall mount separately and am glad I did as it would not look good on the windowsill. I can pull it out when I want to watch the tv and push it back up against the wallOut if the way when not needed. I tried using the virtual remote but didn’t like that. Luckily I have a couple of Amazon fire and so have a spare remote that I was able to sync to the echo 15. Brilliant so much better. I would definitely recommend this, it was great to myself and why not.

  12. David smartDavid smart

    Echo 15”

    Great up grade but speaker not as good as the echo 8 but connected to my Bluetooth speaker for better sound, still a great addition to our Alexa set up.

  13. Kindle Customer

    Good in many ways undermined by rubbish controls and locked down apps

    I have only had this a day but I can already say Amazon have buggered up this device pretty well.I want primarily a digital photo frame and smart home control, with maybe a stylish music player as a bonus.Shopping lists, notes and calendar integration are all welcome nice to havesI have no interest for this app in watching video – makes no sense for how I am using for other it will be a big plus.This device runs amazons modified version of of android but they have managed to make it so much harder to use disabling a lot of touch interface feature so that you are left with a mess that is really tricky to navigate requiring a remote control (real or virtual) in may cases. Alexa as a voice assistant doesn’t work particularly well, and seems obsessed with playing annoying kids music at me. I still have hopes I can make this device do the few simple things I want but Amazon certainly go out of their way to make the experience painful.

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  14. CHS

    Love it

    We wanted something that will show the camera feed from our Ring doorbell when it’s rung. My main concern was that it would be slow to respond, but i decided to give it a try. I have to say it has met my expectations and beyond. The doorbell feed shows up in a few seconds either Picture in Picture or full screen. I think its shown full screen if the device was not displaying anything, though I’m not 100% sure. You can answer the doorbell by pressing the Mic button or re-establish the connection with the Mic on by default. Pressing the mic seems to have a delay at starting the audio, so you have to wait a few seconds before the audio starts coming through. Hopefully Ring/Amazon can sort this annoyance out.My secondary goal was to use it as a family, hub, display photos, play songs, show calendar and a smart home panel allowing manual switching off devices around the house from the screen. All of this is via widgets that you choose, some allowing resizing and some are fixed size.All of this functions quite well, though there are bugs or features that I’m not keen on.Calendar widget only shows calendar for next month only, e.g. in March you can only select up to end of April.Smart home panel does not always show the correct status for the device, you have to tap on it to refresh the status, it’s like there’s a refresh polling interval, as it does eventually go to the correct status. Though Hue lights do not suffer from this. Amazon, please fix this.Less adjustment for clock faces and home display than echo show 5Not the fastest navigation around the screen. Seems ok, but at times it can lag a bit, not as bad as the show 5, but not snappy.You can’t browse music, you have to use your voice to play a specific song or use their pre-defined play list. With Apple Music you can even do that.More widgets please, not a lot of selection.I currently have mine on the kitchen wall, i watch sky news (via YouTube) whilst having my breakfast, though i have to physically click play, you can’t start the live stream by voice. You can watch Netflix, Prime video, and browse the internet including the BBC iPlayer website. Unfortunately there is no native support for sky news and bbc iPlayer.I have photos from my album displaying on the clock widget, weather widget and notes, but wish we have more control on the layout. Widgets can be re-arrange but the clock is in set position. In landscape mode, it’s displayed on the left and fixed in that position.I have profiles setup for the family although and it allows them to setup their screen as they like but in reality it just gets left with what in set.It acts as a security camera when I’m away from home but also has the option to close the shutter on the camera for privacy.The speakers is good enough, but don’t expect to be decent quality as the speakers are facing backwards, it doesn’t quite have the depth as even the show 5. However, i have a kitchen speaker and i just tell it to connect to Bluetooth. You can use Apple Music, Amazon music or Spotify.Mounting it was simple, you get a paper mounting template so you know exactly where to drill holes in the wall. The cable is too short considering it’s meant to be hung on the wall. Unless your socket is nearby then it forces you to buy the extension. My socket is just over 2.2m away, so I had to spend some more to get the extension cable included. Small annoyance but the cable should clearly be longer.Overall, i love it and don’t regret buying this.

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  15. michael mackenzie from Melkshame.

    well worth the money

    its an awesome bit of kit. its the size of a laptop with Fire Hd tv. its so big you need to make sure it will fit in the home. It comes with a bracket so you can fit on the wall but i bought a mount for it so i can move it to where i want it and then put it away after use. well worth the money

  16. graham


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     Finally got my echo up and working,bought it last year but well impressed so far

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  17. Boggles The Three

    Replaced my Echo Show 8 straight away.

    Volume is pretty good, not quite as dynamic as the speakers in the smaller echo show devices, in my opinion but it doesn’t sound much different. Volume is around the same level as the other echo shows I have but not as loud as the original Echo I have.The screen is ok, still has the dull bluish tone that the other echo show devices have but honestly, there’s so much screen real estate that it’s easy to look past the screen itself.The size of the screen means that Amazon have been able to allow widgets for controlling smart devices, showing previously played music, weather, news and a whole bunch of other stuff too. My favourite widget is the smart home control though, being able to turn on and off multiple devices quickly with a few taps is convenient.The display can be placed either vertical of horizontal so you have a choice of both to get the best out of your Echo Show.Being an echo show, YouTube is easy to navigate to by saying “Alexa, go to YouTube” it will then open the YouTube home page on silk browser. From there you can either play your recommended videos and subscribed channels or search for videos.I recommend having the device in a horizontal configuration for this as it fits much better this way. For controlling YouTube, there’s a couple of ways and you do still have to touch the screen but it’s relatively easy to search for content. For instance, once the app is open simply say “Alexa, funny cats compilation” it will then state “here’s what I found” and show you the search results on YouTube, at which point you tap to play the video you want. The easier way of searching for a video if you don’t want to go to the homepage first is to simply say “Alexa, search for *say whatever you are looking for* on YouTube”This also is able to make full use of Tiktok in vertical mode. Simply say “Alexa, go to TikTok” you can login to your own feed from there.The camera on the show 15 is pretty good quality, could be better but taking the overall price into account its actually great. There’s a security cover so you can’t be dropped in on at the “ahem” worst moment ever. You can also disable drop in completely though I enjoy having it enabled in case I want to check on the house while I’m out.I’m not too keep on the mounting mechanism and would suggest getting the stand for it, to keep it simple.The design of the device itself is quite different. It looks like a super high tech picture frame (has a dark rectangle around the outside and then the white frame of the screen, housing the camera inside that and finally the screen)In terms of base functionality, it does everything you can do on any other echo show device, just bigger, I feel like it’s faster? and obviously the recipe ideas for those that enjoy cooking random recipes.If you are looking for an Echo show that does it all then this is my recommendation to you. It’s a much higher cost than that of the base Echo Show 5 but definitely worth it. Personally I have in my house the following:Echo DotEcho(tall one)Echo Show 5 – This is a great entry level screen device.Echo Show 8 – Good for doing everything on, just like the 5 but bigger and somewhat better.Echo Show 15 – Feels completely different to the other Shows due to the amount of features it has over them. It’s an amazing product and I have no regrets about purchasing it.

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  18. Nicola Atkins

    Absolutely AMAZING bit of kit!

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     I love my Echo Shows!My little boy has an Echo Show 5 in his room, we have an Echo Show 10 in the Dining Room, and we have this Echo Show 15 in the Kitchen.Considering this Show 15 is the same price as the Show 10, it’s a no brainer – if you’ve got the space, get the Show 15. I mean, they both serve different purposes (the Show 10 has a built in sub and a much bigger speaker, and fits neatly in to a smaller gap, and is obviously free standing), but if I had to choose between buying the two again – I would hands down pick the 15. The motion sensor on the 10 doesn’t always want to play nicely and we frequently have to realign it as it goes off wherever it feels like (facing the wall for instance) and just stays there, so you can’t see the screen. But we’ve had no problems at all with the 15.This was easy to install on the wall, the template and the bracket supplied make it an easy job even for a DIY novice (such as myself!). Once installed, it’s neat and it’s secure, no movement on the wall. We’ve tacked the cable to run neatly across the top of the tiles to the plug socket so it looks really unobtrusive.Once set up, you’ll be impressed. It just works so well. You can have tiles on your main screen that denote various tasks you can do, you can have picture wallpaper, or if you wanted to, you could run a skill like I am in the video – this one is called Ambient Visions, and it can run constantly for 12 hours in a loop, there are loads of different effects to choose from, such as fireplaces, fish tanks, sea, rain, beaches, sleep stimulants etc. it’s brilliant. You can also have it with or without sound, but I’ve left the sound on here to hopefully show you how good the sound quality actually is.The picture quality is excellent, this is a really clear, bright screen. It’s big, so you can fit so much more information on it than the smaller shows, but I wouldn’t say it’s ridiculously huge or anything. It just looks like a moving picture frame hung on your wall! The brightness is good enough to see it clearly on a bright, sunny day. It doesn’t strain your eyes reading recipes or articles or anything like that.Sound quality is surprisingly excellent for what look like tiny little speaker grilles on the back. The volume goes high on this, you can get it blasting loud if you want to (I don’t!), and music is crisp and clear, with nuances perfectly well heard. It packs a decent amount of punch and bass too, I’ve heard instruments etc through this on songs I know well and love, that I’ve not heard through other speakers. This is one of the things I found surprising about this Show, I fully expected the sound to be tinny and lacklustre, but the sound quality is excellent.Alexa and voice recognition have both come on considerably. This is very good at picking up voices even from a distance. In fact, I can be stood right next to the Show 10 in a room two rooms away from the kitchen, and the 15 in the kitchen will pick up what I’m asking when the 10 next to me sometimes doesn’t. By and large, Alexa now gets it right far more often than she used to. She still has trouble with some song titles and artists, but I do listen to some obscure music to be fair. Generally speaking, the Show 15’s voice recognition and Alexa integration is far better than it used to be, and much better than any of the other Echos I have in the house.As you can probably tell from this review, I love the Show 15. I think it’s a brilliant bit of kit, works fantastically well and I’ve never had a spot of trouble with it. Dead easy to set up, use and rely on as your daily assistant. Mine hasn’t been buggy in the slightest, and touch wood, has never frozen or anything so far.I now wish the Show 15 had been out when I bought the Show 10 (it wasn’t), as without a shadow of a doubt, if you’re going to spend the £240 on a piece of kit, the 15 far outweighs the 10 in every way. The 10 is good, don’t get me wrong, but the 15 is in a class of its own.

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  19. M W.M W.

    Just out of warranty!!

    Looks good wall mounted in the lounge and is much more user friendly than the smaller screened echo’s. Tends to pick up voices better than the echo 8 which has been detrimental in use as it often overrides the echo 8 in the kitchen even when stood/speaking within 3 feet of the 8 (12 feet from the show in the other room). However, 1 week out of warranty the screen has started intermittently flickering. Too expensive to replace every year hence low overall rating.#UPDATE#Contacted by Amazon service. Sent replacement (refurbished) unit, will see how this fares. Rating improved to 4*

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  20. Damian H.

    A few tweaks and it could be perfect

    I bought this as they added fire TV. A total game changer for a product like this, I’ve wanted a large tablet style TV like this for a long time. Mainly to watch media whilst working. The screen is brilliant, the wall mount is good enough (a tilt feature side to side would have been good but I’m sure 3rd party ones will come soon). So far I’m really happy except for a few niggles.Firstly the sound is dire. totally dreadful, not loud enough and very flat, i’m no audophile but when I watch movies I atleast want a bit of a punch, right now I’ve connected it to my £20 Anker soundcore bluetooth speaker which is a HUGE improvement. Even an echo dot has better speakers than this.Secondly, no 3.5mm jack, It does have a USB port so I’m going to research if there’s a USB to 3.5mm that will work out there??? but having to connect my bluetooth speaker every time I turn it on is just annoying. I have a lovely pair of bose desktop speakers with 3.5mm that would go amazing with this.Thirdly, the microphone is struggling to pick up my voice when my heater is on, i have a diesel heater in my garage that has a fan blowing, my regular echo speaker works just fine but this struggles, I have to shout.Fourthly, Limited touch on Fire TV, I really hope they work on this, all the apps are touch on a fire tablet so why not on this? especially Youtube, having to use a remote is tedious and not user friendly IMO and as for the on screen remote, no, just no. The screen is a touch screen so lets use it.Obviously the speakers and lack of 3.5mm jack are not upgrade able with software so I’ll be watching for a version 2 but in the meantime I’m happy enough with it.As for all the other functions I’m not really interested in them, I was hoping to have my CCTV driveway camera permanently streaming in the corner of the screen but I don’t think that’s possible. Or atleast I can’t find a way to do that while I’m using the Fire TV side of things. So I have a show 5 next to this just for that.

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  21. JC


    If you already own an Alexa device and you want to upgrade this is definitely the one to go for. But like almost all products and services that are shown as improvements, frequently there are also backward steps. The echo 15 sums it up perfectly.On the plus side it is very nicely designed, brilliantly engineered and a solid durable product. It looks exactly like a sleek photo frame and will enhance almost any setting. When installed – A straightforward process – it works well.On the downside there are a number of disadvantages. Unless you have drywall construction, feeding the power-supply lead invisibly is almost impossible unless you’re prepared to channel a duct in your plasterwork. The stand – an optional extra – is well made and substantial but the two together take up a significant footprint on any surface: approximately 400x250mm.Unlike previous echo models it does not have an audio output, so if you like to use it through loudspeakers it gets more complicated. To get around this I have kept a small echo show nearby that is plugged into my sound system. It turned out to be really complicated to make it work.The settings menu on the 15 is similar but less effective than on the smaller previous models. In order to get the best value from it – showing photographs – you need to upload all of your photographs to Amazon Photos. This is laborious, and storing all of your photographs with Amazon may be attractive but if you ever lost or closed your account getting them back could be very problematic. Why one is unable to simply upload photos from your mobile device onto the 15 is hard to understand. There may be a way, but I have yet to find it.As for the Alexa app sitting on one’s smart phone, this now has the characteristics of a buffet at a poorly organised wedding reception. Different functions are scattered everywhere. The whole thing is now a mess and needs users, ideally, to redesign it in a logical way. Because it has grown organically many features are simply crammed in on the edges.It is hard to believe that the designers of the 15 are in the same team as the people who design and maintain the app.Amazon must have collected mountain ranges of data and yet Alexa remains completely stupid in so many ways: if you are streaming music and you ask Alexa to go ‘back’ this command is not recognised.It would be an easy task to calculate – by Amazon – all of the unrecognised commands and build simple logic to accommodate the most frequent.Despite Amazon being a progressive company – where one would imagine that they embrace the choice of the customer – there seems to be growing trend that this is an illusion and you have to do it the Amazon way: try organising the widgets on screen in a different way to that which Amazon force you and it’s impossible.A good purchase and it will give you a great deal of pleasure. But with a little more imagination and connection with customers it could be hugely improved.

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  22. Pete

    Pretty good! Looks nice. Software not perfect though yet…

    I really like the Echo Show 15 and as soon as it was available to buy I knew I needed it! Always wanted a device for my wall!It is fairly chunky but any thinner and sound quality would be compromised. In fact it’s not quite as large a screen as I imagined (it’s 15.6 inches diameter) but it’s a convenient size. It sits well on the wall and feels secure on the mounting bracket that comes with it. What’s good though is you can slip it off the bracket easily if you choose to position it in portrait on the bracket or if you’d like to temporarily have it somewhere else to use. Sound quality is good. I’m not an audiophile but I like good quality sound and this delivers a satisfactory range, though maybe bass could be improved upon. The software is fast but occasionally glitchy. I have occasionally turned it off and on again to get it going correctly. This of course can be improved upon with software updates. I feel it hasn’t reached it’s full potential yet, they are numerous excess things this baby could do with software updates. But for now, it does what I need it to do. I have mine in the kitchen. It’s brilliant for alarms and numerous timers which you can name individually. I like to listen to music while I’m washing up and this it does well, although doesn’t always choose my library of Amazon music I’ve purchased and likes me to listen to it’s own playlists and stations, which can be frustrating. I find you have to word it just right to get your own playlists playing. It can also play videos you’ve purchased and videos from Amazon Prime if you’re a subscriber and also the free imdb service which includes adverts of course. It has it’s own Amazon Prime app and the Netflix app and Red Bull app. You can access you tube through it’s web browser pretty easily by asking for it to open you tube or choosing it through the Videos option. Just wish it had the Disney+ app though. Not sure why it doesn’t because the amazon fire tv stick max remote has a dedicated Disney+ button, so I’m sure Amazon could add this app, along with many others like a BBC iplayer app and ITV hub app etc etc So on the whole I’m really pleased I purchased it and love the fact that’s it’s on the wall. This also makes it great to call friends who also use an amazon echo show so I can chat to them and see them while I’m in my kitchen. Just hope they would hurry up and give us in the UK the zoom feature already. It would be so much better if they did! I’ve given it the new male voice (just asked alexa to change her voice) which is very pleasing and renamed it “Computer.” Wish there were more names to choose from though. The widgets are a great addition, although they can be improved upon so much I feel. Early days yet though and I hope we get many more software updates for it soon.

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  23. cjs65


    This is one of 9 Alexa devices i have ranging from the show to the dots i have around the home/garage, they all have there uses and are brilliant.

  24. Craig Stewart

    As many have said, sooo close to perfect

    This is almost the perfect echo device, very close, just let down by its sound quality and a few niggling bugs. I just wish they would have fitted better speakers, they aren’t terrible, just very flat souding, it wouldn’t have hurt the overall design and dimensions too much, I bought this to replace a show 8 in our kitchen, I was always pleasantly surprised by the show 8’s sound quality, so there was a definite and noticeable downgrade to the 15. I was expecting this, especially the bass response, but it just seems like they could have done better.It also has more bugs, on several occasions we have walked into the kitchen to find it playing away to itself, it has crashed quite a few times and sometimes it just plain ignores you.

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  25. Darren Connolly

    Good but NOT the full Fire TV experience sadly

    I like the size of the screen and also the look of it. Setup was a royal pain as it kept saying there was an update but it just kept doing the setup process in a loop. I removed it from my Amazon account and factory reset it which did the trick. The big issue for me is the touch screen. It’s so hit and miss. Sometimes it will work but most of the time it won’t. I’m not sure if I have a faulty unit or if it’s just when the screen being used. I do have other echo shows and have never had a problem with the touch screens. I will update my review once I find out if its faulty or not. The widget selection is very limited. I wish the smart home widget was better than it is. I’m looking forward to the new fire tv functionality once it becomes available.Update – I have received a replacement unit today. So far, this one seems to be working as it should which would suggest the first unit had a faulty screen. Time will tell I guess but for now I’m impressed and have gone to 4 stars due to the lack of widgets.UPDATE: 6th Dec 2022Well the wait is over, Fire TV is now on the show 15! I for 1 am not impressed because it is a cut down version it would seem. BBC IPlayer, BBC News, My5 and the like are not available. To get the best out of Fire TV on the show 15 you ideally need to buy a gen 3 remote or make do with the on screen virtual remote! I had high hopes for the Fire TV on the Show 15 and was the main reason for buying it. Maybe it will get better with time, I hope so but as it stands I feel really let down. Good job I have my Fire TV Cube.

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  26. vicky

    Amazingly useful

    Originally bought as a central hub for my smart home now I m using it as a 2nd monitor on my desk as it can play Netflix youtube prime video basically anything your firestick can do. Software has quite a few bugs and I have had to reset it a few times such as after installing the new update to control the firestick alexa stopped loading my apps so I had to reset luckily software issues can be fixed by reseting or sometime even restarting . The adaptive brightness does not work which probably isn’t a problem anywhere else in the house but the bedroom as the it’s very bright so I have to manually turn the brightness down.

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  27. Patrick

    Wasn’t quite what I wanted

    I wanted this for the kitchen so could put on some steaming services. It can’t support itvx or BBC i player so wasn’t much better than the show 8 it was going to replace, so sent it back.It is very slim though and at 15″ it’s better than a big tablet and a lot cheaper. I ended up going for the Samsung frame tv, which is also very slim and supports all the apps I wanted. A lot more money though.

  28. sj

    Great screen size love the widgets

    Always loved the Alexa shows so brought the latest one the sound isn’t as great and bass as the 8 but is of good Quality depending on what you fancy. There are some hiccups but I’m sure when updates are up together it will improve. After first setting up I had to do two updates just had to do another one also. When going on to watch Netflix from the swipe down it will go black and go back to the main screen sometimes when watching said film it will boot off and go back to Home Screen I haven’t noticed it doing it after the latest update (last night) but can still be used even with talking to Alexa the camera is of good Quality if not the same as the 8. When the children listen to music for the words sometimes it doesn’t show the correct words for said song hoping the updates fix this I love the new widgets they do and the sticky notes on the Home Screen l. Overall it is a great show and I’m sure other families will love it just as much.

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  29. Lee

    Absolutely Brilliant

    I’m over the moon with the Echo Show 15. Yeah, you might say it’s expensive, but when you consider the extra functionality it’s well worth paying the money in my opinion. The wife says I’m not allowed a TV on the kitchen wall so I make do with watching the news on an iPad in the morning before work. The Echo 15 has Fire TV built in so I can use the Sky News app (Strangely BBC iplayer or ITV X isn’t available on the Echo 15 Fire TV but is on normal Fire TV?). You can link an Amazon remote to it for TV and it also works in Amazon Music. The screen is full HD and is crystal clear. Some people have complained about the sound, we rarely have ours above 60%. It’s more than adequate for most people and if it isn’t you can Bluetooth to a speaker if required. I also love the widgets, I think there’s about 24 to choose from at the moment. We use about 4 of them. Like I said earlier I’m over the moon, I love it. It’s definitely worth the extra cost in my opinion.

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  30. Martin Maisey

    Infuriatingly close to being the perfect smart photo frame

    I bought this to do one job almost exclusively – be a photo frame. We already have an Echo Dot in the living room which does Alexa thing just fine, and with notably better sound quality. There are surprisingly few decent sized digital photo frames, and even fewer that are easier to populate directly from Lightroom. So I was really pleased to see this and overall, I am enjoying it … sort of. There are some thoughtless design choices that take a lot of the shine off.Firstly, the cable from the power supply is only 5 foot long – for a device that is meant to be wall mounted! Most people are going to want to mount it somewhere other than *directly above* a plug, and possibly a little higher than 5 foot. Utterly bonkers, for the sake of shaving pennies off. There are extension cables available, but these result in a mid-wire bulge that probably would require large boxing to hide.The screen quality is OK, but colours are muted and blacks could go deeper. I’ve seen much better, notably on our Portal+. I do appreciate this is being built to a cost though, and good screens aren’t cheap. I’d personally buy a more expensive “Pro” version with a better screen if it were on offer.Whoever decided that the slowest photo rotation speed allowed should be 24 seconds? Ideally I’d want an option for two minutes or even longer, rather than having a distracting, constantly changing screen always present. How hard would it be to provide a few more options?You can put it into a photo frame mode which shows a specific album with minimum distractions apart from a small date, album location and occasionally help prompts (though could it be possible to turn even these off?). But for some reason after a few hours it decides that it wants to revert to the home screen. This also shows photos, but slaps a whole load of widgets over the top and rotates through every album on Amazon Photos, not just the one you’ve selected. You then have to tell it specifically to start photo frame. And then again, 3 hours later. Once in photo frame mode, please stay in photo frame mode.It’s close to perfect in many ways – which just makes the flaws more frustrating. The last two could be fixed by trivial software updates. I hope they are – it would make a significant difference to the way I feel about this product.

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  31. Peter B

    Very pleased with this Echo Show

    It’s a great idea and looks really good in use. We are using the stand because there was nowhere obvious in our kitchen to hang it. The criticisms are the same as widely reported – the sound could be better and it’s a shame that more can’t be done with it. No regrets though about buying it though – we replaced a smaller Echo Show with it.

  32. R. Mills

    Almost perfect

    I like just about everything about the Echo 15. It sits horizontally on my sideboard, and I think the size is just about right. I prefer it to the Echo 10 which I also own – it certainly looks better. It took a bit longer to set up than other Echo devices I have owned, but even so it only took about 10 minutes. At first I was a rather unhappy to find the video page was completely blank, just a dull grey, so I looked for a solution on the internet. When I saw it It was obvious. I just restarted the system and everything was ok. The biggest disappointment for me are the widgets. Being able to have these pemanantly on the screen with my favourite photos would have been great, but there just aren’t enough of them. I couldn’t even find four that I would find useful. At least one, the smart home widget ,is faulty because every time I go back to it everything has vanished and I have to reload it. Even so I love the Echo 15 with it’s lovely screen, and it sounds great too. I spent a long time deciding whether to buy it or not but in the end I certainly made the right decision.

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  33. Chris H.

    Great, but the latest update has somehow made it worse…

    I don’t usually write reviews, but the Echo Show was great when I first bought it. I have it mounted on my kitchen wall – perfect for listening to music or having shows on in the background while cooking or cleaning.However, it has recently updated and my gosh how things have gone down hill… for a start, apps that were already installed by default have been uninstalled. I have had to reinstall apps like Netflix and YouTube.Secondly, those exact same apps worked perfectly well with the Show’s touchscreen feature, however this seems to have been removed with the update???Just seems like a cash grab to me to make me spend £30 on a remote I neither want nor did I really need…

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  34. myant

    Really good to have in the kitchen

    I wasnt sure about getting the show 15 or the show 10 to replace my old echo show 5.I love this Echo Show, its brilliant, but i think there are some improvements that can be made.Initially when i set it up i did have a few problems with group audio and i had to re-create the audio groups but since then it has been fine.The screen is very good, clear and shows some really useful stuff. The Photos look amazing and it automatically dims when it thinks no-one is there, saving power.We had a old echo show 5 before and the display information is 100 times better, but the sound isnt quite as good. Its a little tinny at times and suppose i need to add either a sub or studio to finish it off.I would really like this to be much bigger, say 24 or 28 inches, or make one that i can attach it to a TV of any size as an add on (i know i wont get the touch screen, but in reality i dont ever use the touch screen).I have a Samsung frame TV which sits totally flush to the wall and it would be nice to to see that kind of finish on the next the wall hung echo show. As is, it stands a little too proud of the wall than i would like, but if im honest its not really too much of an issue and i dont notice it often.In summary, it looks great but could look amazing. It sounds ok, but you can add on a sub. Its much better than the older echo show for the screen content. Best thing is that it takes up no bench space and looks very neat and tidy in a modern kitchen.

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  35. Kimberly Ann Baker

    not able to download the amazon music app

    alexa can be very unresponsive, does not always give what i ask for. need to be able to download amazon music

  36. Correl

    Don’t buy it until Amazon fix the massive holes in its Operating system.

    It has the potential to be a seriously good piece of kit. The widgets however are limited and that’s an understatement, for example I have bought several albums on my account however the only way I can play them is if I ask for them specifically I can’t browse my library on screen, when I have an album playing you can’t choose a track you get the first track and have to go next track, next track. You can’t see the rest of the album and skip tracks. Actually the Netflix app works better than the amazon music side of it does! I have also found it gets stuck on things alot in widgets but the home pull down always works to get you moving again. Sound quality and camera quality are awful, I have the echo dot with improved sound which sounds amazing, this echo show 15 is much bigger than it needs to be so why is the sound so tinny and on higher volumes the case rattles. The screen quality is very nice though I will be adding some personal photos for it to scroll through. The YouTube app is a website based app not an actual app. The last thing I have to say is the wall bracket, the show doesn’t lock it self in the bracket is 4 holes in the wall and the screen then just slides down know to it. This means if you were for example vacuuming and caught the bottom of the show 15 you could push it up and if you do it’s coming off the wall and you would have no chance of stopping it from going on the floor. I expect better, I have noticed during installation but there is 4 versa mounting holes, I might suggest a more substantial bracket but that would only make the show stick out further than it already does.

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  37. Bee Rosen


    I’m partially sighted and this helps me to organise my life and my household !!Hold things up to the screen and it tells you what you’re holding !!+ Fantastic widgets allow me to see my notes and calendar in a large screen.+ Controlled by voice so if I can’t see at all it doesn’t matter!+ My friends can drop notes on here and Alexa will read them to me.+ Controls my lights, VacuumRobot AND connects straight to RNIB Connect Radio.If you’re blind too, I couldn’t recommend this enough – it bridges the gap that’s been missing for a while !!

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  38. Sardi

    Ruined with new FireTV ‘Upgrade’

    This device was just acceptable until the most recent upgrade which replaced the ‘Video’ section with an app payed over from the FireTV stick, called (imaginatively) FireTV. This has subsumed all touch functionality for the Echo Show. Laughably, they expect you to either pair a remote (remember this is a touch and voice controlled device) or use an on-screen version of the remote. You can no longer even type your password for apps like Netflix, you have to scroll a cursor around the screen. 5 stars Amazon for once again managing to surprise me with the level of incompetence displayed by your Developers.Update – It’s getting worse, when you ask for YouTube, they now want you to install a FireTV app which, you guessed it, has no touch functionality so you have the pleasure of clicking around the screen again where before, it loaded a web page and you just pressed on the video you want to watch.This is a huge backward step with, or without a silly (eminently losable) remote.

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  39. Richard Kirk

    It was good.

    The show 15 was amazing when we first got it. We have it mounted in the kitchen and my child will use the alexa to load youtube/netflix. Then we heard the fire TV update was coming and we couldn’t wait! Then it came and now we hate it, you need to buy the fire TV remote to use any of the apps even the ones that had touch screen functionality before like netflix and YouTube. We tried to factory reset the device buuuuut its now part of the system so it just reinstall it when setting it back up. So they removed the touch screen from a touch screen device with no was to revert it back. Either let me remove the fire TV update or make it touch screen again!

  40. doc_wellsy

    So much promise…

    I really want to like this, and if I’m honest I still do like it, but it just falls down in so many small ways.Firstly, I bought it mainly to display photos and art when I’m not actively using it. Should be easy you’d think, after all, that’s one of it’s main marketing points; but oh no. You can view a photo slide show if you tell it to, but as soon as anyone does anything, such as press the doorbell, make an announcement or anything else, it goes back to the home screen which is cluttered up with widgets, and your nice photo screen saver is gone unless you actively tell it to start again.It has a few other irritating aspects here too. You can change between 3 preset speeds for your photos. The slowest speed is 24s, so it really isn’t any use whatsoever for displaying art or pictures you actually want on the wall for long enough to appreciate. You can’t change the transition between photos either – it’s a fast dissolve effect and that’s it. If you have a portrait photo and it’s mounted in landscape or vice versa, you get a gaussian blur effect around the edge – no option to fully crop or have black edges etc. Again, considering the photo frame feature is one of the selling points, it’s a let down.On to the home screen – the hub of your smart home. Again full of promise, but not quite there on the delivery. You can have widgets, which is a great idea. You can have up to 8, although only 6 will stay on the home screen unless you actively pull the extra 2 out from the side. Where it gets really annoying, is if you only want 1 or 2, as it still blanks off over half the screen rather than just put those 2 at the side. It makes no sense. The widgets themselves could be great, especially if there were 3rd party widgets available, but sadly, they’re fairly limited. The calendar and shopping list are quite useful, and it is compatible with Google, Microsoft and Apple calendars, which is good. Smart home buttons are really annoying, as you can only switch on and off individual lights etc, not rooms, scenes or routines – another easy opportunity missed.The video playing is great, if you want to watch Netflix or Prime. Unfortunately, you can only access iPlayer etc through the Silk web browser, which is a bit annoying. Again, 3rd party apps would be a huge benefit here.The power lead is strangely only 1m long, meaning it’s really hard to wall mount it in a sensible location – do some measuring first, but a lot of people will want to get an optional longer lead.The camera is only 5MP (less than that on the smaller echo show devices), so the picture is a bit average, but then most people won’t be using this as their primary video calling device – if you were planning to, this might be worth taking into account.So why do I still like it? Well, almost all of these issues could, and hopefully in time will be resolved through software updates. The actual device itself looks pretty cool. It’s a little thicker than ideal, and the rear edge curves away, so it looks like it’s floating off the wall, but it uses this to fire the audio off the wall (which sounds pretty good for something so slim). Not much bass, so not the best for music, but it does a reasonable job and is fine for watching TV etc. And despite it failing to deliver in almost every aspect of it’s functionality, it’s still really the only smart home connected photo frame available. The tech is fairly good value for money, the software is a pile of pants, but hopefully that will change and I’ll update this review…

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  41. Jonathan

    The Echo Show 15 was a great addition to my smart home but has recently been wrecked by Amazon

    Well to start I am really impressed with my new Echo Show 15.The display is great and when using a photo viewer it is fantastic. You could set this up to look like a picture frame with ease.Alexa on this device is very responsive, I haven’t had any response issues at all.The widgets are ok, but don’t feel well polished. Hopefully that will come in future updates.The main gripe (not a big issue) is that you have to have 4 active widgets or none. You cannot have 2 widgets on their own unless you want big place holders displayed for another 2 widgets. This is a minor software fix Amazon, please get on it.On the subject of widgets, they are not optimised in any way for the 15 screen. They are displayed in exactly the same was as on the smaller screens but look ridiculous.I have now found out from some youtube reviews that you can mount this on a TV bracket, which I think is a big plus.The sound is ok but when you are used to the Echo Show 10 2nd gen, does not sound anywhere near as rich and deep. I am guessing that you can link this up with either an external set of speakers of a more powerful echo.So these are some of my opinions so far after owning this for just over a week.So would I recommend or buy again. Well so far that is a big fat yes. Although there are some minor gripes I do think this is a great product and if Amazon can iron out some of those wrinkles this will be superb.My final point relates to all of the Echo range and that is there is a big lack of customisation for customers. We are all used to tablets that we can set up to suit our selves on the whole. It is such a shame that this level of customisation is still not available on the echo’s. Amazon you really, really need to resolve this.December 2022 updateWell with the total mess that is Amazon music last month and the addition of the fire TV mess this month Amazon have succeded in destroying what in my mind was one of their best smart home prodects.Amazon music – I am not paying the extortionate prices Amazon are asking to simply listen to the songs I want on any of my Amazon devices. They have now encouraged me to go back to buying CD’s. Now I can go back to the old days where I can listen to the track I want, without any ads and exactly the version of the song I want and as many times as I like, then I can skip songs I am not in the mood for as many times as I like.Jeff I think you have enough yachts, if you want people to pay a subscription for music, give them what they want at a fair price.Fire TV on the Echo Show 15, I thought wow this should be great and installed it. Oh my life was I ever wrong. Now on your lovely 15inch touch screen device, you cannot use the £$$%^&^ touchscreen to control your veiwing as you used to be able to do. Now you have to use the onscreen or physical remote to control your voice or touchscreen device.Jeff I simply say this, remove your head from your rear end and get both of these issues resolved. Otherwise I fear you will have to make do with your current yaught as you wont be able to afford any more.

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  42. Aidan

    Do i need this, no. Do i love it , yes.

    Bought this to get rid of our post its and ‘blackboard’ magnet that i normally write notes on our fridge door.Hung it using magnets and Velcro pads as back up, solid as a rock. Cable slightly visible up over top of fridge but annoyingly so.The fact that you can speak to Alexa and she put the messages in text, i have noticed myself adding more ‘jobs’ to do on it….and so has my wife, so beware!!!

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  43. Matthew r.

    So much to give, a little deflated

    First of all, the concept and actual delivery of the product seems to be very good by Amazon. However despite being a big supporter of the Amazon products, I wanted to share a few small issues that could make this product outstanding and a must have.First of all is the installation, the frustration I faced was a nice black frame to suit my decor and then a white cable and white plug! Ok, having a black plug and cable may not have been to everybody’s taste or decor, but I think Amazon should consider the option to supply with either colour plug or make it an option to buy the second colour.It is a shame that when you wall hang the device that you have to run the cable from behind and down the wall. This was understood when purchasing, but this does some how ruin the aesthetics of the product and maybe a rechargeable battery may have been an option, as you only have to lift the device off the bracket making this easy.Another idea which may be on release 2 of this product, would be to have the option to change the bezel / colour of the frame. Black works for me and will for many users, other options such as white, and a wood colour may also help to grow the market for the product and allow for better integration into users homes.The sound also seems a little strange when using the radio where it occasionally changes to a harsh, brash tinny sound and then settles down again. This does not happen on my Echo show 8. The sound itself is adequate but lacks the depth of even the new dot and sounds more like the dot version 1.The integration of the dot version 3 sound would have been better, considering how devices like Apple Ipads can carry sound with some level of depth to the bass and mid range. I was not expecting a Sonos or Bose soundstage, however Amazon do normally tick this box and previously listened to customers complaints.Finally the voice interaction does not work as well as it does on my other Echo devices. When you ask Alexa to play on groups and and simply to pause, it has a moment, thinks and then carries on regardless. You have to then touch the screen to pause. A little annoying when you are trying to take a phone call.Overall a great product that could be made fantastic.

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  44. tashy

    Show 15

    Very good size nice to have fire tv on it. Good screen quality let down by poor sound

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  45. Mark G.

    A fantastic large screen smart home display – with added benefit of being a Fire TV

    This is a fantastic addition to a smart home or home office.The large screen gives perfect interaction at a glance, with the device acting as a true family hub with notes and calendar options.Great for viewing those family photos to keep memories fresh and clear.The screen is a large jump from the 10″ offering and now has the added benefit of being a full Fire TV with app support the same as on a standard Fire Stick. I use it for watching Plex video’s but other social streaming apps are also supported.Gives the option for a small TV for use in a home office or whilst cooking dinner in the kitchen.Grab one when on sale and it is well worth it.I grabbed the power extension cord, as the standard lead isn’t always perfectly long enough. There is also a number of stand options available which mean the device can sit on a surface for perfect viewing.

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  46. Sarah

    Great design, excellent features.

    Great design and makes much more sense if you have a lot of smart home devices. The widgets are excellent and we’ve found ourselves using them much more on the show 15 than on our other devices as the screen setup is much better with it being larger and the widgets visible. The quality of display is exceptional whether you are just using for photos or for watching online videos on Prime video, Netflix, YouTube etc. Love that you can quickly swipe and set it to just the photo frame, handy if you have visitors who you don’t want reading your sticky notes or shopping lists you have visible. We have the echo show 10 which was in the kitchen before we got the echo show 15 and personally think this is much better for our kitchen environment. It picks up our voices much better, sometimes our kitchen is quite noisy as we have the combi boiler that kicks in when we use hot water and a bean to cup machine that is used continually. The show 15 hears us most of the time which is a big improvement and impressive considering the noisy environment at times. The sound quality is not a patch on the echo show 10 but this is not a problem for us as we have devices all around our house and music is normally played on the speaker groups, for personal listening in the kitchen it is adequate and the other advantages of the device outweigh this for us personally, plus you could always connect it to another device for sound quality if required. Really impressed with the show 15 to the extent that we will probably be buying another for our main living area that at present has an echo show 8 on a wall mount. If you have a smart home set-up I would consider this an excellent addition and is the way forward, can only see it improving even more over time.

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  47. Jamie Stevens

    Deserves 5 stars but some patches are required

    I love this, it’s big but not too big, it’s sounds great and video quality is brilliant, i use it every day for numerous things.I have on my main dashboard my shopping list, to do list, weather, photo gallery, football results, latest news and calender (which also pairs up with my Google calender from my phone)Im often in my kitchen so easily watch netflix and prime daily too.BUTLike any new device, there are bugs which needs patching and once I figure out how I will feedback directly to amazon /alexa.Bugs I have experienced so far are:On the odd occasion my show 15 has turned off, this has happened when watching netflix and also opening my calender (only happened a handful of times but I need to switch off by the mains to resolve)On 1 occasion my screen glitched.When listening to music, sometimes the music bar that shows how many minutes are left flickers and you can see it flickering between the correct time left and 34 hours left (it doesn’t stop the music or anything but is more of an eye sore)And finally sometimes it swipes left to show some of the options even when you haven’t swiped left or touched the screen.None of these are major issues and can be fixed with the right software update, once fixed id give this a 5 star for sure!

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  48. Paul Bennett

    A really useful addition to our Amazon home tech

    The Calendar is excellent especially linking it to our family camera.The photo frame function is also very good, this includes the ability to mix it in with all of the other display.The widgets are limited and the functionality needs some refinement. The interaction with home tech is good but again the visual experience does not match other home tech apps.We are really looking forward to the fire tv upgrade and would be interested to see if it can connect to an Echo Studio as the sound from the built in speakers are not great.Overall there is plenty of room for improvement which should come from software upgrades but even with the current limitations it’s still a great product.

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  49. Saz

    Poor update choice

    I have had the show 15 for a while and it has always been a bit glitchy. The update was exciting as it meant being able to watch Disney+ in the kitchen, but unfortunately sitting down for dinner and saying “Alexa, play xxx on DisneyPlus” turns into me getting up and down every time I want to increase volume, pause, play, rewind etc. And even doing that I need to use a silly onscreen remote which is tricky to get the hang of when you’re used to just using a screen to navigate. But I guess this is Amazons way of getting a further £30 out of us. Really not impressed and I hope they revert back to not needing a remote control. it really defeats the point of the screen and voice control.UPDATE::Since writing this review Amazon have contacted me and resolved the concerns. I am very pleased with their speed and efficiency.

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  50. Network dude

    Really pleased

    We use the device in the following manner:1) apple calendar2) Apple Music and podcasts3) Fire TV and YouTube for viewing , also use nowtv, Disney, paramount plus4) silk browser for surfing the web with Bluetooth keyboard, also use for iPlayer and itv , apps should be available soon, same for Apple TV+5) home automation – control all the lights – Sonos and etc6) have ring and blink cameras connected, when door bell is pressed cameras automatically display7) Control TV and fire tv cube with the command , computer- turn on the tv8) use bbc good food and recipe keeper for cooking and order ingredients via the show9) useful also that it notifies you of incoming deliveries on Amazon, scores of your favourite team etc10) using a spare fits tv remote to control tv viewing.11) make and receive calls via my mobile, I am on Vodafone and this works a treatBought a cool stand that really gets the job done.EchoShow 15 Stand Swivel and tilt, Only Made for Echo Show 15 Three Rotating shafts The Base is Made of Aluminum Which Makes The Product More Beautiful and Longer Service Life Black 025-01 UK could go on for ages , very happy with how this devices get the job done, even without Bluetooth speaker I am happy with the soundIf you want to be able to use the device as I do, this is a no brainer , trust me 🙂

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  51. Bea carterBea carter

    Absolutely lovely but slightly overpriced

    I wish you didn’t need to use a remote or virtual remote constantly however absolutely lovely product added the TV to my kitchen like it

  52. Dan

    I didn’t realise how much I needed this

    It took me awhile to come round to thinking the price was worth it. It’s expensive, more restrictive than the fire tablet and has no portability.However, after a couple months, we use it every day for TV, voice, reminders, to do lists, picture frame and morePros:- very good organisation, helps keep the house running smoothly- great integration with our other smart tech like cameras and lights- big screen, good as a mini TV when cooking- unique design that stands out and looks premiumCons:- price, get it on a discount. An iPad isn’t much more expensive and can wall mount that all the same- audio quality is unbearably terrible. Really terrible. Tinny, vibrations at high volume and not what you expect of the flag ship echo show. I’ve decided not to use it for music as a result.- OS can be glitchy, severely limited app availability and some only allow you to do certain tasks using voice (no touch) e.g adding new reminders and to do listsAll in all it’s a good hub for organising a busy household, although if you’re looking to buy full price, I’d go for a wall mounted iPad instead or wait to see what the next version brings

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  53. dave0809

    Great Device but…

    Great device but for the calendar and user settings, which are very confusing. I’ve had to re-set numerous times and I still haven’t mastered this aspect. Its doubling up as a camera on the Ring doorbell system is a massive positive though

  54. Puneet Arora

    Not smooth as expected

    I have recently bought many Alexa devices like ring doorbell 4, echo show 8, echo flex, echo show 15, ring camera. I was expecting all them will work smoothly with each other coz all are amazon devices. Most of the time it works fine but not all.Issues i have encountered so far:- When i asked echo show 15 to show my front door ( ring door bell), it tries to connect and after few seconds it says, front door is not responding but when you connect your door bell from ring app, it works fine.- Sometimes Alexa listens to commands but doesn’t do anything about it and ends with weird sound.- Sometimes it get hanged and you need to take out plug and reinsert it to get started ( There in no power on/off button)- From Alexa App, when you try to set photo album for echo show, it will say device is offline (lol) but it works fine from echo show- I have connected my echo show with external speaker, when i play songs it plays in speaker and when i make a call from echo show to another echo show then it is get disconnected from speaker and uses it own speaker.- Echo show, doesn’t display customised list on screen, it only show build in Grocery list.I was expecting more from premium devices from Amazon but at the same time i am expecting all these will get resolved going forward with new software updates.

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  55. Mike

    Fire tv update let’s it down

    This was a really useful product that has been in my kitchen for the last 6 months. They added Amazon fire TV to it 2 days ago as part of a software update. I was really excited about this update however it has removed all touch screen capability when in Netflix, Disney + etc, moved everything onto an on screen remote which is not intuitive or useful when compared to a full touchscreen. Really really disappointed in this update. I also had as you would expect to sign into my online apps such as Netflix which meant using said frustrating on screen remote. It’s as if Amazon are trying to force me to by a fire remote.. great additional capability that was not fully thought out in execution

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  56. Amazon Customer

    Fire tv not as good as fire stick can’t get a lot of apps like itv etc

    Poor choice of tv apps and system is locked down to stop you adding appsScreen touch does not always work and needs to be reset often

  57. Qualar

    Not very customisable

    I bought this so I could have all my home automation devices on screen, but although it says it’s customisable, that customisation is very limited, would’ve been better buying a secondhand iPad

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  58. MattMatt

    Excellent, we love it.

    We have a few Amazon Echo devices, a Show 8″ in the gym, a Show 5″ in the bedroom, a Echo Dot (4th gen) in my wifes dressing room, a Echo Dot (2nd gen) in my computer room and a Echo Show 10″ (2nd gen) in the kitchen which we wanted to replace with this Show 15.This 15″ came well packaged with everything we needed to wall mount it (except the drill and bit of course).Thank fully we had a plug socket close to where it was to be mounted, so the supplied lead was long enough, but you may need the extension.The apps work well enough for us, although they are a little clunky sometimes.I like the fact that we can turn on (kitchen/garden) lights etc from the main screen, but any more lights and we would need to go into the Smart Home page which isnt as clean and easy to use and requires lots of scrolling (not sure why they cant put them as tiles, so there are more on one screen).The sound (mainly bass), as to be expected, isnt as good as the 10″, but that was obviously going to be the case as its a lot slimmer. It doesnt bother me as we have put the 10″ in the dining room (kitchen and dining room are open plan) and we get the bass from that as i have set it up so if we play form one, sound will come from them both.We have ours to scroll family photos, news and to show apps.I also use it to watch Prime whilst i stand ironing (making it a little more bearable).

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  59. Chloe jade ricks

    Everything is amazing however

    I was really loving having this, even considered putting one in my daughters room, however since the update it’s really annoying that if I go onto YouTube I can’t do touch screen I need a remote, which is £30 on top very weird, but didn’t have the option to buy it with remote when I bought this product, since the update I’ve been very disappointed in this product which is a shame as I wanted to get another.

  60. MPW

    Potential Problem Being Replaced

    Had all versions of Echos up to this latest incarnation no problems.This version 15 is being replaced as screen it appears randomly going totally blank, not rebooting though then coming back on, normal overnight situation when no motion detected screen can go black but leaves clock on bottom left corner, when motion detected screen comes back, but this is different no clock visible just blank screen, but comes back with motion detected (where did the clock go??)Tried unplugging etc.Had chat line with Amazon who replaced straight away, will set up new Echo 15 and see what happens?UPDATE5-2-2022Discussed with an IT Professional who came and had a look at the device, went through all of the settings and there is a time out setting which I couldn’t find in the Alexa App.Old one seems to be working OK.Why when you talk to someone online either via chat or direct why can’t they put you through to a technical capable person to either call you back or discuss at the time your problem, instead of just swapping out the item.Sent the new item back unopened unused, then my device disappeared from my account (was this done by Amazon when the old one that had been returned when it was recorded by Amazons barcode system)??Why was the device removed from my account???Now have to set the old one up all over again

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