Fire TV Stick 4K Max

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Fire TV Stick 4K Max | streaming device, Wi-Fi 6, Alexa Voice Remote (includes TV controls)



  • Our most potent streaming stick: 40% more powerful than Fire TV Stick 4K, with the faster app, starts, and more fluid navigation.
  • Support for next-generation Wi-Fi 6: enjoy smoother 4K streaming across multiple Wi-Fi 6 devices.
  • Cinematic experience: watch in vibrant 4K Ultra HD with support for Dolby Vision, HDR, HDR10+, and immersive Dolby Atmos audio.
  • Endless entertainment: stream hundreds of thousands of films and TV episodes from BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Prime Video, Now, Disney+, and more, plus listen to millions of songs. Subscription fees may apply.
  • Live and free TV: watch live TV, news, and sport with subscriptions to BT Sport, Sky News, Eurosport, and more. Stream free with ITVX, Channel 4, PlutoTV, YouTube, Freeview, and more.
  • Alexa Voice Remote: search and launch content with your voice. Get to favorite apps quickly with preset buttons—control power and volume with one remote.
  • Do more with your compatible smart home: view the front door camera without stopping your program using Live View Picture-in-Picture. Ask Alexa to check the weather or dim the lights.



Our most potent streaming stick: 40% more powerful than Fire TV Stick 4K, with the faster app, starts, and more fluid navigation. Support for next-generation Wi-Fi 6: enjoy smoother 4K streaming across multiple Wi-Fi 6 devices. Cinematic experience: watch in vibrant 4K Ultra HD with support for Dolby Vision, HDR, HDR10+, and immersive Dolby Atmos audio. Endless entertainment: stream hundreds of thousands of films and TV episodes from BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Prime Video, Now, Disney+, and more, plus listen to millions of songs. Subscription fees may apply. Live and free TV: watch live TV, news, and sport with subscriptions to BT Sport, Sky News, Eurosport, and more. Stream for free with ITVX, Channel 4, PlutoTV, YouTube, Freeview, and more. Alexa Voice Remote: search and launch content with your voice. Get to favorite apps quickly with preset buttons—control power and volume with one remote. Do more with your compatible smart home: view the front door camera without stopping your program using Live View Picture-in-Picture. Ask Alexa to check the weather or dim the lights.



60 reviews for Fire TV Stick 4K Max

  1. vivian auden

    Best of the Amazon Firesticks.

    All apps work fine then except ITVX which doesn’t seem to work properly on any platform

  2. ZMust

    Great product

    It was daunting at first as I thought it would take ages to install and setup but, managed to do it with ease and in under half and hour. Instructions are easy to follow.

  3. Wakeman

    Good improvement over FireStick Lite.

    This was purchased to replace a FireStick Lite, which was beginning to freeze whilst streaming videos (mostly Plex) at higher than 576p video and stereo audio, It does that well; problem solved. The upscaling of 576p to 1080p is stable and watchable with very few artefacts, but 4K is a stretch too far, even from 1080p.Internet streaming is more than good enough, given that our average broadband speed is only 23Mb/s; 4K on one device at best.I have turned off Alexa, so can’t comment about that.It was bought when on offer and represents good value for the price I paid.

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  4. Tankie

    Product reliability

    Handy bit of kit use it every day

  5. Duke

    A powerful little device with some minor bluetooth issues.

    This about as ideal as you can possibly get if you want to be able to stream media onto an old TV. Im personally using this on a 43″ gaming monitor that has no smart functionality. The firestick had no issues connecting to my screen and all its features including HDR worked perfectly.Setting up the device is a doddle but you will likely have to update your device after connecting it so make sure you have set it up in a location with a solid internet connection.The remote control is ideal and intuitive with a dedicated button for Netflix, Disney+, Amazon prime and Amazon Music. My only complaint is that these buttons cant be changed open a different app, so I cant rebind the Amazon Music which I never use, to open something different.The firestick also allows you to install a large number of third part apps though its app store. This includes Plex, so you can stream your own content to your TV through the firestick without issue.The only problem I’ve encountered with the firestick is that the Bluetooth seems to have very mediocre signal range or some other problem. I have two Bluetooth headphones and both of them had the same trouble. Every so often the sound become stuttery for a moment and after it stopped I would notice the sound was now slightly out of sync with what was being played. Resarting my headphones is the only way to correct this.Concerning the Mission USB Power Cable bought separately.If you have a TV with 1amp USB connectors then you don’t need to buy this accessory.Or alternately if you already have a USB hub that is wall powered like I do, then you can just plug it into that and it will work flawlessly.TLDR:+ Easy setup+ Ideal for streaming just about anything+ third party apps+ great price especially on prime day and black Friday sales+ intuitive controller and interface that can be configured to control TV’s of most major brands- Some minor Bluetooth connectivity and sync issues

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  6. Paul

    For my tv

    At first, it froze on me, but I have had no issues since. It does everything I need it for 🙂

  7. AlexF

    Best streaming stick in 2023

    So far so good with this, my first Fire TV device!I bought this to replace a Chromecast Ultra, which in turn replaced my power-hungry Xbox as my media streaming device. I really missed having a physical controller, and wanted a dedicated streaming device that would see me on for a good while. Grabbing the Fire Stick 4K Max seemed like a no-brainer.Compared to the other streaming sticks on the market, the 4K Max seems to be the most up-to-date and future proof. WiFi 6 support is a nice addition if, like me, you have a newer router.This is also one of the only streaming sticks that supports the BBC UHD trial on iPlayer, just make sure you turn on the Beta in the iPlayer settings. There’s not a huge amount of content on there currently, but it was great for the World Cup.My only complaint is the interface heavily favours Prime Video and the ads take up a lot of the home screen. However, as soon as you open an app and dive into your content, this complaint fades into insignificance.I will say, if you’re about to buy a Fire Stick, see if you can get a refurbished model from Amazon. The only discernable difference between a new model and my refurb was the packaging it came in (a generic brown Amazon box) – everything else looks brand new and it has the same 1 year warranty. Get a discount and play your part to reduce E-waste!

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  8. BB

    Great for holidays

    This is my 5th Firestick and we have one ineach of our TVs.This one was bought for taking on away as i was getting fed up with hotels having a very limited choice of channels.As long as I can access the back of the tv then the problem is solved.

  9. Ciarân Ryan Keeley

    Easy setup

    Plugged in and barely had to do anything. System connected to my Wi-Fi, installed updates and loaded up by itself, and pretty fast too! Real intuitive and responsive. Has majority of media apps people need for streaming. Delivered 2 days earlier than anticipated also. Top marks Amazon!

  10. James

    All in one easy place

    Great 4K quality streaming in an easy to find format. Love the quick buttons on the remote and talk to function

  11. Mark

    Great but of kit

    After years of thinking my not so old TV was a bit crap I plugged this in and it’s like a new TV. I’ve realized the inbuilt processor(or whatever it is) must be really bad in my TV. Watching YouTube through the stick vs the TV inbuilt app is night and day better. I could never get 4k videos to play very well if at all, now everything comes up 4k instantly and in general everything looks better.As for my old Chromecast that thing is going in the bin! A true upgrade that I didn’t think I needed turns out I should’ve got on sooner.

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  12. Mr. L. R. D

    It’s a solid upgrade

    I’ve been using amazon firestick for a few years now and recently upgraded to the newest version. I’m so glad I did! With great customisation features, you can tailor the device to your needs. Unnecessary apps like Netflix can be hidden away or removed altogether, while other frequently used apps can be kept in the menu bar for easy access.I haven’t seen an improvement in the speed but it does instant response to actions from the remote.It’s essential to know that the latest version of the software doesn’t have a development section by design. However, if you require it for any third-party applications, you can reinstall it easily.It’s a solid upgrade from the previous versions and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an intuitive, easy-to-use tool.

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  13. Risky

    The best fire stick on the market

    I used it for my old 50 inch tv and it was sufficient. However, wi-fi streaming can’t compete with an inbuilt fire tv that you can plug a internet cable to a port. The streaming for HD probably depends on the internet speed but if you haven’t got a amazon fire tv than this is the next best thing.

  14. Singy

    Nice improvement and added features

    Love the new remote with added buttons, makes it so much easier than pressing home all the time. Stick seems a lot faster loading with good picture and sound. Wish there were more detailed instructions for the menus, had problem with sound keep reverting to stereo when using our AV and it was a hidden menu that I only came across by accident. But working perfectly now.

  15. Danny smith

    Perfect device

    This item has change the way I watch TV in every way..Fantastic for all your films, programs, binge watching all categories and more.No more repeated terrestrial TV channels for me.Recommend this item for personal use and as gifting. (Internet/Broadband required)Wireless connection.Super remote control, ask Alexa or search manually

  16. Gabriella

    Very easy to use and convinient

    My TV is old and whenever I try to open apps such as youtube or netflix it’s a pain as it lags which is why I had to use an xbox to watch tv. It literally feeds on electricity so in order to save money I decided to get the fire stick and it made everything so much easier. Everything is one click away, it’s super fast and the fact I can speak to Alexa through it is amazing. Overall I would recommend it and I’m gonna buy a few more for my other TVs!

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  17. Michael W.

    Older tv stick constantly buffering

    My older Firestick, 4yrs old was always slow , screen freeze and buffering , then there was the problem of the sound out of sync with the action . I bought the 4k max thinking it was a bit expensive , brilliant piece of technology , solved all my problems , no more lag , instant response . Worth every penny 100% HAPPY.

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    Magic stick!!!

    These sticks are brilliant and magic in my opinion. They turn a tired old Tele into a smart TV. Until I got this, I could only watch DVD’s on the TV in my bedroom. Now, I don’t bother with dvds, I just use this! Can’t recommend enough, and I got it when the price came down by £10, so even better!

  19. mariafunky15

    Very responsive

    Bought to replace a fire stick that was bought in 2018. Doesn’t seem to be very different however a lot faster ! And I like the fact you can control volume from the handset. Only had this a couple of days, only issue so far was BBC iPlayer not recognising I wanted to watch TV programmes relevant to London as it kept showing me Yorkshire however this may be a fault with BBC iPlayer and not the fire stick, I finally played about and it got sorted in the end.

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  20. justjoan

    Replaced my Virgin Media contract with this excellent product

    There is so much free streaming on this product that I have not missed my Virgin Media. I have also set up my Prime and Netflix apps. I love it. Selecting TV and films with voice activation saves so much time. It was easy to install and is easy to use. Bite the bullet and give it a go.

  21. stu

    Hidden buttons

    Don’t like the fact they trying to stop you downloading from unknown sourcesBy hiding the button

  22. joe blogs

    good item

    this item worked very well indeed

  23. Scottymac

    Vlue fir money

    THE BEST streaming device around

  24. sarah garvey

    A good upgrade

    I needed a new fire stick and was pleased with this one. It is a little pricey but it works well. For some reason it was set up in Spanish so I had to Google certain things to get me through the instructions but it all worked out ok and it was delivered the next day. I recommend this item.

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  25. Russell Southern

    Needs more internal storage

    They keep on giving people the same product with a different title without addressing the mane issue INTERNAL STORAGE, firestick are without doubt one off the top products on the market but have so much untapped potential, there is no good reason amazon could not make the stick bigger and give it the storage we need so we could buy films etc to keep and store them on an internal library section (storage) them people who have for instance caravans they go to with poor Internet connection or boats they go to with the same problem could take there library with them and watch what they own anywhere ( could be coded to the stick for security ). loosing income not thinking ahead phones have had massive storage for years but still have signal problems particularly in the likes of Scotland and Wales in bad weather just when you want to watch something because you need to stay in – say plug your firestick in and go to library? films, boxes etc, games?.

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  26. Helicam

    Works well within the limitations of internet streaming bandwidth

    This is not exactly a Plug & Play device, at least not if you want to get the most out of it. But for simple, legal streaming it functions well.Streaming is ‘all the rage’ with apparently almost unlimited available content. The planet pays a further climate antagonizing price for all of those massive streaming server installations, but so do those who use them. They pay in the form of annoying buffering pauses and inconsistent intermittent video quality.Consistent video quality is more down to the internet connection, i.e. speed and bandwidth, and this you can do little about. This is an inherent disadvantage of streaming, as opposed to playing back a recorded video file and is not the fault per se of this device.I have not commented on the Voice Recognition and Alexa Integration. Can’t be bothered with that crap.

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  27. Sreenath

    Easy to use

    The fire stick was easy to install . While I had pre registered the product to my id, I had to once again log with my mobile device to activate. This could be more synchronous.

  28. Linda


    Happy with the item

  29. Client d’Amazon

    It exactly what you paid for

    It works perfectly !

  30. George

    It seems to live up to the product description and do as it claims to do.

    My main reason for the purchase was I wanted to pair and connect two echo dots to use as my tv speakers. This worked well and is definitely a significant upgrade on TV speakers, in fact I prefer it to the soundbar I had previously been using as with an echo dot each end of the room the sounds seems better distributed.Pleased with purchase and the firestick and two echo dots combined were significantly cheaper than what I paid for the Samsung soundbar 5 yrs ago. It also seems to have improved sound control to the speakers by adjusting with additional increments as opposed to just 1-10Edited and dropped to 4 stars for the following – It doesnt take much use before the remote control becomes rather annoying with plastic squeeky noises as you use, as the batter compartment cover moves and rubs. I would have paid a bit more for better quality rather than have this annoyance on each use.

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  31. arthur

    Amazon Fire stick 4k

    This stick is 10 times faster than my previous fire stick I am enjoying buffer free streaming with good picture quality sound is not so good on my Sony brava TV so would probably need a home cinema kit to get the best out of it as for the fire stick I have no complaints

  32. Niall Hopkins

    Perfect as a gift

    I bought this for my parents as a gift, to replace the Sky Glass smart TV applications.This is a very responsive device and does exactly what we need it for. We’ve had some issues with the Plex application but this is not caused by the Firestick itself.I’d defintely recommend if you need a smart TV solution.

  33. Colin Orr

    Much better than the old ones

    Dramatically improved over the past controllers. Pity I wasted time with customer services believing there was something I could do to improve the old one. Old one never worked anything like this even fresh out of the box.

  34. JohnB

    Excellent 4K Fire stick

    Fire stick works very well on an old non smart TV. Good Wi-Fi connection due to its compatibility with Wi-Fi 6. Good resolution running at 4K.

  35. M Robinson

    Streaming dream

    Works very well.I didn’t want to install aerial in renovation house, but find most smart TV apps slow and poor quality, but the firestick resolves these issues and is a close to perfect streaming tool

  36. Rebekah Woodward

    Love it!

    Love it more than I thought I would!My partners PS5 is what we’d been using for streaming in the livingroom but it meant the kids weren’t trusted to use it and also we couldn’t stream and play games at the same time. Bought a Fire Stick so the PS5 can be played in another room, this is such a good investment that we’re planning to get a second for the kids room! It’s so simple and easy to use, even my technophobe daughter can use it! It’s also far simpler for me to use than the PS5. I love the variety of apps and different accounts, the one thing I don’t like is the search function – if I search something, Blippi for example, the results don’t show me the most relevant to the apps/subscriptions I have. What I mean is, YouTube is signed in, Netflix, Prime, everything else, but it’ll show me results for apps I don’t have installed or have subs for even though its available on my other apps which just doesn’t make sense. Why would I want to sub/pay for whatever stupid kids app when I can put Blippi on for free on YouTube? It means I have to manually go into apps to search things like this rather than just doing an open search. Some things search fine such as films on Disney or Netflix, it seems to mainly be kids programs it does this for, almost like it’s pushing me to sign up for all these kids apps….. bit suss.

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  37. Jennie Ottey

    Good Practical Product

    I used the product in order to access web based apps. So far I am content with the product, but I hope to give a further review of the product at a later date when I reviewed a bit more thoroughly.

  38. VCVC

    Streams great, several flaws

    The streaming and picture quality is excellent with this device. There are a fair number of quality apps, but not as many as with Roku. If you’re a Prime customer, this device will make the most sense as there is a focus on Amazon content and associated channels.Voice search is ok. It’s Alexa focused, so instead of just being able to fill search forms with the microphone, it fires up Alexa search separately. The search doesn’t always list all the results it should.The not great:The control is cheap and has a sharp edge to it where the battery door slides into the remote. The plastic is creaky and definitely not what you’d expect at this price point. I’m sure the expectation is that people would upgrade to the premium remote because the included one is pretty bad.The UI is a bit annoying and Amazon focused. Non-Amazon apps, outside of a few at the beginning of your app list are accessed through a separate screen.The screensaver can be shut off, but the device still has some sort of power saving mode that means that if you spend too long getting back to your program, the screen goes black, you need to re-enter the Fire TV system and then enter your streaming app again.There’s a live TV function where apps that stream live TV are shown in a grid. The problem is, even though our device has more than 8 apps that stream channels, only three apps populate the grid. This, of course, is an issue with both the apps and Fire TV, but if it couldn’t be implemented easily perhaps it shouldn’t have been included.These are pretty minor issues, so I do think this device is worth buying, especially if you want a future proof, UHD device. It just could have been better.

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  39. Mr. Mc Booth

    Better than sky HD

    I have recently got rid of sky, and use this stick in the room that had the multiroom box in. We had sky Q and the multiroom was supposed to be HD. I could not believe the difference in quality when I plugged in the stick! Shows how bad the picture was when on sky (personal experience). Would not hesitate to recommend this stick.

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  40. Philip Moore

    Public air pumps are rare

    Frosty mornings often trigger tyre warning alerts easy to resolve with this simple effective device

  41. Amazon Customer

    🌟🌟Fantastic Firestick🌟🌟

    Ordered this in the Amazon sale along with a charger you plug into your firestickdevice and your TV USB which alleviates the need to have a trailing cord to a plug socket.Super fast delivery and both devices are simple to install and operate. A thousand times better than Chromecasting . A must purchase.

  42. Sam.

    Enjoying it

    Though I have not used the other/ lower versions of Firetv before, But I love this one. Speed, clarity and ease of operation feels so great.

  43. FH

    Best stick yet

    I have an earlier model and this latest one is much improved in performance

  44. Amazon Customer

    The price

    Watching the tv

  45. P W Evans

    Great device but new price is mugging people off

    I purchased this in Nov 2022 for £27.99It is top notch, the interface is quick and crispAll the apps I use work at speed with no issues.My only issue is why Amazon think it’s okay it to change £20 more on special offer at £47.99Charging £64.99 full price.Amazon you re mugging off your customersAbsolutely disgraceful behaviour.

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  46. Amazon Customer

    Much better than expected

    I have an older Fire TV Stick. I was surprised at the difference switching to this one made. Extremely easy to install. Much faster and able to use voice a useful addition. I’m impressed.

  47. A S R

    Faster than older model

    Bought this as replacement of older model. And this model works faster ( it uses wifi 6)

  48. Mrs Marie Muir


    Arrived on time works lovely would recommend

  49. Abdullah D

    Fast and easy

    It’s definitely for good,fast and quality stream

  50. Didge

    Got Disney now

    Works very fast and no problems 😊

  51. Westy

    Fast as…

    Cracking bit of kit. The Max version really is noticeably quicker and the interface as usual is spot on.

  52. Terry C

    It does what it says on the tin

    It does what it says on the tin

  53. melanie jones

    On fire

    Brilliant.. easy to set up. Highly recommend.

  54. Malcolm Parnell

    4k firestick

    Very nice item I have had 2nd 3rd now the 4k very quick

  55. R C.

    Fire stick

    Really pleased

  56. Antonio M.

    Value for money

    Well pleased with this purchase, works well easy to use. Would recommend this item.

  57. Eileen Gilheaney

    Maybe a little to much

    Great 👍

  58. Amazon Customer

    is it compatible with my tv

    Works verry good and not a bad price thank jack

  59. Bilal



  60. richie ritch


    Bit pricey, but works well & fast delivery

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