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Ring intercom by Amazon intercom upgrade two way talk remotely unlock auto verify DIY installation compatible intercom





For HomeKit requires HOOBS Box



  • Upgrade your compatible audio intercom handset so you can speak to whoever is at your building entrance and buzz them in using the Ring app.
  • Receive real-time alerts whenever a visitor buzzes your intercom and unlock the entrance of your building from the Ring app with the Remote Unlock feature.
  • With Two-Way Talk you can speak to whoever buzzes your intercom using your phone or tablet.
  • With Auto-Verify for Amazon Deliveries, allow time-bound access for verified drivers to deliver Amazon packages inside your building
  • Designed for DIY installation, Ring Intercom wires into your intercom handset and does not require any functional changes to the shared intercom system in your building.
  • Ring Intercom works with Alexa, so you can speak to whoever buzzes your intercom and unlock your building entrance using voice commands.
  • Let friends and family members buzz themselves into your building on a schedule set by you when you send them a Guest Key using the Auto-Verified Guests feature.


Upgrade your compatible audio intercom handset so you can speak to whoever is at your building entrance and buzz them in using the Ring app. Receive real-time alerts whenever a visitor buzzes your intercom and unlock the entrance of your building from the Ring app with the Remote Unlock feature. With Two-Way Talk you can speak to whoever buzzes your intercom using your phone or tablet. With Auto-Verify for Amazon Deliveries, allow time-bound access for verified drivers to deliver Amazon packages inside your building Designed for DIY installation, Ring Intercom wires into your intercom handset and does not require any functional changes to the shared intercom system in your building. Ring Intercom works with Alexa, so you can speak to whoever buzzes your intercom and unlock your building entrance using voice commands. Let friends and family members buzz themselves into your building on a schedule set by you when you send them a Guest Key using the Auto-Verified Guests feature.






57 reviews for Ring Intercom

  1. Joe

    Great but missing one important feature

    Installed this on my Bell intercom system. Regarding setup, this is probably one of the best executions of an installation walk-through I have seen. The intercom works with Ring as expected, which is great; the only downside is that you cannot (yet) set the time you want the door to be buzzed open. This means that this unit is pretty useless if you have a door that is more than a 3-second walk from the intercom or a door where the door release is silent, and so people need more time to attempt access. Hopefully, Ring will push out an update with this feature soon!

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  2. martino

    handy but overpriced and app is terrible

    relatively easy to install, even for a non diyer like me. all of the equipment is there and instructions are crystal clear. the screwdriver is doublesided so just pull out the end and you can reverse it, which is really handy. the cables are pre-stripped so you can just pull off the plastic tips.In practice….opening doors is is v clunky, it takes way more presses than it should. and there is no ios widget you can press to open from homescreen, nor siri integration.its also overpriced imo.

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  3. Js Delbridge

    Works as advertised but app functionality is limited

    Setup is fairly simple and unlock worked immediately. The app is very limited in terms of functionality, however. There is another product “Nuki” which allows you to assign permissions to specific users. For e.g, give guests access for a set amount of time when they’re visiting you, or give access to a cleaner if it’s difficult to get an extra fob for your building. Does not integrate with HomeKit either.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Does the job but some useful features missing

    The device was easy enough to install and works as advertised. It’s surprisingly heavy.For the introductory price it is fine, I think at full price this would be very expensive for what it does.A couple of annoying limitations for me:- No Google Home integration- The Ring app for Android doesn’t have any home screen widgetsThese mean that I have no way to add a quick shortcut to unlock the door without having to go into the Ring app, which is disappointing.

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  5. Mat Ryan RalphMat Ryan Ralph

    Simple installation

    Simple to follow instructions- works great, no more running to the intercom, and if you forget your keys you can let yourself in with the ring app, brilliant product.

  6. Dr. Simon C. Lidgate

    unlock duration too short.

    It works, sort of! the unlock duration is way too short. the door unlocks and relocks before the guest has a chance to open it.I’m guessing that it may a peculiarity of my system… but Ring could easily fix by adding a variable unlock duration!

  7. Mr John W

    Sooo close but i found unworkable and dodgy returns and orders

    Sooo very close to being a great device but its limitations are too much for me , come back when its intercom V5I bought this to use on the intercom for my electric gates. It works but EVERY time you want to open the door or gate with Alexa it asks you to confirm a four digit security code. Now as we all know Alexis voice recognition is not perfect and trying to get 4 numbers recognised by Alexa doesn’t work all the time.So in order to open the door or the gate with Alexa you have to say Alexa open the door , Alexa will then ask for your 4 digit security code confirm it (assuming she’s heard it correctly ) and then open the door. In reality she gets one of the numbers wrong and you end up having to repeat yourself. So end up using the button on the intercom as you used to. This “security” feature cannot be switched off, and is so over the top considering the Alexas are registered to me at my house is . You don’t need to confirm numbers using the ring app which of course could be outside the house, which makes no sense (but at least its usable)I was going to return it but when I purchased it it pre launch it came with an extra battery and charge station . Amazon shipped the extra battery and charge station immediately with a seperate order and cost The actual intercom arrived a month later so when I tried to return it I couldn’t return the battery or charge station as it was beyond 30 days. Even though I’ve only had the ring for two days! So i would only get half my money back and be left with a useless battery and charge station ….Sooo close to being a great productAND WHEN AMAZON DRIVERS LET THEMSELVES IN IT DOES NOT SHOW ON LOGS !!!!

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  8. danieljnewmandanieljnewman

    Great Ring integration

    Bagged the early pre-order deal so double value. Not been able to adopt Ring due to living in a first floor apartment but can now jump on board. I have set up various Ring doorbells for my family so was familiar with the set up procedure. The Ring app guides you though everything and the physical wiring of the cables is relatively straight forward. The cables are good quality and ready to be slotted into each ‘telephone style’ screw hole as directed on the app. You’ll need a small flat head screwdriver. Once wired and connected it does what it says. Someone rings the intercom and it rings your phone. You can speak to and listen to the call and then buzz in remotely. I have my girlfriend as a guest user so she can do the same so between us we can answer most calls whilst we are both at work. Looks art on the wall as well.Small issue I had was that once I got to the ‘Test’ part of the set up, the app wouldn’t recognise me ringing my intercom. But when you exited the set up the calls all worked. So I just restarted the app and finished the setup and it worked fine.Alexa integration I have not really explored but I believe you have to set and then speak a 4 digit code to Alexa in order to open the door with your voice. Just an extra security measure but worth noting.

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  9. twistedlogick

    Much better than alternatives, reliable so far!

    I had been struggling along with similar products (Nuki Opener + Nuki Bridge). The Ring Intercom is far superior in many ways – the app is much better/linked with my existing Ring equipment, you can talk to the person at the other end too.Most importantly, it is MUCH more reliable – within one day of owning it, and much testing, it has been 100% reliable each time.Obviously, I shall see if this is still the case in the following days/weeks/months but it looks very promising at the moment.Two things of note – there doesn’t appear to be a timed unlock option in the app/on the device, this would be a good addition (allow anyone who calls to open the door when buzzing your intercom).The second is that there is a two second (ish) delay when talking to the other person – but this doesn’t phase me, as the conversations will always be quick.For info – I am using a Btcino Classe 100 intercom. This was listed as compatible on the website, and I can happily confirm this.

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  10. Ant

    Pretty good

    Quite temperamental to set up, good support / customer service available from Ring with the set up issues. Works well once installed and up and running. Batteries last quite a long time (barely looses 5% per week!)

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  11. Brian


    Best thing I have brought this year

  12. phil collins

    Wouldn’t sync

    Attempted multiple times to get it to work with my buzzer and although it said it did intergrate (I’m quite technically minded and never struggle) but this just wasn’t worth it, consider it wouldn’t open my door either so returned!

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  13. C Williams

    Unable to get it working

    I was unable to get this working. Contacted Ring Support who also couldn’t get it to work. Sent out installer who also couldn’t get it to work. Contacted Ring Support who escalated it to their engineering team. Still couldn’t get it to work. Now sending our specialist engineer – time will tell but I don’t have any faith in him getting it to work. It’s worth noting that Ring Support have been doing everything they can to sort it out, so while I’m disappointed in the device, I’m very impressed with the support so far!

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  14. Theodort

    Didn’t work

    Didn’t work, so I returned it. Nobody knows how to make it work. Neither Amazon, nor ring nobody knows what’s wrong with it…

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  15. Colin

    Make sure your intercome is compatible before ordering

    This device was not compatible with my intercome so check your device is compatible before purchasing

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  16. CameronCameron

    Missing one glaringly obvious addition

    Easy to install and although sizeable unit sits comfortably on the wall. Would benefit from a channel for the cable to sit in as it doesn’t fold neatly under the box.BIGGEST LIMITATION HOWEVER is the inability to share temporary access with users. It’s either permanent or only for Amazon deliveries. This needs addressing urgently as others (Nuki Opener) allow this.Otherwise thoughtfully designed and the app guides you through, though does seem to get stuck midway forcing an update.

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  17. Austin Wood

    Not as advertised

    When I pre ordered this device it said it was compatible. When I got it and tried to install it that was not the case. I am going to keep it until they hopefully release my version if not just bin it

  18. TazManila


    Doesn’t work with my intercom ring need to have away to see if compatible with ur system before you order take picture or ur model of ur intercom and ask first to this email so you do t waist ur

  19. ReviewsTrend

    Not enough compatibility

    Not enough compatibility

  20. ScottishSaver

    Wasn’t compatible so it was returned

    Ended up not being compatible with my intercom.Amazon did provide a prompt refund though of which I’m very grateful.

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  21. Matt FrostMatt Frost

    It’s a good start and I’m not aware of many alternatives!

    I was so excited when this was announced, this is exactly the sort of product Amazon does brilliantly – a niche device which will really help improve everyday life. The sort of product that Amazon will invest in, but other technology companies will ignore because it doesn’t appeal to a wide enough market or isn’t considered ‘cool’ enough.Firstly, the installation is straightforward, but I did get stuck at one point. There is a page where the app was telling me to insert wire B-2 into the port labelled ‘-‘ (negative) but because of the way it is written the negative read to me as a hyphen and looked like ‘Insert wire B-2 into port – B-2’ (see the image I have uploaded). This confused me as I didn’t have a port labelled B-2, but once I worked out what the app was really telling me, I was up and running very quickly!There is a delay between the call coming in and the app triggering, but it’s not so long as to be unworkable. I did find initially that my Echo devices did not ring at all (only the app on my phone), however having reinstalled the Ring Alexa skill this seems to have been resolved.One feature I was excited about was the ability to unlock the door from my phone, this would have allowed me to access my building without entering the passcode (as our keyfobs are currently not working), but sadly my intercom is a digital system which requires an active call to be placed before the door can be unlocked, in other words I can open the door from the app, but only in response to an incoming call. This is disappointing, however I half expected it as I already knew that the button on my handset would not release the door if there was no incoming call. That said, I was surprised that Amazon’s publicity and product description didn’t go to greater lengths to explain that this feature would not work on digital systems.A feature which really should be added is voice message recording. If you miss an incoming call then you will never know who was calling. I believe that there is an option to link to a Ring Camera so that you can see who called, but I expect that the majority of people installing these devices will live in apartments where it will not be possible to position a ring camera by the door (unless Ring release a future communal entrance camera of some sort??). The ability to play a simple recorded message after a number of rings and ask the caller to leave a message would be really helpful.All in all, this is a useful device and one I would recommend. I hope that Amazon keep investing and improving it.The charging station also works well! Seems to be well built and appears to charge the batteries faster than the USB charger I was previously using.

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  22. N J M

    Works. Alexa fine, Android phone not so much

    Works as promised with a Came/BPT System 200 audio-only intercom with AGT A200 handset.Alexa integration is fine. The Alexa unlock PIN code can be avoided by adding a custom routine (eg. “Alexa, unlock”) which says “Alexa, unlock Front Entrance with code 1234” (replacing “Front Entrance” and “1234” with the name of your door and PIN code, respectively). Then, the command “Alexa, unlock” will unlock the door without asking for the PIN code.If the door is answered with Alexa, you have to tell Alexa to stop (“Alexa, stop”) before the door can be unlocked with “Alexa, unlock” (or whatever – the issue exists with or without the custom routine). This extra step of having to “stop” Alexa wastes time which can be frustrating/confusing for the visitor when it would be better if “Alexa unlock” (or whatever) would work whilst already talking to the intercom. There doesn’t seem to be a way for a custom routine to “stop” an existing activity.Alexa notifications arrive reliably and immediately, however Android phone Talk/Unlock notifications are very hit and miss (mostly miss) which makes for a frustrating remote unlock experience. Quite often Talk/Unlock notifications arrive on the Android phone 5-10 minutes after the visitor has already left, which makes the whole concept of remote unlocking somewhat unattainable. I think this is most likely an Android issue (my phone is Android 10) but any improvements here would be most welcome.Audio quality from the Ring Intercom to the phone could also be improved, it sounds like a very low bitrate audio codec is being used even when the phone is on the same LAN as the Ring Intercom.After 17 days, the battery has only reduced from 92% to 87%, which isn’t too shabby (this includes a couple of days initial mucking about which accounted for 2% depletion).On the whole, the Ring Intercom works as promised – if you’ve got a compatible intercom. Android phone Talk/Unlock notifications need to be reliable and they are most certainly not right now. The Ring Android app is a bit meh, it requires a lot of clicks to access the battery level etc.I wish I could say if Amazon Auto-Verify was working but the truth is I’ve no idea. There’s no evidence of it being active on my Amazon account, and if any Amazon delivery drivers are using it to gain access to my building there is no evidence of this in the Ring app Event History which I think is essential, if not for security reasons then just to know that it’s actually working (the apartments in my building do not conform to a simple street address numbering scheme – I live in what Ring refers to as a “complex building” as far as street addresses are concerned!)I received this pre-order Ring Intercom with the Charging Station and spare battery. The Charging Station (which appears to have a code of 22040001 on the base – maybe a date code 22/04?) turned out to be faulty – it would lock up, showing a pair of static LEDs and needs to be power cycled before it can charge a battery. I contacted Ring Customer Support and they agreed to send me a new one – the replacement Charging Station (code 220600001, possible date code 22/06?) appears to be working perfectly so far.

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  23. Ralph

    Love the intercom. App has a few minor annoyances

    Set up to work with my flat’s old analogue door entry system. The day after installing I was able to speak to and let a courier into the lobby with a package that would normally have gone back to the depot otherwise. However, I do find that it can sometimes take a while to unlock my phone, get to the app or notification and open it, then speak to the person before it has decided the call is still active. If you have answered the intercom, the option to open the door requires a touch and hold that seems to take an inordinately long time, so when I’m at home it’s literally quicker to get up and get to the front door and buzz the person in. That said, I’m sure the app will improve with time, as will my ability to interact with it efficiently.

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  24. stuart

    Considering I have to integrate into existing very old System this is a great solution.

    Being disabled I’ve long wanted to find a way to answer the building intercom and trigger the lock without having to get to the Entryphone. Changing the system was not an option as I’m in a block so when this released I jumped on the pre-order. It arrived today and took me about 20 minutes to install having already charged a spare battery. I’ll review in partsHardware. Simple unit with no exposed buttons, I liked that it had a peal and stick option but I used screws to mount. I comes with the main unit, a single battery, mini-usb charging cable, three cables sets (more on these later) and a screw driver. It is all nicely built. Personally I would prefer to just use AA batteries but with the intro package bundled with a spare battery I should always have one ready to go. Once this is installed you have very little integration with the hardware unless you are changing the battery. It all feels rather good quality. Until I pointed it out neither my wife nor kids noticed the edition despite using the intercom which I consider a win.Installation. Only took me about 15 minutes if that, 20 minutes for the complete set-up. You will need to attach cables into the screw blocks on your existing intercom. The unit ships with three different cables, only one of which you will need. The installation guild will ask your make/model of intercom. I knew the make but guessed the model when ordering. Once I opened the intercom the model number was printed on the PCB as the app guild said it would be. The cables are very clearly marked and the instructions had the exact same markings as terminals inside my Entryphone. Everything worked first time no issues and I installed on release day so 10/10Ring App, This is the only down side for me. This is my first Ring device and I do not like the app. The home screen fills the top slot advertising other ring devices and the screen is very messy seeing I only have a single device. Answering and speaking works well, About a 2 second delay from the buzzer being pressed which I think is expectable. Unlocking the door in not so good. You need to hold down the unlock button for about 5 seconds, this then opens a new overlay which you have to then again click unlock on. The whole process takes about 10+ seconds before the activates. Does not seem like a lot but your visitor will be trying the door long before its unlocked and you will have to tell them to try again when it finally activates. Really need to get rid of the second screen which is a repeat of the first and the need to hold the unlock for 3 seconds before it will move forward. Again it is day one so I hope this will improve with feedback. I will be using Alexa which seems fasterAll told I’m very happy to have a solution to 50 year hardware in my building

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  25. Rob Bell

    Brilliant Innovation

    So easy to install, took me less than 30 minutes from opening the box to opening the door.A fantastic innovation – I’m disabled and often confined to my bed, unable to get to the intercom that controls the entry door to my flat. As a result I sometimes failed to get deliveries because I couldn’t get to the intercom.No longer do I have this problem thanks to Ring Intercom – now, when the doorbell is pressed I get instant notification on my phone and can speak to the delivery person and unlock the outer door so they can bring the parcel to my flat door. It’s a life-changing device that has improved my quality of life considerably.I can even unlock the door using Alexa. Coupled with my Ring doorbell, it’s a fantastic solution that’s changed my life, enabling me to answer the door and talk to visitors/carers even when I can’t leave my bed.

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  26. Daniel R.Daniel R.

    Works with my “unsupported” intercom system – handy when away from home

    I was initially put off from buying this Ring intercom upgrade when their website said that video intercom systems were not supported, and my own device was missing from the list of compatible devices. However, I saw another reviewer post that their Agata system worked with the Ring upgrade and so I took the plunge while it was on sale during Amazon’s Black Friday event. Lo and behold, it works perfectly with my system (it just doesn’t show video, but the calls some through loud and clear). Very handy for letting deliveries in when you’re not at home, or when you are but you don’t want to leave the sofa! Quite straightforward to install – I just had to screw in two wires, charge the battery and stick the unit to the wall with the pre-installed adhesive strips. The longest part was set-up through the Ring app but that wasn’t arduous either as the instructions are step-by-step. I’m very happy with it, it’s great to have an option to use Ring in my flat without annoying my neighbours by recording them with a camera, and I’m hopeful there will be a software upgrade that allows you to see your intercom video via the app in future. I would definitely recommend this intercom upgrade, if it doesn’t work with your system you can always return it.

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  27. Mr. M. T. Minshull

    Volume is low

    Great product overall. I get notified on my phone and Alexa when someone is at the main entrance. I previously couldn’t hear my intercom handset out in the hallway – so it’s worth it just for that!I can – and have – let delivery people in when I am not at home and then monitored them on my doorbell cam from my apartment door.Unfortunately, volume is a bit quiet and so we struggle to hear each other and although I have Auto-Verify enabled (and delivery instructions on my account) Amazon delivery drivers fail to let themselves in! Hopefully more drivers will become familiar with this eventually.

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  28. AlanAlan

    Easy to install 👌

    The device is small enough and aesthetically light on the eye. I installed this on my old Videx 3011. Wiring was easily done and took 20 minutes. The Ring Intercom will only send release command so you will have to program your Videx intercom if you have the numeric entrance pad so the Ring App can both open and close it. It is easily done by following the instructions for Videx commands. Only negative thing is that the battery doesn’t last very long (average 14 days) , could be my WiFi coverage and investigating it. The battery has the old micro USB charge port only. Could do with a permanent power supply. I have also connected it to Echo show and it notifies if my phone is on silent. Have also experienced occasional delays from Alexa ( Not the Ring App) on actually opening the door but I guess unless an emergency situation I can live with it. Its great when connected to the automation and geolocation so when the my car comes nears the gate it opens the gate automatically.

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  29. Amazon user


    Have this connected to my account, but not every Amazon driver uses the app to let themselves in to the lobby and can be a little slow to come up on phone. Useful for when you can’t get to the intercom though.

  30. Scott

    Functionality is okay, app is awful

    So I don’t ever review things on Amazon but since Amazon own Ring, I want to give them feedback.This is my first Ring product, I have always been in the Google ecosystem for smart home items, but Google don’t have an equivalent and I thought this was actually a great idea! My other option was a switchbot which isn’t quite what I wanted. This ticked the boxes, albeit being Ring.Now with this being my first Ring product, and having to download and install the Ring app, it wasn’t a problem. I thought since Ring is the most popular doorbell brand, it would be a great app! …nope. Riddled with problems. I struggled to set it up because it froze, wouldn’t let me past steps and wouldn’t even register my address. NOTE: if you use a VPN, turn it off, since this stops the set up process somehow but doesn’t tell you that.Other than the problems, the physical setting up of the hardware was surprisingly easy and I feel pretty proud of not needing an electrician and not electrocuting myself! It seems like a good quality piece of kit and the functionality of it seems alright so far in my one test I did, but I’ll need to see what it’s like in real life when I get a delivery.Another thing they need to sort with the app is actually giving it some real functionality. It advertises an option to manually unlock it (to let myself in or others), but I can’t for the life of me find it. The app UI is awful. Why is my new and only device not on the dashboard? And I have to go into the separate dashboard? Awful.Finally, I really do wish there was Google Home support. I’d love to be able to say “unlock front entrance” or something but nope, this functionality is missing too. I know these problems are things they can fix in firmware and app updates but cmon Amazon… you’ve had years in the Ring business, pick up your game

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  31. TigTig

    Quick and easy to install

    My installation was voice only no video, my intercom hand set was not shown in the instruction but there was a two wire instruction by the same manufacturer, which I used, and it worked fine. Works great with my Alexa’s. Get an alarm on my phone when ever my intercom is called.

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  32. A. Shepherd

    Didn’t work and you don’t know until you’ve installed it

    I installed this product and love the idea of being able to answer the intercom when I’m not in. Unfortunately the audio part didn’t work, so while I could open the door remotely, I couldn’t speak to the person at the door. I spent a while working with Ring and while they are very helpful, we couldn’t make it work.The most annoying part is that you can’t really determine whether it works or not until you have installed it meaning that you are left with a damaged wall when you remove it to send it back.

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  33. Luis Domingues

    Expensive support!

    It works… however, I’ve rated it 2* as the only way to reach tech support is through an International call to the US…No email support, no chat… If you don’t have free calls to the US, it may be more expensive to install it than the price of the device itself…

  34. James DraxlerJames Draxler

    Make your older entry system GSM remote accessible

    I have a Came/BPT System 200. I have Agata VC200 video handsets which work perfectly with the ring intercom. I have been trying for years to get this functionality. Even though the compatibility matrix says it’s not compatible (presumably because stupid people would expect video as well as audio) The video handsets are compatible for audio and remote entry. Very pleased with this product.

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  35. Amazon Customer

    Works nicely with my intercom/doorbell

    I’ve been waiting for a doorbell thats connected to my intercom at my flat shared with other apartments as well as being able to control it from my smartphone.This has also the ability to unlock my front communal door where deliveries can now be left. Life saver for all the missed deliveries!

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  36. F N

    Works exceptionally well and easy to install

    Product arrived on release date and it took no longer than 30mins to install. Installation was easy and the intercom functionality works seamlessly. Our intercom is 15 years old but this has brought it up to recent tech capabilities. Truly happy with this.

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  37. Bob Steel

    Works great – Better than Nuki

    Works as advertised. I wish it were easier to hardwired a usb power supply but the ability to talk at intercom from work is really nice. I replaced my nuki and this is a smoother experience overall.

  38. A Bansal


    Used it with my Entryphone 201, works perfectly.Won’t miss a delivery ever!!A must for people living in apartments.Installation was quite straightforward too.

  39. AdamPhotography

    It works amazingly esp if you got your home network set up correctly

    Loved how easy it was to installIt works perfectly

  40. james cafferty

    Great little device

    Great addition to ring doorbell, very easy to setup, step by step set up for diy

  41. M Wood

    quite impressed

    easy enough to install, responds very well and interacts with Alexa

  42. Grace

    Great Product

    I find it a bit annoying that i have to give Alexa a code to open the front door. Also the amazon auto delivery doesnt work on all deliveries not sure why. Otherwise great product to ensure i dont miss deliveries

  43. Geoff C.

    Clever bit of kit

    Useful but could do with a mains feed option to save the battery changes.

  44. WesleyMenezesWesleyMenezes

    It works really well

    It worth it to have one.. works really well with Alexa.

  45. John

    Ring intercom for flats

    It’s what it says on the tin. It’s for use where voice only bell pushes are on the outside of a block of flats and a telephone and door release inside the flat. It’s relatively easy to install but better if you have a technical or telephone background.Once installed the box connects to the Wi-Fi .OYou install the ring app on your phone and connect the device.When someone pushes your buzzer the app opens and connects to the panel outside. Your able to talk to the person from wherever you are. You can release the door from the app too.Great bit of kit

  46. Tony

    Never thought I would use it

    Never thought it would get a lot of use in the first week I used it 4 times saved me a lot of time with parts I was waiting for jobsIt would be great if the opening button on the app could also be in the ring video door bell live feed tooThis would make it a smoother communication between the postman and you

  47. J Richards

    Lacking features – not ready to be useful yet

    The unit is better than Nuki Opener in that it supports voice; however, the convenience ends there. There are no options to configure the Ring Intercom device in the same way you can with Nuki. For example, you can’t allow Ring Intercom to open the door automatically based on proximity and you can’t allow it to open the door during set hours like you can with Nuki.In all ways other than voice itself, I would say that the Nuki Opener is a superior product. To date, there is also no IFTTT compatibility for Ring Intercom. I would recommend holding off until a number of these issues are resolved. This (I hope) is a product in the making (with many, many features yet to come) because as it stands, it’s not ready yet.

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  48. Classic Rando

    Great bit of kit.

    Now I can remotely open the communal door, and my personal door from my phone, or TV if I’m feeling lazy.No more missed parcels because I’m out.

  49. Kamal

    Works well with Comelit intercom

    Took 15 minutes to install after the battery was charged up with step by step instructions on the Ring App. No real issues so far, there is a very slight delay when speaking to person ringing intercom via phone, but nothing major. Works well over the phone as well as through Alexa enabled devices. I was able to accept an Amazon delivery whilst out shopping today which was great!

  50. Anita

    Really useful

    Chose this product as recommended by friend.It’s really useful and easy to use. Pleased we bought it.

  51. ReviewerOf

    Poor audio but works with Comelit video intercom – voice only (traditional wiring)

    Comelit Bravo Video Intercom – working successfully with Ring Intercom (voice only)Comelit 5705 backplate + 5701 Bravo mono video monitorNote the 5705 backplate uses traditional wiring: multicore + coax for the video. If you have ‘bus’ wiring (no coax for the video) with a different backplate it’s effectively a different system and my success may not be transferable.Follow the instructions for the Comelit > 2404W Audio-only handsets which are interchangeable with the 5701 video units.S-2-3-4-P1 terminals are the same on both types.To be clear, no video is transmitted to the app – only voice. No idea if the hardware could handle video in the future. But the buzzer activation, voice path and door release appear to work.However, the audio is quite poor quality through the Ring app – not sure the cause. It’s quite clear on the physical monitor handset.Anyway maybe this will help someone. Tech support wasn’t helpful and emailed confirming it both was and was not compatible in the same sentence! I presume, eventually they’ll eventually certify video systems too (even if only for voice to the app). The YouTube TV commercial already features a video intercom system.I purchased at £80.99 using the Ring store existing customer discount and launch deal. At the current £150ish price – it does seem a bit expensive (even allowing for the spare battery and charger bundle).

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  52. Lil Dee

    No live view in linked Ring Camera when intercom is buzzed

    The Ring intercom works great for audio when setup to my existing intercom handset but I was surprised to find that it is not possible to view a live video feed from the Ring camera that I linked to the intercom during the setup process. The linked camera will only record the event which is pretty useless for realtime video monitoring of who is at the intercom. The Ring intercom should display a live view of the chosen linked camera when someone rings the intercom & NOT just record a video of the event on the linked camera. I personally feel that a live view feature would actually be much more usefull than a video recording of the event. As it would allow the user to see who is Ringing the intercom in realtime.I had made this suggestion to a Ring customer services agent who advised in an email reply that I should switch to the camera tab in the Ring app to get a live view of the caller at the intercom when the intercom is rung. But this does not work as by the time you’ve switched to the chosen linked camera to see who has pressed the intercom button. The intercom feature in the app has timed out & you can no longer answer the intercom call. Another solution would be to add an intercom asnswer button to the live camera view screen. These feature should be added to the Ring app to make the intergration with the Ring cameras & the Ring intercom complete.

  53. saintamir

    Works quite well. Even functions as an emergency key…

    Had this device for a few weeks. Installation was straightforward into my 10 year+ intercom system. Alexa integration works well ( with a password), and I can buzz anyone in with the push of a button. Quite pleased with it. Amazon drivers can let themselves into the foyer which is convenient.On more than one occasion I had my bose Alexa headphones on as I approached my door and I asked Alexa to open the door and she did. Quite convenient when you don’t have keys handy or when you are lifting something.

  54. bike_rider85

    A very useful piece of kit

    The product was easy to install, I just followed the steps provided on the Ring App, and after some figuring out with the wiring (the provided ribbon cable had more connections than available slots in my unit), it worked without any problems. I made sure my intercom unit was compatible before making the purchase, something I believe to be really important to guarantee full compatibility. Good sound quality over the phone, buzzing people in currently working without any problems. Perfect!

  55. Rostislav P.



  56. Patrick UK

    Almost perfect

    This is going to be as great item but Ring urgently need to update the software. Ring’s post sale marketing emails actually point to functions that do not yet exist! I get the feeling that they released it a bit too early. I pointed this out to Ring support and they agreed with me saying they would tell the developers. The current problems include the fact that an “unlock” button on the app home screen is completely missing and the “invite” (other people to share control (family etc)) doesn’t work.I am sure why the stars include a “picture quality” one as it doesn’t have or need video.

  57. Sam & Estelle

    Life changer for apartment life

    Used to hate missing deliveries due to often being out and the delivery people not being able to get access to the building. This has changed the game for us. Tbh I barely ever use the main intercom unit now. Cam access the ring one via my pixel watch and phone which saves me having to rush to push the main units buzzer

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